Invisible Lives: Mexicans Undocumented in Mexico

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This week on the podcast, we’re talking about movement at PRI’s The World. We begin in Mexio, where Monica Ortiz Uribe reports on some 7 to 9 million Mexicans lack a proper birth certificate and access to services such as schooling. The people who lack registration are also often those who tend to immigrate to the United States for better opportunities. When that happens, their situation becomes even more complex–they’re not only invisible in their home country but in the United States, too. Bruce Wallace reports from Thailand, where migrant workers an estimated 2.5 million migrant workers could benefit from a higher minimum wage if they can get through bureaucratic hurdles. Our last two reports come from China where, as Mary Kay Magistad explains, where journalists are facing crackdowns in a leadership transition and fighting back. Jason Margolis asks, what if everyone in China owned a car — for that matter, what if everyone in the developing world owned a car? He reports on the future of car sharing.

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Invisible Lives: Mexicans Undocumented in Mexico

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