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Obstacles Remain To Abortion, Contraception Access For Latin American Women Affected By Zika

Huffington Post: GOP Congressmen Oppose Abortion Rights For Women With Zika In Developing Countries “Pregnant women in South and Latin America who contract Zika, a rapidly spreading mosquito-borne virus linked to severe birth defects and deformities in babies, should not have access to abortion, Republican House leaders said Wednesday. ‘This push for more abortion access…More

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World’s Leading Scientists, Research Journals, Funders Pledge To Share Data On Zika

Deutsche Welle: Top scientists pledge to share Zika data to hasten global response “Top research institutions, funders, and publishers said in a statement on Wednesday they would come together to share data in response to the public health emergency posed by the rapid spread of the Zika virus…” (2/11). Reuters: World’s top scientists pledge to…More

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News Outlets Examine Zika’s History, Related Viruses, Other Diseases Responsible For…

The Atlantic: The Zika Virus’s Family Tree “…The yellow fever virus that plagued Memphis [in 1878] eventually lent the Latin version of its name (‘flavus,’ meaning ‘yellow’) to the group of viruses that share its molecular characteristics. In addition to yellow fever, the flaviviruses include West Nile, dengue, Japanese encephalitis, and Zika … Among other…More

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Latin American Health Authorities Face Challenges In Preventing Zika But Use Many Methods

Agence France-Presse: Fish, other mosquitoes now warriors in Zika battle “With larva-chomping fish and genetically modified insects, Latin Americans are deploying legions of little helpers to destroy mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus in the world’s latest mass health scare…” (Marquez et al., 2/10). Associated Press: In Central America, gangs an obstacle in battle against Zika…More

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Ugandan Parliamentary Committees Recommend Closing AIDS Commission To Cut Costs; Activists…

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Key Ugandan HIV control body under pressure to close, activists object “Two parliamentary committees want to cut costs by closing down the Uganda AIDS Commission (UAC), set up 24 years ago to oversee and coordinate HIV prevention and control — despite activists’ fears that this could damage the fight against HIV/AIDS. ……More

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Overuse Of Antibiotics In Agriculture Threatens Human Health, Food Security, FAO Says

U.N. News Centre: U.N. agriculture agency warns of threat to food security from overuse of antibiotics “…Speaking to European ministers of health and agriculture at a conference on antimicrobial resistance in Amsterdam, FAO Deputy Director-General Helena Semedo emphasized that antimicrobial agents foster increasing resistance among the very microbes that cause the infections and disease they…More

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Wider Use Of Vaccines Instead Of Antibiotics Would Help Lower Drug Resistance, Antimicrobial…

Financial Times: O’Neill ‘superbug’ review promotes wider use of vaccines “Vaccines should be used more widely in health care and agriculture as an alternative to antibiotics, according to a U.K.-led review into the problem of drug-resistant ‘superbugs.’ Lord Jim O’Neill, the Treasury minister and former Goldman Sachs economist heading the panel, said vaccines were a…More

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Gates Foundation Continues To Invest In Expanding Access To Family Planning Options

Devex: Gates Foundation gives shot in the arm for family planning “…The foundation continues to invest, too, in expanding the range of contraceptives available to women such as injectables that community health workers can deliver directly from pharmacies or eventually that women and girls can self-administer from the comfort of their own homes, Kellie Sloan,…More

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India Begins Deworming Campaign Aimed At Millions Of Children Nationwide

Associated Press: India launches campaign for deworming millions of children “Millions of Indian children are getting deworming treatment in a massive national campaign to prevent parasitic worms from infecting them and impairing their mental and physical development. … The campaign is targeting 270 million children across the country for Wednesday’s effort and another next week…More

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Angola Reports 37 Dead Since December In Yellow Fever Outbreak

Reuters: Angola says 37 dead in yellow fever outbreak “A yellow fever outbreak in Angola has killed 37 people since December with eight new cases reported in the last 24 hours, the country’s national director of health Adelaide de Carvalho said late on Wednesday…” (Coroado/Toyana, 2/11).

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WHO, CDC, Other Scientists Continue Research Into Possible Causal Link Between Zika,…

CIDRAP News: WHO addresses Zika fears as more microcephaly findings surface “The World Health Organization (WHO) [Wednesday] released a comprehensive backgrounder on Zika virus issues related to childbearing-age women, covering reports of sexual transmission and contraception resources, as researchers promised open data sharing and reported new Zika-related microcephaly findings…” (Schnirring, 2/10). Nature: Proving Zika link…More

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Experts See Barriers In Current Vaccine R&D System for Zika, Other Neglected Diseases,…

International Business Times: Zika Vaccine: Why Developing One Will Take Years In A Skewed System “…[T]he world of vaccine development has grown vastly more complicated, to a point where critics describe it as failing to meet the needs of public health in a timely fashion. Nowhere has this gap become more apparent than in the…More

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USGLC, ‘Science Speaks’ Blog Examine International Affairs-, Global Health-Related Aspects…

U.S. Global Leadership Coalition: International Affairs Budget Proposal Slightly Down: Growing Concern Over U.S. Ability to Keep Pace with Global Challenges “The $54.1 billion for international affairs in the administration’s just-released budget proposal, while much improved from the draconian cuts in sequestration, may not be keeping pace with today’s increasing global challenges, says the U.S.…More

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PolitiFact Evaluates Statement By Bono On HIV/AIDS Public Opinion

PolitiFact: Bono, HIV/AIDS and public opinion: Correcting the record PolitiFact correspondent Jon Greenberg examines a recent comment by Bono in an interview with the Irish Times, in which he said, “People think AIDS is done — it’s not done.” Greenberg writes, “That last sentence caught our eye. Does the wider public believe the deadly virus…More

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