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Matching safety to access: global actors and pharmacogovernance in Kenya- a case study

The Kenyan government has sought to address inadequacies in its National Pharmaceutical Policy and the Pharmacy and Poisons Board’s (PPB) medicines governance by engaging with global actors (e.g.

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The effect of social behavior change communication package on maternal knowledge in obstetric…

An understanding of maternal knowledge of the danger signs of obstetric and newborn complications is fundamental to attaining universal health coverage.

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The role of unhealthy lifestyles in the incidence and persistence of depression: a longitudinal…

Unhealthy lifestyles and depression are highly interrelated: depression might elicit and exacerbate unhealthy lifestyles and people with unhealthy lifestyles are more likely to become depressed over time.

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Addressing the double-burden of diabetes and tuberculosis: lessons from Kyrgyzstan

The incidence of diabetes and tuberculosis co-morbidity is rising, yet little work has been done to understand potential implications for health systems, healthcare providers and individuals.

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Migration to middle-income countries and tuberculosis—global policies for global economies

International migration to middle-income countries is increasing and its health consequences, in particular increasing transmission rates of tuberculosis (TB), deserve consideration.

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Developing consensus measures for global programs: lessons from the Global Alliance for Chronic…

The imperative to improve global health has prompted transnational research partnerships to investigate common health issues on a larger scale.

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Cross-border movement of older patients: a descriptive study on health service use of Japanese…

Thailand’s policy to promote long-stay tourism encourages Japanese retirees to relocate to Thailand.

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The health impact of trade and investment agreements: a quantitative systematic review and…

Regional trade agreements are major international policy instruments that shape macro-economic and political systems.

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Controlling corporate influence in health policy making? An assessment of the implementation of…

The World Health Organization (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) stands to significantly reduce tobacco-related mortality by accelerating the introduction of evidence-based tobacco control me…

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Intervention mapping to address social and economic factors impacting indigenous people’s…

Previous studies found that while internationally financed economic development projects reduced poverty when measured in terms of per capita GDP, they also caused indigenous people to become disassociated, im…

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Corporate social responsibility to improve access to medicines: the case of Brazil

Access to medicines and the development of a strong national pharmaceutical industry are two longstanding pillars of health policy in Brazil.

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Global research trends of World Health Organization’s top eight emerging pathogens

On December 8th, 2015, World Health Organization published a priority list of eight pathogens expected to cause severe outbreaks in the near future.

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Assessing the health impact of transnational corporations: a case study on McDonald’s…

The practices of transnational corporations affect population health through production methods, shaping social determinants of health, or influencing the regulatory structures governing their activities.

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Ethical standards for mental health and psychosocial support research in emergencies: review of…

Research in emergencies is needed to understand the prevalence of mental health and psychosocial problems and strengthen the evidence base for interventions.

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