What do we palliate? Caring for the sick and the poor

José1 is a man in his sixties from rural Guatemala with cancer spread to his bones. He describes deep aches of his shoulders and hips, Read More

Controversy over transparency: why non-profits need to disclose their “real” overhead ratio

“The fact is an average of 91 cents of every dollar the Red Cross spends is invested in our humanitarian services and programs.”[1] This is Read More

Research Training in Limited-Resource Settings: A Call for Equitable Partnerships

Dr. Jim Kim, the president of the World Bank and one of the founders of Partners in Health, recently gave a talk about changing the Read More


HuffPost Examines Intersection Of Poverty, Neglected Tropical Diseases

HuffPost: Why The World Ignores Diseases Of Poverty “More than one billion people worldwide are infected with diseases of poverty. These conditions disproportionately afflict the world’s poorest, either in the developing world, or in developed countries with extreme inequality. … Because they’re not big killers, these diseases don’t attract a lot of funding that would…More

U.S. Funds Mobile Cranes In Yemen To Help Offload Humanitarian Supplies, Medicine In Country

USAID: Statement from USAID Administrator Mark Green on the Arrival of Mobile Cranes to Yemen “The United States welcomes the arrival of four mobile cranes at Yemen’s Hudaydah port. Upon installation, these cranes, purchased by the World Food Programme with U.S. government funding, will offload essential supplies for the people of Yemen. … The arrival…More

IRIN Special Report Looks At Global Food Insecurity, Humanitarian Aid Needs In 2018

IRIN: Food aid 2018: the never-ending crisis “…According to the U.N.’s Global Humanitarian Overview for 2018, some $22.5 billion in aid will be required in the coming year to help 90.9 million of the 135.7 million vulnerable people in need of assistance and protection. Funding can’t keep pace with need, so where are the biggest…More

FT Health Highlights NHS Funding Debate, Features Interview With Former New Zealand PM Helen…

FT Health: The NHS and funding for health The latest issue of the Financial Times’ weekly global health newsletter highlights the ongoing debate over financing for Britain’s National Health Service; features an interview with Helen Clark, former New Zealand prime minister and a member of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, who discusses the commission’s new…More

Devex Highlights U.S. Aid Policy Legislation To Watch In 2018

Devex: U.S. aid policy to watch in 2018 “While 2016 was a big year for United States development legislation, last year was markedly quieter, dominated instead by budget debates and efforts to ensure aid funding. While development dollars will once again top the agenda in Congress, there are several other pieces of key legislation. Those…More

Congress Must Finalize FY18 Budget Deal That Upholds U.S. Commitment To Humanitarian Response…

The Hill: Congress can’t shortchange America’s humanitarian responses Sean Callahan, president and CEO of Catholic Relief Services, and Abby Maxman, president and CEO of Oxfam America “…The United States of America has always been an essential player in the field of humanitarian response. … In order to preserve this leadership, Congress must avert budget cuts…More

Media Outlets Look Back At Biggest Global Health, Development Stories Of 2017

Devex: Biggest global health moments of 2017 “…We’ve rounded up some of the biggest, headline-grabbing moments of 2017, from groundbreaking innovations and partnerships, to a multitude of controversies that grabbed the attention of the global health community…” (Ravelo, 12/21). The Guardian: The year’s top development stories: 2017 in review “As Donald Trump cut funding for…More

Former Secretary Of State Albright Discusses Agency’s Proposed Reorganization, Funding In…

Devex: Madeleine Albright on multilateralism, foreign aid reform, and the U.N. “Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright led the United States Department of State during one of the last big efforts to reorganize of the U.S. Agency for International Development and the State Department, and the U.S. should heed some lessons from the past, she…More

U.S. Funding Helps Save Lives Worldwide, Lift People Out Of Poverty, Prevent Epidemics

Fox News: U.S. funding can save millions of lives through public health programs in 2018 Tom Frieden, president and CEO of Resolve to Save Lives, an initiative of Vital Strategies, and former CDC director “…[I]n 2018 we will be challenged to make additional progress in protecting public health on multiple fronts — particularly preventing heart…More

Blog Post Discusses Current State Of Global Health Financing, Challenges, Solutions

BioMed Central’s “BugBitten”: Don’t Let the Grinch Steal Global Health Krisztian Magori, assistant professor of biostatistics at the Department of Biology at Eastern Washington University, discusses “the current state of global health funding, the challenges facing continued financing, and provides a few ideas about potential solutions to this pressing and critical issue…” (12/22).

U.S. Government Lifts 3-Year Moratorium On Pandemic Virus Research, Releases New Funding…

New York Times: A Federal Ban on Making Lethal Viruses Is Lifted “Federal officials on Tuesday ended a moratorium imposed three years ago on funding research that alters germs to make them more lethal. Such work can now proceed, said Dr. Francis S. Collins, the head of the National Institutes of Health, but only if…More

U.S. Congress Must Be Prepared To Cut Funding To WHO’s International Agency For Research On…

The Federalist: It’s High Time To Cut U.S. Funding For This Troubled International Cancer Agency Julie Kelly, food policy writer, and Jeff Stier, senior fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research “Since Donald Trump’s election, international bureaucracies that receive U.S. tax dollars have been on notice that our unchecked government largess to them…More

Democratic Lawmakers Inquire About Alleged Prohibited Words In CDC Budget Documents; 7 Words…

CQ News: Members Seek Info From HHS on ‘Banned Words’ in Budget Plans “…[O]n Monday, lawmakers involved in CDC funding and oversight wrote to Eric D. Hargan, the acting HHS secretary, to verify whether these words and phrases have been banned, and why. ‘This explicit prohibition on the use of certain words or phrases unnecessarily…More

WHO Africa Regional Director Moeti Discusses Agency’s Funding Challenges, Lessons Learned…

Al Jazeera: WHO: Africa’s health care suffering from lack of funding “A lack of funding is hampering the fight to improve health care in Africa, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) regional director for the continent has warned, calling for additional resources to improve access to life-saving treatments. … Al Jazeera spoke to Dr. Matshidiso Moeti,…More

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