Midwives can cut deaths in childbirth, but there aren’t enough of them |…

The world needs 350,000 more midwives, says Save the Children, which is calling for more training and education on the importance of their role in saving lives Gallery: The global shortage of midwives One in three women around the world gives birth without the help of anybody who has been trained to help – and 2 million give birth entirely alone, according to a report called Missing Midwives from Save the Children. Often they can’t get to a health centre with trained midwives or other skilled healthcare workers. Sometimes their husband or mother-in-law will not let them.

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Midwives can cut deaths in childbirth, but there aren’t enough of them |…

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  1. Grace akot
    Posted Oct. 07, 2012 at 08:00 | Permalink


    midwives play a great role in reducing deaths at childbirth and maternal mortality but they are not enough .secondly they require contunious mentorships in care of the new born especially the golden minuite for example helping babies breath skills in the lst one to five minute after birth ,the few available should be given on job training in the newly researced and evidenced safe practices gobally,
    recuirt and maintain with a good package , training of new midwives should mandatory ,schoolarships should be graded to midwives sinces some are not able to up grade their skills due to lack of funds.
    good working eviroment with available sandries like protectives gears , oxtotcics drugs,
    resuscitation equipment ,good and efficent referral system for both obstretrical emergenices and newborn would reduce the burn out of the few midwivews available.
    special thanks to all the midwives and may the good lord bless you as you save more mothers and the new born
    every pregnancy counts.



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