Advocating for Global Access to Surgical Care: A Student Working Group on #GlobalSurgery

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The student-led public health organisation Medsin-UK launches a National Working Group on Global Surgery with global ambitions Image credit: Phalinn Ooi, Flickr The role of surgical care is an emerging priority in health system strengthening in Low- and Middle Income Countries (LMICs). With over 2 billion people lacking access to surgical care worldwide and the burden of global surgical disease currently estimated to account for 11% of the world’s disability-adjusted life years much more needs to be done to address this emergent public health challenge. Indeed, surgical illness is predicted to eclipse those of HIV, TB and Malaria by the year 2026. To sustain progress in improving surgical standards overseas there is consensus that surgery must be integrated into the health care systems of LMICs. In order to achieve this, strong multi-actor collaborations should be encouraged

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Advocating for Global Access to Surgical Care: A Student Working Group on Global Surgery