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How Developing Nations Are Harnessing Green Technologies

By: Julie Potyraj Tamil Nadu is a state on the southern tip of India steeped in history. Its countless fishing villages near the Bay of Read More

Our favorite Hub Originals from 2016

In case you missed it, here’s a roundup of our favorite Hub Originals from 2016. The Global Health Hub publishes original pieces from writers engaged in global Read More

Thoughts After 22 Years of Consumption and Organizing a Food System Symposium

Sarah Dwyer is passionate about developing a multidisciplinary understanding of the ways that food affects health through her work with a community-led nutrition education program Read More


E.U., Gates Foundation Pledge More Than $600M To Research To Help Smallholder Farmers Face…

Devex: E.U. and Gates put up $600M for food security in face of climate change “The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the European Commission will spend more than $600 million on research to help smallholder farmers who face deteriorating growing conditions due to climate change, they announced Tuesday. Some $300 million from the Gates…More

U.N. Climate Conference Negotiations End With Some Progress, U.S. Engagement ‘Ambiguous’

Devex: 3 takeaways from the COP23 negotiations “Early Saturday morning, after a series of false alarms and premature scheduling announcements, negotiators at the 23rd Conference of Parties in Bonn, Germany, found enough common ground to bring these latest climate change negotiations to a close. … Here are three takeaways from two weeks in Bonn. 1.…More

Conflict, Climate Change Drive Increase In Food Insecurity In Sub-Saharan Africa, FAO Report…

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Conflict and climate push 224 million Africans into hunger — U.N. “The number of hungry people in sub-Saharan Africa rose by 10 percent to 224 million in 2016, largely due to conflict and climate change, the United Nations said on Thursday…” (Win, 11/16). U.N. News Centre: Conflicts, climatic change drive food insecurity…More

More Action Needed To Stem Climate Change Impacts Projected To Increase Child Malnutrition,…

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Manage climate risks or face much more hunger by 2050: U.N “Climate change threats, from worsening drought and flooding to sea level rise, could increase the risks of hunger and child malnutrition around the world by 20 percent by 2050, food security researchers warned Wednesday. But looking carefully at the very different…More

WHO Special Initiative To Address Climate Change’s Health Impacts On Small Island Developing…

Devex: WHO initiative aims to tackle health impacts of climate change “World Health Organization officials have announced a new initiative to address the health impacts of climate change on small island developing states. The global health body called for a tripling of international support for those nations’ health systems and for more evidence on the…More

PLOS Medicine Announces Special Issue On Climate Change, Health, Calls For Research Submissions

PLOS Blogs’ “Speaking of Medicine”: PLOS Medicine Special Issue: Climate change and health “…The editors of PLOS Medicine, together with Guest Editors Jonathan Patz, Global Health Institute, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Madeleine Thomson, International Research Institute for Climate and Society, Columbia University, are pleased to announce a special issue on Climate Change and Health, to…More

PLOS Medicine Special Issue: Climate change and health

The editors of PLOS Medicine announce a forthcoming special issue devoted to the health impacts of climate change. Research submissions are now being invited, with a deadline of February 2nd, 2018. Climate change and the impacts

National, International Plans To Build Climate Change Resiliency Must Consider Vulnerabilities…

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Embracing uncertainty while planning for resilience Mozaharul Alam, Rohini Kohli, and Angus Mackay, climate change adaptation and learning experts at U.N. Environment, UNDP, and UNITAR, respectively, and coordinators of the joint UNDP-U.N. Environment National Adaptation Plans Global Support Programme (NAP-GAP) “…[H]ow do we respond to a world of increasing uncertainty induced by…More

WHO, U.N. Climate Change Announce Health-Related Outcomes From COP23

WHO: U.N. Climate Change and WHO Team Up to Protect Health from Climate Change at COP23 “WHO and the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat (UNFCCC) signed a new Memorandum of Understanding [Sunday] to renew the two institutions’ joint commitment to tackle public health challenges emerging from rising temperatures and to help countries boost the efficiency…More

More Research Needed On Climate Change As Driver Of Child Marriage To Effectively Target…

News Deeply: How Climate Change Drives Child Marriage Lakshmi Sundaram, executive director of Girls Not Brides: The Global Partnership to End Child Marriage “…With the effects of climate change already a reality for many of the world’s poorest countries, how do we make sure they don’t result in a generation of lost childhoods? Most crucially,…More

Thawing Permafrost In Arctic Region Could Release Old, Unknown Pathogens

The Atlantic: The Zombie Diseases of Climate Change “…[Permafrost], long protected from decomposition by the cold, is finally rotting, and releasing gases into the atmosphere that could quicken the rate of global warming. This matter is also full of pathogens: bacteria and viruses long immobilized by the frost. Many of these pathogens may be able…More

Partnerships Vital To Addressing Health Impacts Of Climate Change

UNDP: Partnering for the health of people and planet Nadia Rasheed, team leader for health and development at UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub; Mariana Simões, technical specialist for adaptation for the UNDP-USAID Capacity Building Programme on the Economics of Adaptation; and Elena Villalobos, technical officer at the WHO’s Climate Change and Health Unit, discuss the impact…More

DW Explores Impact Of Climate Change On Vector-Borne Disease Spread

Deutsche Welle: Vector-borne diseases: Climate change’s role in spreading them “…For insects and their viruses, a few degrees of average global warming would probably not make much of a difference. But unusual seasonal weather conditions can. Such events open a window of opportunity for vector-borne diseases – and due to global warming, these windows are…More

UNDP, WFP, Others Partner To Confront Climate Change In Arab Region

UNDP: Confronting climate change as an accelerator of crisis In a blog post, Kishan Khoday, team leader for climate change, disaster risk reduction, and resilience at UNDP’s Regional Hub for Arab States, and Oscar Ekdahl, program officer for climate change and disaster risk reduction in the Middle East and North Africa at the WFP, discuss…More

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