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Should I stay or should I go?: consistency and switching of delivery locations among new…

AbstractThe objective of this article is to assess the extent and determinants of switching delivery location between women’s first and second deliveries.

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Identifying gaps in HIV policy and practice along the HIV care continuum: evidence from a…

AbstractThe last decade has seen rapid evolution in guidance from the WHO concerning the provision of HIV services along the diagnosis-to-treatment continuum, but the extent to which these recommendations are adopted as national policies in Kenya, and subsequently implemented in health facilities, is not well understood.

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Challenges to healthcare reform in China: profit-oriented medical practices, patients’ choice…

AbstractDoctors’ profit-oriented practices in public institutions were widespread in China.

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Large-scale delivery of seasonal malaria chemoprevention to children under 10 in Senegal: an…

AbstractSeasonal Malaria Chemoprevention (SMC) is recommended for children under 5 in the Sahel and sub-Sahel.

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Thank you to reviewers 2016

Health Policy and Planning depends on a dedicated and generous group of reviewers.

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The gendered micropolitics of hiding and disclosing: assessing the spread and stagnation of…

AbstractAnalysing why certain information spreads—or not—can be highly relevant for understanding an intervention’s potential impact.

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Institutionalizing and sustaining social change in health systems: the case of Uganda

AbstractThe key to high impact health services is institutionalizing and sustaining programme evaluation.

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The Amagugu intervention: a qualitative investigation into maternal experiences and…

AbstractThe World Health Organization recommends disclosure of parental HIV to children aged 6–12 years.

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Municipal health services provision by local governments: a systematic review of experiences in…

Abstract‘Four’ types of decentralization are distinguished in health care: deconcentration when the shift in authority is to regional or district offices; devolution when the shift is to state, provincial or municipal governments; delegation when semi-autonomous agencies are granted new powers; and privatization when ownership is granted to private entities.

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Demand for private healthcare in a universal public healthcare system: empirical evidence from…

AbstractThis paper examines healthcare utilization behaviour in Sri Lanka with special emphasis on the choice between costly private and free public healthcare services.

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Heterogeneity in the background and earnings of nurses in India: evidence from a…

AbstractIt is important to understand the service conditions of nurses because these influence nurses’ motivations and ability to provide care.

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Institutional analysis of health system governance

AbstractIt is important that researchers who study health system governance have a set of collective understandings of the meanings of governance, which can then inform the methods used in research.

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Building a middle-range theory of free public healthcare seeking in sub-Saharan Africa: a…

AbstractRealist reviews are a new form of knowledge synthesis aimed at providing middle-range theories (MRTs) that specify how interventions work, for which populations, and under what circumstances.

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Health facility management and access: a qualitative analysis of challenges to seeking…

AbstractWhile several studies have documented the various barriers that caretakers of children under five routinely confront when seeking healthcare in Uganda, few have sought to capture the ways in which caretakers themselves prioritize their own barriers to seeking services.

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