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An Instagram for Global Health: Calling for the Best Shots Out There

A shot from Project TTE of a woman contemplating her decision to undergo cataract surgery.

Having recently joined Instagram a few weeks ago, the first users and hashtags I looked for were those related to global health. I was surprised Read More

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The Global Health Write: Expanding Publication Opportunities for Low-Income Countries


I recently returned from the Unite for Sight Global Health and Innovation Conference where I was selected to present my recent research in Mozambique and Read More

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Can We Prevent HIV with a Pill a Day? Revisiting PrEP

Truvada ad

UCLA’s HIV expert, Dr. Jeffrey Klausner, and I asked ourselves this question a few months ago and since then began sorting through the numerous studies Read More

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Life Through a Villager’s Eye- Experiences from South India

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Student Global Health Research: The Opportunity to Link Academia and Activism


The last decade has seen an unprecedented growth in the number of students from the United States involved in global health and development projects. Students Read More

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Experts highlight report that calls for researchers, funders and policymakers to merge their separate efforts.

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Go here to read the rest: Friday links October 11: Financial literacy, school vouchers, global remittances, and more…

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UNICEF just posted this fascinating photo slideshow of photographs that have supported their aid and awareness raising of humanitarian and health interventions since the 1950s. It shows how various iconographies (“starving african child,” or “happy aid child”) evolved over time as part of advocacy efforts. There are some stunning photos here. Have a watch.

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Rakesh Rajani is an extraordinary man, a brilliant, passionate Asian Tanzanian with bottle-stopper glasses and a silver tongue. The persuasive eloquence may stem from his teenage years as an evangelical preacher, but these days he weaves his spells to promote transparency, active citizenship and the work of Twaweza, the organization he founded in 2009. Rakesh is

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The deputy director of UNAIDS thinks so. Dr. Luiz Loures, the deputy executive director of the U.N. HIV/AIDS agency (UNAIDS), said it is possible for the epidemic to be gone in 17 years.

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Care for Undocumented Immigrants– Are We Really Waiting for People to Die?


  Care for undocumented immigrants is an important topic that is especially relevant for those practicing medicine in Southern California. When the Affordable Care Act Read More

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Governance Issues in Global Health- Setting the Agenda Straight

Image world-globe_31.jpg

Even for those relatively well-versed in the “global health” dialogue, it can be excessively confusing to figure out the who, what, where, when, and whys Read More

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Can Big Pharma Save the Poor?


Do big pharmaceutical companies have a role to play in global health? Yes. Is it a role they want to play? Maybe. When the idea Read More

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HIV Infections in the United States- The Surprising Numbers

New HIV Infections copy

While reading a recent CDC fact-sheet on HIV/AIDS in the United States, I was surprised to see how heavily concentrated the epidemic is in sexual, Read More

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