The Global Health Hub is a website that connects global health implementers to the information they need to do good work. We publish original commentary and curate aggregated global health content from academic journals, blogs, and news sources as a dynamic information portal for the global health community.

Our Team

The Global Health Hub is brought to you by a group of volunteer writers and editors with backgrounds in medicine, public health, journalism, the social sciences, management, policy, and computer programming. By syncing their diverse areas of expertise around a common interest in global public health, we hope to provide users with interesting original content and a comprehensive portal to the valuable resources that already exist online.

The Hub was co-founded by Michael Lipnick and Sarah Arnquist in 2010 to provide a single entry point to the global health information dispersed around the web.

In 2015, we joined forces with the Global Health Delivery Project at Harvard University. This partnership will strengthen our shared missions of disseminating evidence, experience, and expertise within a network of global health practitioners. As a part of the Project, GHDonline.org hosts expert panels and moderated online communities that will complement the Hub’s original pieces and content curating.

Although we will be making it easier to navigate between the Global Health Hub and GHDonline, the two sites will remain separate for now. In the future, we will be unifying the platforms to give visitors a one-stop site for global health news, community discourse, expert panels, resources, events, and opportunities.

Our Sources

The Hub aggregates content from around the web, including blogs, twitter feeds, resource pages, calendars, journals and more. The Hub pulls headlines and excerpts for content from other sites (with permission from the original author or website manager) and provides links back to the original site for access to full content. Through this model, we aim to help users quickly find and stay current on information that is otherwise spread across the web.

If you are interested in contributing content or know of blogs or other online resources that we should add to the Global Health Hub, please contact us.

Join Us?

We are currently looking for volunteer section editors and always on the lookout for more contributing authors. If you are interested in contributing content, sharing ideas, contributing funding or for more information about us, please contact us at:  admin AT globalhealthhub.org.