Episode 19: Steve Song

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58:32 min | Download | Listen in iTunes In this episode TMS Ruge talks to Steve Song about the challenges and opportunities of providing as well as tracking internet access in Africa at the moment. Steve Song is the founder of Village Telco, a social enterprise that builds low-cost WiFi mesh VoIP technologies to deliver affordable voice and Internet in underserviced areas. He is also the mind behind AfTerFibre, an open initiative to gather and share information about terrestrial fibre optic cable projects in Africa and map them in a manner that helps people to understand how communication infrastructure is evolving in Africa and also to see who the players are. Steve Song was previously a Fellow at the Shuttleworth Foundation, working on telecommunications and access issues in Africa. Before that, Steve spent 10 years at the International Development Research Centre in Ottawa working on funding and engagement in research on Information and Communications Technology for Development

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Episode 19: Steve Song

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