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Kaiser Family Foundation Releases Updated Poll Data on Americans’ Views On Ebola

Kaiser Family Foundation: Data Note: Update On Public Confidence In U.S. Health Institutions To Deal With Ebola In light of the evolving news regarding the cases of Ebola in the U.S., the Kaiser Family Foundation re-surveyed the American public from October 17-19 to determine whether confidence in health authorities to prevent the spread of Ebola…More

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Cuba Urges International Community To Further Engage In Ebola Efforts

News outlets report on a regional summit on Ebola held in Cuba on Monday, as well as Cuba’s efforts to address Ebola in West Africa. Al Jazeera: Cuba punches above its weight in Ebola fight “Cuba offered to collaborate with the United States to combat the Ebola outbreak in West Africa as the island nation sends…More

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WHO Emergency Committee On Ebola To Evaluate Scope Of Outbreak

Reuters: WHO’s emergency committee on Ebola to meet Wednesday “The World Health Organization’s emergency committee on Ebola will meet on Wednesday to review the scope of the outbreak and whether additional measures are needed, a WHO spokeswoman said on Tuesday. ‘This is the third time this committee will meet since August to evaluate the situation’…”…More

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U.S. CDC, DoD Announce Measures To Improve Responses To Domestic Ebola Cases

News outlets report the U.S. CDC and Department of Defense have announced measures to improve responses to potential domestic Ebola cases. The Hill: Feds tighten rules for Ebola care at hospitals “Federal health officials are tightening the rules for Ebola care after facing a storm of criticism over the way patients were handled at a…More

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White House, Congress To Discuss Ebola Funding, U.S. Response

News outlets examine discussions between the White House and Congress on U.S. funding for Ebola efforts, as well as upcoming congressional actions on the epidemic. CQ News: Ebola Funding Likely to Top Lame-Duck Agenda “Ebola funding is shaping up to be a top issue for the lame duck, with the White House planning to request additional…More

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News Outlets Examine Public, Private Funding For Ebola, Other Disease Vaccine Research

News outlets discuss funding for research on vaccines for Ebola and other neglected diseases. Bloomberg TV: Neglected Diseases: Who Should Pay for Vaccine Research? “Christopher Egerton-Warburton, fund manager at Global Health Investment Fund, and Martin McKee of London School of Hygiene and Tropical Diseases discuss the lack of preparation and research into vaccines for Ebola and…More

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Airline Passenger Screening Vital To Stop Ebola From Spreading Outside West Africa, Study…

News outlets report on a study published in The Lancet on Monday examining the potential spread of Ebola beyond West Africa via infected travelers. According to the study’s summary, screening airline passengers upon exit from Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone “…would be the most efficient frontier at which to assess the health status of travelers at…More

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Foreign Policy Examines How Nigeria Stopped Ebola Outbreak, Lessons For U.S.

Foreign Policy: In Fight to Stop Ebola, Nigeria Got Right Everything America Got Wrong “…So how did Nigeria, a country with poor public health infrastructure and a GDP of $510 billion, manage to contain the disease when the United States, a country with sophisticated public health infrastructure and a GDP of $17.3 trillion, could not?…More

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South Korea To Send Doctors To West Africa, Pledges $5.6M For Ebola Efforts

Associated Press: South Korea to send doctors to Ebola-hit region “South Korea will send doctors, nurses, and military officers next month to the West African region hit by Ebola amid growing concerns over the outbreak, the Foreign Ministry said Monday. South Korea has pledged to spend $5.6 million to help curb the virus…” (10/20).

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Decade-Old SARS Outbreak Offers Some Lessons For Ebola Efforts

Los Angeles Times: More than a decade later, SARS offers lessons on Ebola “…Before the current outbreak of Ebola virus, there was SARS. More than a decade ago, it blew up across East Asia and spread to Canada and the United States. … The 21st century’s first brush with a mystery virus run amok offers…More

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Donations For Ebola Efforts ‘Almost Nonexistent’ Compared With Past Disasters, New York…

New York Times: Donations for Ebola Relief Are Slow to Gain Speed “…Compared to the rush to donate after major disasters of the last decade or so, charitable giving to address the Ebola tragedy is almost nonexistent, and the relief agencies that typically seek donations after a catastrophe are mostly silent…” (Strom, 10/20).

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New Campaign Brings Attention To Need For Greater Investment In Global Health R&D

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s “Impatient Optimists”: #LetsSaveLives: If you do one thing today, support global health research and development Renate Baehr, executive director of DSW (Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevoelkerung), discusses the launch of a new campaign called #LetsSaveLives, which aims to bring attention to the need for greater investment in global health research and development…More

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New York Times Profiles PMI Coordinator Rear Adm. Timothy Ziemer

New York Times: The Malaria Fighter “…Since [Rear Admiral Timothy Ziemer] took the job [as coordinator of the President's Malaria Initiative] in 2006, worldwide malaria deaths have dropped 40 percent, to about 600,000 a year from one million. … Many countries now use the tactics Admiral Ziemer adopted after demanding proof that they worked. For…More

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Devex Examines USAID’s Incorporation Of PPPs Into Foreign Assistance

Devex: USAID PPPs by the numbers “…The world’s biggest bilateral donor, the U.S. Agency for the International Development was one of the first development agencies to embed PPPs into its foreign assistance model — a move that prompted praise from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. … Since the launch of [the Global Development…More

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