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Safe drinking water keeps Cambodian kids in school

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Children walking to school, Kampong Cham, Cambodia. Karen Murphy If you build it, he will come. In the case of Cambodian schools it is more like: if you provide safe drinking water, kids will go to school. When schools provided treated water in containers, the rate of absence for students dropped.

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Visualizing health funding gaps in West and Central Africa

IHME Earlier this week, Humanosphere reported on the overall trends in funding for global health – fairly steady, mostly flat the last few years, and perhaps in need of a re-focus. But which countries need help the most on the health front? That critical question came up at the April 8 launch event for this … Continue reading →

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Drug prices hurting Russia’s battle against HIV, hepatitis


By Natalie Flath, aka Natasha, a health advocate and activist based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Andre Scvorstov protests outside the Russian headquarters of drug-makers Roche and Merck with sign: “Merck, You are Reducing the Russian Population.” Natalie Flath St. Petersburg, Russia — On a morning walk down Dostoevsky street here in Russia’s second largest city, … Continue reading →

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Is global health about gizmos or people?

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By Julia E. Robinson, director of advocacy programs for Health Alliance International at the University of Washington. In Liberia, a health worker takes child’s temperature at the FJ Grant District Hospital in Greenvile in the Sinoe County. AP It’s an exciting time to be fighting for the “End of AIDS.” Everyone from Hillary Clinton to … Continue reading →

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US underfunding crucial global health research and development, warns group

Steve Snodgrass As global health funding remains largely stagnant, more groups are trying to get a bigger piece of the US budgetary pie. For their part, research and development supporters wants a bigger slice, or at least for theirs to stay the same size. A report by the Global Health Technologies Coalition warns that the political … Continue reading →

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Income growth is great, just not for reducing child undernutrition

Nurse in Somalia measures child for malnutrition signs. Enough / Laura Heaton One out of every four kids in the world were not growing at the right rate (stunted) in 2011. That is a decrease by one-third over the past two decades. Similar improvements have been made on reducing the number of underweight children, but … Continue reading →

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Study shows global health funding steady, not always focused on biggest burdens

It’s fair to say that global health has been at the spearpoint of the aid and development agenda for the last 15 years or so, as funding for initiatives aimed at curbing AIDS, malaria, TB and other select diseases of poverty has swelled over the past decade and a half. But funding has leveled off … Continue reading →

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Genocide anniversary reignites French-Rwandan political tensions

Rwandan President Paul Kagame and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, center-left, light a memorial flame at a ceremony to mark the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. AP Photo/Ben Curtis “The genocide we remember today –  and the world’s failure to respond more quickly – reminds us that we always have a choice,” said US President Obama in … Continue reading →

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Time for a new narrative on Rwanda

Analysis Woman and child tilling the field Tom Paulson For some, Rwanda is beautiful, a story of amazing recovery and rebuilding. For others, Rwanda is creepy, a story of ongoing Western-sanctioned political repression and murder. In other words, Rwanda is complex. Incredibly complex, with some deep wounds that have not yet healed. And it’s perhaps … Continue reading →

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The hero of Hotel Rwanda warns of ‘simmering volcano’ in his country

Paul Rusesabagina actually sounds a bit like Don Cheadle, the actor who played him in the movie Hotel Rwanda – a 2004 film that greatly expanded public recognition of the genocide a decade earlier in the east-central African nation, an event that killed perhaps a million people. Or, well, I guess it’s more that Cheadle … Continue reading →

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Visualizing gun deaths – Comparing the U.S. to rest of the world

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When it comes to gun violence, the United States stands out. President Obama’s nominee for surgeon general, Vivek Murthy, a renowned Boston-based physician, has advocated for stricter gun-control laws and referred to the U.S. rates of gun violence as a public health threat.  Murthy’s views have ignited opposition from the gun lobby and politicians on … Continue reading →

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Visualizing the disproportionate global burden of mental illness in women

Flickr, porschelinn Mental health problems have a profound impact on men and women worldwide, but the toll of these diseases weighs most heavily on women. Worldwide, depression is responsible for more healthy years lost than HIV/AIDS or malaria in women of all ages. Globally, depression (also known as major depressive disorder, or MDD) was the … Continue reading →

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South African nations off pace for MDGs on water and sanitation

Girl misses school to carry water home. (Tanzania) Tom Murphy Only two countries in Southern Africa are likely to achieve improved access to safe water and improved sanitation, by the 2015 deadline for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The more than 100 million people without safe water and the 174 million without proper sanitation face … Continue reading →

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Journalists should not be the public relations team for NGOs

MSF press briefing. Médecins Sans Frontières The following post is by Mike Jennings and originally appeared on his blog. When I read a review of a hotel in the travel section of my favorite newspaper, the fact of who has paid for the accommodation is usually stated somewhere at the bottom: accommodation was provided by … Continue reading →

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