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Constraints on Formulary Design Under the Affordable Care Act

Summary I study the effect of prescription drug essential health benefits (EHB) requirements from the Affordable Care Act on prescription drug formularies of health insurance marketplace plans.

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Parental health and children’s cognitive and noncognitive development: New evidence from the…

Summary This paper examines the effects of parental health on cognitive and noncognitive development in Australian children.

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Substance Use Treatment Provider Behavior and Healthcare Reform: Evidence from Massachusetts

Abstract We examine the impact of the 2006 Massachusetts healthcare reform on substance use disorder (SUD) treatment facilities’ provision of care.

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An Analysis of Sibling Correlations in Health using Latent Variable Models

Abstract We investigate sibling correlations in youth health status using the Panel Study of Income Dynamics.

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Do Financial Incentives Influence GPs’ Decisions to Do After-hours Work? A Discrete Choice…

Abstract This paper analyses doctors’ supply of after-hours care (AHC), and how it is affected by personal and family circumstances as well as the earnings structure.

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Progressive universalism? The impact of targeted coverage on health care access and…

Abstract Like other countries seeking a progressive path to universalism, Peru has attempted to reduce inequalities in access to health care by granting the poor entitlement to tax-financed basic care without charge.

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Cancelled Procedures in the English NHS: Evidence from the 2010 Tariff Reform

Summary This paper explores the role of incentives in the English National Health Service.

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The Impact of Unanticipated Economic Shocks on the Demand for Contraceptives: Evidence from…

Abstract We investigate the impact of unanticipated economic shocks on the use of contraceptives for childbirth control in Uganda using a nationally representative panel of women.

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Do Capitation-based Reimbursement Systems Underfund Tertiary Healthcare Providers? Evidence…

Abstract One of the main concerns about capitation-based reimbursement systems is that tertiary institutions may be underfunded due to insufficient reimbursements of more complicated cases.

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Access to Health Insurance and Utilization of Substance Use Disorder Treatment: Evidence from…

Abstract The relationship between insurance coverage and use of specialty substance use disorder (SUD) treatment is not well understood.

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The Impact of Regression to the Mean on Economic Evaluation in Quasi-Experimental Pre–Post…

Abstract Many treatments are evaluated using quasi-experimental pre–post studies susceptible to regression to the mean (RTM).

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The Effect of the 2009 Influenza Pandemic on Absence from Work

Abstract In July 2009, the World Health Organization declared the first flu pandemic in nearly 40 years.

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Do Targeted Reproductive Health Services Matter? – The Impact of a Midwife Program in…

Summary This paper examines empirically whether midwives, as an integral part of the reproductive health and family planning programs in Indonesia, are effective in advising young women to delay their first birth and also influence the decision on post-primary school attendance.

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Health Insurance Costs and Employee Compensation: Evidence from the National Compensation…

Summary This paper examines the relationship between rising health insurance costs and employee compensation.

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