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The Effect of Medical Marijuana Laws on Body Weight

Abstract This study is the first to examine the effects of medical marijuana laws (MMLs) on body weight, physical wellness, and exercise.

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Effects of Psychiatric Disorders on Labor Market Outcomes: A Latent Variable Approach Using…

Abstract In this paper, we estimate the effect of psychiatric disorders on labor market outcomes using a structural equation model with a latent index for mental illness, an approach that acknowledges the continuous nature of psychiatric disability.

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The Time-Varying Relationship between Mortality and Business Cycles in the USA

Summary We examine the relationship between total mortality, deaths due to motor vehicle accidents, cardiovascular disease and measures of business cycles for the USA, using a time-varying parameter model for the periods 1961–2010.

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Fear of Unemployment and its Effect on the Mental Health of Spouses

Summary Unemployment has been shown to have adverse effects on different aspects of a person’s life, and even the fear of losing a job affects individuals negatively.

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The Impacts of China’s Urban Employee Basic Medical Insurance on Healthcare Expenditures and…

Abstract At the end of 1998, China launched a government-run mandatory insurance program, the urban employee basic medical insurance (UEBMI), to replace the previous medical insurance system.

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Does the Size of the Effect of Adverse Events at High Ages on Daily-Life Physical Functioning…

Summary This paper considers determinants of physical functional limitations in daily-life activities at high ages.

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Medical Malpractice Damage Caps and Provider Reimbursement

Abstract A common state legislative maneuver to combat rising healthcare costs is to reform the tort system by implementing caps on noneconomic damages awardable in medical malpractice cases.

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Regression Trees Identify Relevant Interactions: Can This Improve the Predictive Performance of…

Abstract Risk equalization formulas have been refined since their introduction about two decades ago.

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Consideration Sets and Their Role in Modelling Doctor Recommendations About Contraceptives

Abstract Decisions about prescribed contraception are typically the result of a consultation between a woman and her doctor.

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Supplemental Health Insurance and Healthcare Consumption—A Dynamic Approach to Moral Hazard

Abstract We analyze the existence and persistence of moral hazard over time to test the assumption of pent-up demand.

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Measuring Health Spillovers for Economic Evaluation: A Case Study in Meningitis

Summary The health of carers and others close to the patient will often be relevant to economic evaluation, but it is very rarely considered in practice.

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Promoting Handwashing Behavior: The Effects of Large-scale Community and School-level…

Abstract This paper analyzes a randomized experiment that uses novel strategies to promote handwashing with soap at critical points in time in Peru.

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To Vaccinate or to Procrastinate? That is the Prevention Question

Summary Invoking Yaari’s dual theory, we develop a model of individual vaccination decisions that incorporates quasi-hyperbolic discounting, risk aversion, and information.

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Does Full Insurance Increase the Demand for Health Care?

Summary We estimate the causal impact of having full health insurance on healthcare expenditures.

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