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International Commission Aims To Create Global Health Risk Framework

SciDev.Net: How to plan for the next health crisis “…Maria Freire, president of the U.S. Foundation for the National Institutes of Health, spoke of the need to become nimble in our ability to do R&D in an emergency [at a series of talks at the Royal Society on Wednesday]. How do we develop the right…More

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Aid Agencies Struggle To Reach People Affected By Humanitarian Crises, Report Shows

The Guardian: Humanitarian system ‘stretched to its limits’ says new research “…The State of the Humanitarian System, which is published every three years and produced by Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action (ALNAP), reveals that agencies are struggling to reach people in many of the world’s trouble spots. … A lack…More

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The Guardian Examines Reviews Of WHO’s Ebola Response, Agency’s Future

The Guardian: Ebola is all but over, but the postmortem is just getting started “…A year after the peak of the Ebola epidemic, which killed more than 11,300 people and threw the U.S. and Europe into a panic, it is the global health system that is under scrutiny. In particular, the World Health Organization (WHO)…More

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Number Of HIV Cases Detected Among Young People In Sri Lanka Rising, Health Ministry Says

Xinhua News: HIV/AIDS on rise amongst Sri Lankan youth: ministry “Sri Lanka’s Health Ministry on Thursday warned that the number of HIV/AIDS case was on the rise amongst the youth in the island nation. Quoting the ministry, local media reports said health authorities had identified some 160 people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS as of October this…More

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Researchers Identify Origins Of XDR-TB In South African Province, Examine How Disease Spreads

Health24: Breakthrough: scientists trace the origins of extreme drug-resistant TB “…[S]cientists from the KwaZulu-Natal Research Institute for Tuberculosis and HIV (K-RITH), the Broad Institute of MIT, and Harvard in the U.S. traced the roots of extensively drug-resistant TB, aka XDR-TB, in [KwaZulu-Natal] to the late 1950s. These new findings, which were published in the journal…More

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WFP Aid To North Korea Declines Due To Lack Of Funding

VOA News: Cash-strapped World Food Programme Cuts Aid to N. Korea “The U.N. food aid agency said Thursday that its aid to North Korea’s vulnerable people dropped 44 percent last month because of a lack of funds. … To fund projects this year, the agency needs about $167.8 million, but it has secured only half…More

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Blog Post Discusses Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Efforts To Improve Road Safety Globally

Health Affairs Blog: Putting The Brakes On Global Road Crash Deaths: One Foundation’s Efforts Kelly Henning, director of the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ public health program, discusses efforts to reduce deaths from road traffic accidents worldwide, highlighting the successes of the ongoing Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety (9/30).

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Congress Should Pass Reach Act To Help Reduce Preventable Child, Maternal Deaths Worldwide Congress must act to end preventable child and maternal deaths Phyllis AlRoy, group leader for RESULTS in New Jersey “…[The Reach Every Mother and Child Act of 2015 (S.1911 or Reach Act)] will hold USAID accountable to its promises into the future and ensure that ending preventable maternal and child deaths remains a U.S.…More

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U.S. Must ‘Move Forward With Greater Commitment’ To Ensure Women’s, Girls’ Rights…

Huffington Post: The U.S. Steps Up for Women and Girls: Now What? Serra Sippel, president of the Center for Health and Gender Equity “…[The new report ‘Women’s Rights at Home and Abroad: A Call to Action’] — an initiative of the Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE) and the Leadership Conference on Civil and…More

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Improving Sanitation, Hygiene At Community Level Can Help Prevent Ebola, Other Disease…

The Hill: The cost-effective way to protect against future Ebola outbreaks Piet deVries, senior adviser for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene at Global Communities “…While the recent news of a vaccine for Ebola is certainly encouraging, strengthening health systems across Africa and other vulnerable countries is vital to prevent future outbreaks of Ebola. At the center…More

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Overprescription Of Antibiotics Poses Challenge To Addressing Drug Resistance

The Hill: Steps to battle superbugs Joseph Perrone, chief science officer of the Center for Accountability in Science at the Center for Organizational Research and Education “…Instead of prescribing antibiotics — or any pharmaceutical for that matter — simply because a sick patient expects to leave with a prescription to make them better, doctors must…More

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Success Of Innovative Health Technologies Depends On Capacity, Training Of Workforce, Strength…

Devex: Lessons learned: Putting innovative health technology in the hands of the user Aba Asibon, project manager with Rice University’s Institute for Global Health Technologies, also known as Rice 360˚ “…Simple but innovative medical technologies … have the potential to address some of the developing world’s biggest public health problems. However, these interventions do not…More

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Gavi Announces Afghanistan To Begin Using Inactivated Polio Vaccine For Routine Immunizations

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance: New polio vaccine introduced to accelerate polio eradication in Afghanistan “As part of the Government of Afghanistan’s ongoing efforts to eradicate polio and strengthen routine immunization, H.E. Dr. Ferozuddin Feroz, Minister of Public Health of Afghanistan, [Wednesday] formally introduced the Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV) into the schedule of routine vaccinations program…More

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New WHO HIV Guidelines Call For Treatment For All, PrEP For Those At Risk Of Infection

News outlets continue to report on the WHO’s new guidelines on when to begin antiretroviral therapy for HIV patients and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for those at risk of infection. New York Times: Millions More Need HIV Treatment, WHO Says “…HIV patients should be put on an antiretroviral therapy of three drugs immediately after diagnosis, the…More

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