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Ebola: Health experts create roadmap to prevent next global health crisis

The fight against the West African Ebola outbreak continues. Three new cases were confirmed in Liberia on Friday, just days after it appeared that the outbreak was nearly over. And as front-line health care workers try to stop the virus, a report released today outlines the failures of the Ebola response and reforms needed to

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Marijuana: Mexico’s high court rules recreational use a human right

Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled that prohibiting the possession, production and consumption marijuana is unconstitutional. National laws against producing and consuming marijuana, the court said, violate the human right to the free development of one’s personality. The landmark decision on Nov. 4 opened the door to the eventual nationwide legalization of recreational marijuana.

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Anyone have a spare $1.4 trillion to end global poverty?

Achieving the 17 newly adopted Sustainable Development Goals, which includes ending extreme poverty, will cost an additional $1.4 trillion per year, according to a new analysis, lower than previous estimates of between $1.9 trillion to $3.1 trillion. Relying solely on foreign aid, which accounts for roughly $161 billion a year, is not the answer. “That doesn’t

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Clean energy for refugees could cut costs and reach more people

Basic changes to the way refugees camps are powered could save $323 million a year in fuel costs. Bigger changes could increase that savings for aid groups, already struggling to meet the needs of the more than 60 million displaced people, according an analysis published by the U.K.- based ;Chatham House, with the backing of U.N.

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News in the Humanosphere: No known cases of Ebola in Africa

The last known Ebola patient in Guinea, a 21-day-old baby girl, made a full recovery at a treatment center in the capital, Conakry, health officials say. A spokesman for Guinea’s Ebola coordination unit said two tests on the baby were negative. Guinea will be declared officially free of Ebola if no new cases are reported

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Is it possible to fight climate change and poverty at the same time?

Tremendous progress has been made in reducing global poverty over the past 15 years, but it has come at a high price: Increased use of energy sources that fuel climate change. “Two decades ago, many countries used coal-fired power plants or carbon-heavy energy as they focused on accelerating economic growth to meet the extreme poverty

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News in the Humanosphere: EU, Africa strike deal on $2 billion emergency migration fund

The European Union launched a fund for Africa on Thursday with an initial $2 billion to combat the poverty and conflict driving migration to Europe, but African leaders said more fundamental economic change was needed. Some say the money is not enough. “The trust fund is not enough, 1.8 billion euros is far from enough,”

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World falls well short of goal to reduce maternal deaths

pink scarf

Fewer mothers die from childbirth today than did 25 years ago. But the number is not nearly as low as it should be, according to a report ;and study released by the U.N. and World Bank today. Only nine countries met the goal of cutting maternal deaths by 75 percent between 1990 and 2015. The world

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Progress against pneumonia lags behind other childhood killers

Nearly a million children worldwide die every year from pneumonia – more than die from HIV, measles and malaria combined. Put another way, one of every six children under the age of 5 years old dies from this infectious respiratory illness. Today is World Pneumonia Day and many in the global health community are pushing

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News in the Humanosphere: Meningitis A nearly eliminated in Africa

Five years after the introduction of an affordable conjugate meningitis A vaccine, immunization has led to the control and near elimination of deadly meningitis A disease in the African “meningitis belt.” In 2013, only four laboratory-confirmed cases of meningitis A were reported by the 26 countries in the meningitis belt. (GAVI Sobering El Niño

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Climate change: Good for Champagne, bad for poverty

It turns out that climate change is great news for Champagne makers. Rising temperatures are beneficial in reducing grape acidity and avoiding grape-killing frost. But it’s no cause for celebration for the 100 million people who could be pushed into poverty by global warming. Keeping them out of that slide will require changes to slow

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Doctors Without Borders investigation shows precise targeting during Kunduz hospital bombing

A month has passed since U.S. airstrikes destroyed a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan. The medical aid group immediately called for an independent international investigation, but the U.S., which admitted fault in the incident, has yet to agree to the inquiry. Increased pressure by the group has yet to yield significant gains, so

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News in the Humanosphere: El Niño brings worst drought in 30 years to South Africa

“South Africa is facing its worst drought since 1982, with more than 2.7 million households facing water shortages across the country, the government has said. … Wandile Sihlobo, an economist at Grain SA, told Al Jazeera that summer crops (soybeans, maize, sugarcane) and livestock farming are likely to be hardest hit by the drought, and

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News in the Humanosphere: Cyclone Chapala slams Yemen

One in four Yemenis are already in need of some form of humanitarian assistance thanks to seven months of war. The coast of Yemen, an area unaccustomed to dealing with the devastation of tropical systems, has taken a direct hit from the powerful and dangerous Cyclone Chapala. As Chapala made landfall Tuesday, it dumped enormous

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