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Dale Terasaki

PrEP(ucio): An endearing moment from an HIV conference in Lima, Peru.

Apr. 27, 2015 – Dr. Kenneth Mayer stood at the podium, full of Harvard eloquence and exciting data on the tip of his tongue. One could sense anticipation among Read More

Sophie Okolo

Africa Must Prepare for Aging Population Now

Apr. 07, 2015 – As countries like Japan and Italy prepare for the challenges of the current aging population, African countries are focusing on the need for youth empowerment. Read More

Anita Chary

HIV Exceptionalism in Sierra Leone: An Interview with Adia Benton

Mar. 23, 2015 –   I recently read the book HIV Exceptionalism: Development through Disease in Sierra Leone, by Adia Benton, a medical anthropologist and Assistant Professor at Brown Read More

Irène Mathieu

Reflections on Academia and the Ethics of Global Health Education

Mar. 13, 2015 – As a fourth-year medical student I recently had the opportunity to spend two months in Guatemala. Partly research, partly clinical work, my time in Guatemala Read More