What do we want? More evidence!

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Tom Murphy
Tom Murphy is a aid and development blogger, social media consultant and self-proclaimed hack based in Boston, MA. He has worked with and managed health and education programs in the United States and in Kenya. In addition to writing here, his work appears in The Huffington, The Christian Science Monitor and other places. When not excessively tweeting, Tom serves as the Deputy Editor for the PSI's Healthy Lives Blog where he serves as the blog's lead writer. Additionally, he helps manage and implements strategies the other various social media outlets for PSI. Contact me at murph AT aviewfromthecave.com

I wrote this originally for the Brookings blog.A results-oriented aid agenda for Africa has picked up steam in the past few years.Last year closed with excitement about cash transfers. Researchers in Western Kenya found that just giving people money was an effective form of assistance. As the MIT report notes, GiveDirectly recipients increased household asset holdings by 58 percent compared to the mean control group, and did not increase spending on tobacco or alcohol.Thus, the once cast-aside form of aid is making a comeback on the strength of evidence and research. GiveDirectly is only the tipping point for a new way of thinking about aid in Africa and elsewhere. An era of evidence-based aid is here

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What do we want? More evidence!