Afghanistan: Human Resource for Health Advisor (source: Relief Web)

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Organisation: Civilian Technical Assistance Programme Country: Afghanistan Closing date: 30 Nov 2012 The Ministry of Public Health is the Afghan Ministry responsible for formulation of National Health Policy and Plans. It also helps to provide guidance and assistance for the implementation of such policies and plans, at National, Provincial and District level. The Ministry is focused through it’s vision to provide “Better health for all Afghans in order to contribute to economic and social development” and as chosen to do so based on the following values: ’Right to a healthy life; greater equity; concern for women, children and other socially disadvantaged groups; and the need to address the problem of poverty by being pro-rural”. The Civilian Technical Assistance Programme (CTAP) is an Afghan government programme that aims to create stronger government institutions with more effective structures, efficient processes and skilled personnel.

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Afghanistan: Human Resource for Health Advisor (source: Relief Web)

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