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Introducing a Special Issue of PLOS Medicine: Clinical Implications of Cancer Genomics

Senior Editor Richard Turner discusses the contents of the Cancer Genomics Special Issue’s first week. This month, PLOS Medicine’s content is devoted entirely to our special issue on the clinical implications of cancer genomics—two leading

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UN World Toilet Day 2016

PLOS Medicine and PLOS NTDs reflect on 15 years of World Toilet Day and announce the WASH Collection. UN World Toilet Day highlights the urgent need to address a global sanitation crisis by providing toilets

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Vaccinations, Vaccine Science, and a New US President

PLOS NTDs co-Editor in Chief Peter Hotez encourages US President-Elect Donald Trump to support pro-vaccine policies to protect public health. The 2016 US Presidential debates and campaign were mostly devoid of any meaningful science policy discussions. Beyond climate

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Catching up with the author: Gareth Whitely on snake venom and antivenom research

See the article here:  Catching up with the author: Gareth Whitely on snake venom and antivenom research

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Drug Regulation in the Age of Antimicrobial Resistance

On the eve of the Union World Conference on Lung Health, Bev Stringer of Médecins Sans Frontières discusses how unregulated access to anti-tuberculosis treatments has contributed to the rise of multidrug-resistant TB. The World Health

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Trauma, a Neglected Global Disease: A Call for Papers on Prevention, Management and the Acute…

PLOS Medicine, the leading open access medical journal, publishes themed issues regularly to highlight and encourage progress in key areas of clinical research. As part of this program, the journal is now inviting submissions of

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Can Hippocrates prevent overdiagnosis?

Jack O’Sullivan fills us in on highlights and buzz from this year’s Preventing Overdiagnosis conference in Barcelona.  Hippocrates’ infamous oath echoed around Barcelona’s International Convention Centre throughout the fourth Preventing Overdiagnosis conference, held this past

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Expanding the Blue Marble Health Collection

PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases co-Editor-in-Chief Peter J Hotez , Chief Editor of PLOS Medicine Larry Peiperl and Editorial Project Manager of PLOS Collections Nathaniel Gore on the latest update to the Blue Marble Health Collection. The

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PLOS Medicine Podcast episode 2: Dementia Across the Lifespan and Around the Globe

PLOS Medicine’s Associate Editor Tom McBride interviews Bruce Miller, Guest Editor for our Special Issue on Dementia, in the first of two podcasts. ; Dr. Bruce Miller is the Director of the Memory and Aging Center at

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PLOS Pathogens Bridges Communities with Polymicrobial Research

As PLOS Pathogens announces a call for papers on co- and polymicrobial infections and diseases, the Editorial team highlights the importance of this work to our community. We aim to focus specifically on work that

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Culex Mosquitoes and Zika Virus Infection? Nah.

PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases co-Editors-in-Chief Peter J Hotez and Serap Aksoy discuss new research reporting that Culex mosquitos apparently cannot transmit Zika. As Zika infects large numbers of immunologically naïve populations in the Americas, significant concern

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Highlighting notable helminth research and a PLOS Science Weds AMA preview for #WormWeek

To many people, worms are considered harmless creatures, if not a little yucky. But don’t be fooled by their small and innocuous size, some worms are parasitic, and are the cause of substantial disability for

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Humanitarian Emergency in Northeast Nigeria

Jean-Hervé Bradol of Médecins Sans Frontières discusses the humanitarian emergency left in the wake of Boko Haram’s occupation of Borno State, Nigeria. Several days ago, I returned from Borno State in northeast Nigeria, where a

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CRISPR Puts Up a Fight Against Persistent Herpesviruses: A Short Animation

A video by Research Square depicts the science behind a PLOS Pathogens research article Since its development, CRISPR technology has been applied a range of scientific inquiries, spanning from the genomic editing of Florida orange

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