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Meet the amazing cast behind a life-changing drug

It was well after midnight in San Francisco when Eugenio (“Geno”) de Hostos picked up the phone—but when his colleagues in China answered, he felt the familiar jolt of excitement. He’d felt the same thrill at dawn, talking to his colleagues in Switzerland. At five, in a call to Maryland with the US Food and […] ; ; ; ;Related StoriesWaking from sleeping sickness in the DRCThe surprising consequences of tuberculosisPATH is at SXSW ;

Photo: PATH/Lynn Heinisch.

Lessons from the front lines

In the midst of the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa, a 21-year-old Guinean student came to a Dakar health clinic with symptoms of fever and diarrhea. The doctor considered Ebola, which had killed more than 1,000 people in neighboring Guinea. But the patient wasn’t bleeding. He denied having been in contact with Ebola patients […] ; ; ; ;Related StoriesIn Davos, Rx for epidemics: tech partnershipsInnovation is at the heart of SeattleOur 8 favorite photos of 2016 ;

To Use or Not to Use: the Clinical Dilemma of Antimicrobials

    Understandably frustrated after 4 weeks of mild coughing, a nicely dressed businesswoman had come for an evaluation. I looked for infection in her Read More


On World Malaria Day, WHO Emphasizes Continued, Varied Efforts To Prevent, Treat Disease

Deutsche Welle: World Malaria Day: WHO on the fight against malaria “The World Health Organization (WHO) has set some ambitious goals to be reached by 2020 — including the reduction of malaria deaths by 40 percent and the elimination of the disease in at least 10 more countries. Dr. Pedro Alonso, director of the WHO’s…More

News Outlets Continue To Report On 2018 Malaria Vaccine Pilot Program Rollout

Al Jazeera: WHO: Malaria vaccine to be ‘real life’ tested in Africa “The world’s first malaria vaccine will be available in selected areas of Ghana, Kenya, and Malawi from 2018, according to the World Health Organization (WHO)…” (4/24). CNN: First malaria vaccine to be widely tested in Africa next year (Christensen, 4/24). Devex: Behind the…More

Financial Times Special Report Focuses On Malaria

Financial Times: FT Health: Malaria “We look at the latest genetic breakthroughs, new medicines, and the prospects for an anti-malarial vaccine, a potential role for GM mosquitoes, and other leading features of the advances and continuing fight against the disease…” (Multiple authors, 4/24).

U.S. National Academy Of Medicine Panel Raises Concerns Over Experimental Ebola Vaccine Trial…

Wall Street Journal: Vaunted Ebola Vaccine Faces Questions “…In December, doctors from the World Health Organization, Doctors Without Borders, and other groups reported in the British medical journal The Lancet that a vaccine from Merck & Co. and NewLink Genetics Corp. tested during the outbreak proved to be 100 percent effective at preventing people from…More

U.S. Army To Move Ahead With Exclusive Licensing Of Experimental Zika Vaccine To Sanofi Pasteur

STAT: Army rejects request to deny Sanofi an exclusive license for a Zika vaccine “The U.S. Army is proceeding with plans to grant Sanofi Pasteur an exclusive license to develop a vaccine for the Zika virus, despite concerns among some lawmakers and advocacy groups that the product may be priced too high for many Americans,…More

Mexico Becomes First Country In Americas To Eliminate Trachoma, PAHO/WHO Announce

NBC News: Mexico Eliminates Infectious Disease Which Is Leading Cause of Blindness “…The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) announced Monday that Mexico is the first country in the Americas to eliminate trachoma as a public health issue. The disease, caused by a bacteria, affects the eye and repeated infections…More

WHO Highlights Success, Importance Of Vaccines During World Immunization Week

U.N. News Centre: World Immunization Week: Power of vaccines still not fully utilized, says U.N. health agency “Vaccinations stave off 26 potentially deadly diseases, the United Nations health agency is emphasizing on the first day of World Immunization Week, which also marks the halfway point of the organization’s goal to stop millions of deaths from…More

Opinion Pieces Recognize World Malaria Day

The Conversation: What Africa still needs to do to eliminate malaria Willis Simon Akhwale, country director of I-TECH Kenya at the University of Washington “…To achieve low transmission rates and eventual elimination [of malaria], African countries need to invest in understanding the geography, evolutionary history of flora and fauna, infrastructure, and land use in Africa.…More

Science supporters take calls for evidence, investment, progress to streets around the world

Categories: U.S. Policy and FundingFrom the rain-soaked National Mall in Washington D.C., to cities across the United States and around the world, on the streets of Cape Town, Kampala, Lagos, Accra, Madrid, London, Geneva, Seoul, Mexico City, Munich, Rio and Rome, and cities across Canada Australia, New Zealand and Japan, marchers in about 600 events globally stood up for […](Read more…)

Global Community Should Work Together To Continue To Make Progress On NTDs

Forbes: Look What Happens When You Pay Attention To Neglected Tropical Diseases Bruce Y. Lee, associate professor of international health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, executive director of the Global Obesity Prevention Center, associate professor at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, and director of operations research at the International Vaccine…More

Lessons From Ebola Highlight ‘Vital Centrality Of Vaccines’ As Tool For Disease Prevention,…

Thomson Reuters Foundation: New partnerships needed after Ebola’s hard lessons J. Stephen Morrison, senior vice president and director, and Chris Millard, program manager and research associate, both at the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ Global Health Policy Center “…[W]hile today the epidemic has been largely contained, Ebola taught us three powerful lessons about the…More

Bill Gates Discusses Progress On NTD Prevention, Treatment In Gates Notes Blog

Gates Notes: Neglected No More Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, discusses progress made against neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) and writes, “What’s driving this progress? It’s been the result of drug donations by pharmaceutical companies and generous commitments by donors and governments. … Still, there’s a lot of work to be…More

WHO Releases 10-Year Review Report Chapter Focusing On Malaria

WHO: Malaria: retreat of a centuries-old scourge This chapter of the WHO’s “Ten years in public health 2007-2017” report focuses on malaria. “Energized in 2007 by a call for malaria eradication, the world united around a new agenda to control and eliminate this ancient scourge. Better drugs and diagnostics emerged, and WHO-driven policies led to…More

Amid Progress Toward Eliminating Malaria, World Must Remain Committed To Prevention Strategies,…

CDC’s “Our Global Voices”: The Road Ahead to Malaria Eradication Patrick Kachur, chief of the Malaria Branch in the CDC’s Division of Parasitic Diseases and Malaria, discusses progress toward eliminating malaria and recognizes World Malaria Day, with the theme “End Malaria for Good.” Kachur highlights the three pillars of the WHO’s Global Technical Strategy (GTS)…More

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