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Combatting Neglected Tropical Diseases: Much Progress, but Millions of Neglected Patients Lack…

Julien Potet of Médecins Sans Frontières discusses recent successes and presents suggestions for the next steps in the fight against NTDs. This week scientists, policy makers, and other global health actors will meet in Geneva for a

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Fogarty’s Essential Role in Implementation

Arthur Ammann discusses the role of the Fogarty International Center in implementing the discoveries at the NIH to improve health in low-income countries. The budget proposal from the White House has put funding for the

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PLOS Medicine Special Issue: Advances in HIV Prevention, Treatment and Cure

The editors of PLOS Medicine are delighted to announce a forthcoming Special Issue focused on HIV research, along with guest editors Drs Linda-Gail Bekker, Steven Deeks and Sharon Lewin. Submissions are now being invited, with

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Announcing the PLOS Tuberculosis Channel

Soumya Swaminathan and Madhukar Pai announce the launch of the PLOS Tuberculosis Chanel This post also appears on the PLOS Channels & Collections Blog. Today, World TB Day, sees the launch of the PLOS Tuberculosis Channel.

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Why Tuberculosis is an R&D priority

On World Tuberculosis Day 2017, Grania Brigden of the International Union Against TB and Lung Disease discusses the importance of developing new treatments for TB There has been considerable reaction to the omission of tuberculosis (TB)

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PLOS Pathogens Continues Bridging Communities through Polymicrobial Research

The PLOS Pathogens staff  reflects on successful Co- and Polymicrobial Infections Collection and reaffirms its commitment to the publication of novel multidisciplinary work.  Last September, PLOS Pathogens issued a Call for Papers, inviting authors to submit

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A PLOS Medicine Special Issue: Dementia across the lifespan and around the globe

Associate Editor Tom McBride discusses the contents of the Dementia Special Issue’s first two weeks. This month, PLOS Medicine is proud to present our third Special Issue: Dementia across the Lifespan and around the Globe.

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Training Liberia’s Next Generation of Obstetric Clinicians through Interactive Distance…

David Southall and Rhona MacDonald of Maternal & Childhealth Advocacy International (MCAI) describe a distance learning project to train obstetric clinicians in Liberia from the Highlands of Scotland. An analysis by the World Health Organization

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Yellow Fever Global Whack-a-Mole

PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases Editors-in-Chief Serap Aksoy and Peter Hotez consider recent outbreaks of Yellow Fever in Africa and Brazil in light of a global rise in vector borne diseases. ; While many in the community

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The “Why Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism” Papers

PLOS NTDs co-Editor-in-Chief Peter Hotez lists the key scientific papers refuting the myth that vaccines cause autism I have a unique perspective on the recent headlines surrounding vaccines and their alleged links to autism. I

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Lessons that Last, and Last, and Last: 400 Pearls and Still Counting

In conjunction with the publication of the 400th Pearls article, PLOS Pathogens Pearls Editor Joseph Heitman reflects on the continued success of Pearls, an Open Access compendium of the “lessons that last”. There are a number of ways

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2017 Global Infectious Diseases Threats to the United States

PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases co-Editor-in Chief Peter Hotez predicts the major infections that will threaten the US in the coming year. By the fall of 2015 it was pretty clear that Zika virus infection was

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Introducing a Special Issue of PLOS Medicine: Clinical Implications of Cancer Genomics

Senior Editor Richard Turner discusses the contents of the Cancer Genomics Special Issue’s first week. This month, PLOS Medicine’s content is devoted entirely to our special issue on the clinical implications of cancer genomics—two leading

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UN World Toilet Day 2016

PLOS Medicine and PLOS NTDs reflect on 15 years of World Toilet Day and announce the WASH Collection. UN World Toilet Day highlights the urgent need to address a global sanitation crisis by providing toilets

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