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Health in Flight: Medicine and Migration at the MSF Scientific Days

Rebecca Lockhart, PLOS Medicine Publications Assistant, reflects on Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Scientific Days 2016. At this year’s annual scientific conference held by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) the dominant theme was clear from the programme

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A Conference without Borders: MSF Scientific Days 2016

Paul Simpson, Deputy Editor of PLOS Medicine, looks forward to this year’s Médecins Sans Frontières Scientific Days One of the highlights of my year is to attend the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Scientific Days, a conference

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The Alzheimer Disease International Conference 2016 – “Think Global, Act Local”

Members of the World Young Leaders in Dementia reflect on the Alzheimer’s Disease International Conference. The Alzheimer Disease International Conference 2016 (ADI 2016) took place in Budapest (22 – 21 April 2016) and was open

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Shorter Regimens Offer New Hope to Adults and Children with MDR TB by Halving Treatment Time

Leonardo Palumbo, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), reflects on the new WHO guidelines for MDR-TB. Recent treatment regimens for drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB) have resulted in patients enduring a gruelling two-year treatment journey, which necessitates taking up to

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It’s Past Time for a More Holistic Response to Malaria

On World Malaria Day 2016, Estrella Lasry of Médecins Sans Frontières calls for a more holistic approach if we are to make more than a dent in the malaria burden in areas most difficult to

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World Health Day 2016: “Beat Diabetes”

This World Health Day the theme is “Beat Diabetes”, the PLOS Medicine editors are excited for the upcoming Special Issue on Diabetes Prevention. It’s World Health Day 2016, and this year’s theme is “Beat Diabetes”. The

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Translating the Cancer Genome—Implications for Diagnosis and Treatment: a Call for Papers

The PLOS Medicine Editors announce a Special Issue on Cancer Genomics to be guest edited by Dr. Elaine Mardis and Dr. Marc Ladanyi. Submissions are now being accepted ahead of the deadline of July 8.

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Reflections from Haiti-2016

PLOS Pathogens Editor-in-Chief Grant McFadden reflects on his recent trip to Haiti as part of a volunteer medical team. On his 3rd journey to the underprivileged country, Dr. McFadden transmits a positive message, noting a decrease in

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Tackling tuberculosis: New models for an old disease

On World TB Day, Lucy Bell, from University College London, explores the research which has driven forward our understanding of TB today, and how cutting-edge research techniques are suggesting new strategies for TB treatment. Each

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Drug-resistant tuberculosis: Not just a precursor to the post-antibiotic apocalypse

On World TB Day, Jay Achar(@dr_jay_a) of Médecins Sans Frontières (@MSFSci) highlights the threat of drug-resistant tuberculosis and calls for improved access to effective new drug regimens. In 2015, the world woke up to the

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International Women’s Day: Women’s health research in PLOS Medicine

On International Women’s Day 2016, PLOS Medicine takes a look at some recent articles covering on women’s health topics. Research in our January issue from our Specialty Consulting Editor Alex Tsai and colleagues demonstrates a bidirectional link

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A Tribute to Anton JM de Craen; “Veni, Vidi, Vici”

Colleagues of the late Anton de Craen remember his remarkable but too brief career. In January the Geriatric Medicine community lost one of its most devoted and beloved scientists; Anton JM de Craen (Sep 1966

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2-24-16 PLOS Medicine AMA Preview: Looking toward the future of diabetes prevention with Dr….

In advance his PLOS Science Wednesday AMA, Sanjay Basu, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Stanford University Prevention Research Center, answers questions from PLOS Social Media Associate Sara Kassabian. The burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) is growing globally, with

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Zika Emergency Puts Open Data Policies to the Test


The Zika outbreak comes at a time of ongoing advances in data sharing policy, including a new call by the Wellcome Trust for journals and research funders to support open sharing of Zika research.  PLOS

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