Chikungunya Virus & the Global Spread of Mosquito-Borne Disease (NEJM Review & Graphic)

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Kenny Pettersen

Kenny Pettersen

Kenny Pettersen holds a Master of Public Health and is currently finishing medical school at UC San Francisco. He has worked extensively in Haiti since 2004 and among homeless populations in the US. He is particularly interested in improving chronic disease management through health systems strengthening efforts, such as eHealth and health workforce development.

This week, The New England Journal of Medicine features an excellent review article and interactive graphic on the recent emergence and spread of Chikungunya Virus.

Chikungunya virus infection is a rapid-onset, febrile disease with intense asthenia, arthralgia, myalgia, headache, and rash. This mosquito-borne alphavirus has spread throughout the Caribbean and into much of Central America. Further spread in the Americas seems likely.

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