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Liberian President Sirleaf: Ebola crisis fueled by weak health systems

The acclaimed women’s rights advocate, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf says the massive Ebola outbreak in West Africa can be blamed, in part, on the international community’s tendency to react to crises rather than invest proactively in basic prevention – and to a failure to listen. “This disease exposed our

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The terribly high rate of U.S. child gun deaths in one gif

It is well documented that firearm fatalities in the U.S. are far higher than other wealthy countries. The rate of 3.55 deaths per 100,000 people in 2013 is more than 6 times greater than our neighbor to the north, Canada (0.49 per 100,000). But it is the fact that the difference extends to children. In the

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News in the Humanosphere: Treat patients with HIV right away, WHO recommends

The World Health Organization announced a new protocol for people with HIV. In short, patients should begin treatment immediately after testing positive. It is in line with what other countries, including the U.S., have recommended. It is no small deal since it means 37 million people living with HIV now need treatment. Doing so won’t

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Addressing inequality is at the heart of meeting the SDGs, advocates say

This is a part of a series of dispatches correspondent Tom Murphy is writing from New York during the U.N. General Assembly and all the related events. NEW YORK — Achieving the ambitious goal of ending extreme poverty and the other targets set out for the next 15 years by the Sustainable Development Goals requires tackling the

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News in the Humanosphere: U.N. tallies more than $25 bn in commitments to end preventable…

On the sidelines of the SDG summit, the UN “launched an ambitious public-private strategy to end preventable deaths of women, children and adolescents, with initial commitments of more than $25 billion for the next five years to provide life-saving treatments, from immunizations to perinatal care. ‘We have shown that our partnership can yield concrete results.

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Seattle’s global health community has strong presence in China

It’s not on the official agenda or getting much attention during the Chinese President’s visit to Seattle, but this region’s leadership in global health has already built strong connections to the People’s Republic. One of the main reasons President Xi Jinping decided to stop off in Seattle on his first state visit to the U.S.

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Investigation finds more evidence of World Health Organization mismanagement of Ebola crisis

In the face of the rapid spread of Ebola in three West African countries, the U.N.’s World Health Organization mismanaged its response and delayed declaring it an international emergency, according to an investigation by the Associated Press. Documents and emails obtained by the AP charge that the WHO made critical mistakes that may have cost

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Tackling neonatal hypothermia in Uganda and Kenya

The Global Health Corps is a leadership development institute that aims to build the next generation of smart, innovative and compassionate global health leaders and mobilize the movement for health equity. All GHC fellows, partners and supporters are united in a common belief: health is a human right. Fellows work in pairs at placement organizations

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News in the Humanosphere: Ebola makes a comeback in Sierra Leone

Health authorities in Sierra Leone said Tuesday they had quarantined almost 700 people as they battled to contain a new outbreak of Ebola which killed a 16-year-old girl. The teenager died Sunday in a rural suburb of the city of Makeni, in a northern province that had not recorded a single case of the deadly

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Learning from women and girls of Mumbai’s red-light district

Shanoor Seervai arrived in 2009 at one of Mumbai’s most notorious red-light districts as a young volunteer. The months she spent working with children of sex workers exposed her to the violence and despair that women there endure every day. Years later, she returned as a journalist to gain a deeper understanding of the lives of sex

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Op-Ed: Why is it so hard to prioritize development goals?

World map

By Michael Hobbes special to Humanosphere British trains used to “slam doors,” metal slabs that swung outward, a latch on the outside. If the train was pulling into a station, passengers could reach out through the window, swing the door open and hop off without waiting the extra few seconds for the train to come

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Proposed bill could help end preventable child deaths, advocates say

The number of children who died last year fell to 5.9 million, a record low, according to a UNICEF report released today. While the speed at which rates are dropping has increased, it is not enough to achieve an established goal of lowering the number of deaths to children under 5 by two-thirds from 1990

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Evaluating benefits of de-worming kids opens a can of worms

A new study has raised questions about the benefits of a long-established health strategy pushed to improve child welfare in poor countries – and in so doing also raised questions about how best to do such impact evaluations. It’s all about de-worming. “Thanks to Deworm the World, and the effort of many country governments and

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News in the Humanosphere: Polio case discovered in Mali

Polio vaccinations declined in Guinea during the height of the Ebola outbreak, which may have contributed to this case. “The World Health Organization reported today that a 19-month-old boy in Mali has polio. The child came to Mali from Guinea with his parents, and his polio infection is genetically linked to one reported in Guinea

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