A nationwide quality improvement project to accelerate Ghana’s progress…

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Quality problem The gap between evidence-based guidelines and practice of care is reflected, in low- and middle-income countries, by high rates of maternal and child mortality and limited effectiveness of large-scale programing to decrease those rates. Choice of solution We designed a phased, rapid, national scale-up quality improvement (QI) intervention to accelerate the achievement of Millennium Development Goal Four in Ghana. Our intervention promoted systems thinking, active participation of managers and frontline providers, generation and testing of local change ideas using iterative learning from transparent district and local data, local ownership and sustainability. Implementation After 50 months of implementation, we have completed two prototype learning phases and have begun regional spread phases to all health facilities in all 38 districts of the three northernmost regions and all 29 Catholic hospitals in the remaining regions of the country. To accelerate the spread of improvement, we developed ‘change packages’ of rigorously tested process changes along the continuum of care from pregnancy to age 5 in both inpatient and outpatient settings.


A nationwide quality improvement project to accelerate Ghana’s progress…

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