IHP news 203 – Global maternal health conference in Arusha

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International Health Policies
International health policies (IHP) blog is an initiative of the ‘Health Policy unit’ at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, Belgium (ITM), and fits in the wider project of “Strategic Network on International Health Policies.” It is in line with the ITM objective of “Switching the Poles,” aiming to increase the influence of the Global South on the global health debate.

Dear Colleagues, World media focused on a former cycling star this week, but for the global health community the Arusha  maternal health conference –  “the most important conference on maternal health this decade”(R. Horton) –was the obvious highlight. Quality of care was a prominent theme there but presentations also focused on respectful maternal care as a basic human right, Horton floated a 5- point code of conduct  for ethical (North-South) research on Twitter as well as a provisional 10-point manifesto for maternal health, and one blogger was very impressed by Rwanda’s Minister of Health. Another common theme was mentioned by Jocalyn Clark in one of her blog posts: “ Many presentations and conversations raised troubling questions about our push/promotion of institutional births when facilities in many regions are so ill-equipped, filthy, under-staffed, and otherwise inadequate to meeting women’s needs.”  Given the importance of the conference, we hope to offer you a guest editorial on Arusha next week.


IHP news 203 – Global maternal health conference in Arusha

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