Human Rights for Development (HR4DEV) Summer Course

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Alison Kraemer

Alison Kraemer

Alison Kraemer is a recent graduate of Harvard University where she concentrated in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology with a secondary field in History of Science. She is the former Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Harvard College Global Health Review, and she currently serves as the Clinical Support Team volunteer at the Clinton Health Access Initiative. Her recent work for CHAI involves developing the clinical case for a new global initiative to combat chronic malnutrition. She will enter medical school this coming August.

This summer course on Human Rights for Development (HR4DEV) is a joint initiative of the Flemish Interuniversity Research Network on Law and Development (LAW&DEV), in cooperation with the Institute of Development Policy and management (University of Antwerp) and several renowned experts of the Institute for Tropical Medicine (Antwerp).

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