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July WHO Bulletin

via WHO | Volume 93, Number 7, July 2015, 437-512. In the editorial section, Hildy Fong & Eva Harris (438) encourage the fair distribution of health Read More


South Korean MERS Outbreak Subsiding, But Control Efforts Must Be Sustained, Health Officials…

Agence France-Presse: MERS outbreak shows old habits die hard in South Korea “…Since the first case was diagnosed on May 20, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome has spread at an alarmingly rapid pace in Asia’s fourth-largest economy, infecting 166 people and killing 24 of them in less than a month. Experts blame a combination of bureaucratic…More

Second Chances, by Susan Reynolds Whyte, was published by Duke University Press in 2014.

Patients “Achieving” Healthcare in LMICs: Reflections on “Second Chances: Surviving AIDS in Uganda”

I recently read the book Second Chances: Surviving AIDS in Uganda, edited by Susan Reynolds Whyte, a medical anthropologist who has been conducting research and Read More


Echinococcosis: An Economic Evaluation of a Veterinary Public Health Intervention in Rural…

by Janna M. Schurer, Ellen Rafferty, Marwa Farag, Wu Zeng, Emily J.

Suppression of a Field Population of Aedes aegypti in Brazil by Sustained Release of Transgenic…

by Danilo O. Carvalho, Andrew R. McKemey, Luiza Garziera, Renaud Lacroix, Christl A.

Population Pharmacokinetics of an Indian F(ab’)2 Snake Antivenom in Patients with Russell’s…

by Geoffrey K. Isbister, Kalana Maduwage, Ana Saiao, Nicholas A. Buckley, Shaluka F

Development of a Biosensor-Based Rapid Urine Test for Detection of Urogenital Schistosomiasis

by Kathleen E. Mach, Ruchika Mohan, Shailja Patel, Pak Kin Wong, Michael Hsieh, Joseph C. Liao

An Epitope-Substituted DNA Vaccine Improves Safety and Immunogenicity against Dengue Virus Type…

by Chung-Tao Tang, Pi-Chun Li, I-Ju Liu, Mei-Ying Liao, Chiung-Yi Chiu, Day-Yu Chao, Han-Chung Wu Dengue virus (DENV), a global disease, is divided into four serotypes (DENV1-4). Cross-reactive and non-neutralizing antibodies against envelope (E) protein of DENV bind to the Fcγ receptors (FcγR) of cells, and thereby exacerbate viral infection by heterologous serotypes via antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). Identification and modification of enhancing epitopes may mitigate enhancement of DENV infection

Liberia Confirms 3 Ebola Cases, As Authorities Conduct Contact Tracing, Testing

Agence France-Presse: Liberia announces two more confirmed Ebola cases “Liberia said Wednesday a teenager who died of Ebola fever had spread the virus to at least two more people, confirming the first outbreak of the tropical disease for months. … Cestus Tarpeh, a spokesman for the health department where the boy died, confirmed the two…More

Drug-Resistant TB Threatens South Africa’s Progress On HIV/AIDS, BBC Reports

BBC News: The battle to beat HIV in South Africa “…One of the goals [of the MDGs] was to combat HIV, AIDS, and other diseases. HIV is the world’s largest epidemic with around 35 million people living with the disease. The country with the greatest proportion of those [cases] is South Africa with more than…More

Functional Activity Limitation and Quality of Life of Leprosy Cases in an Endemic Area in…

by Victor S. Santos, Laudice S. Oliveira, Fabrícia D

Involvement of Tetraspanin C189 in Cell-to-Cell Spreading of the Dengue Virus in C6/36 Cells

by Chao-Fu Yang, Cheng-Hsun Tu, Yin-Ping Lo, Chih-Chieh Cheng, Wei-June Chen Dengue virus (DENV) is naturally transmitted by mosquitoes to humans, infecting cells of both hosts. Unlike in mammalian cells, DENV usually does not cause extremely deleterious effects on cells of mosquitoes. Despite this, clustered progeny virions were found to form infection foci in a high density cell culture.

2nd Ebola Case Confirmed In Previously Disease-Free Liberia; At Least 33 People Under…

Agence France-Presse: Liberia announces return of Ebola “Liberia announced the return of Ebola on Tuesday following the death of a 17-year-old boy, dealing a worrying blow to the country’s recovery three months after its last known case…” (Dosso, 6/30). The Hill: Ebola returns to virus-free Liberia “…The fresh case, which officials warned could happen, demonstrates…More

USAID Innovation Specialist Discusses Data Flow, Technology In Ebola Response

USAID’s “Impact”: Q&A: How technology is transforming Ebola response efforts Clara Wagner, a former intern for USAID’s Bureau of Legislative and Public Affairs, interviews “Eric King, an innovation specialist with the Digital Development Team in the Global Development Lab, [who] worked on USAID’s Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) in Liberia for two months in 2015…More

Resistance of infection by Plasmodium vivax to chloroquine in Bolivia

Background: Chloroquine (CQ) over three days plus primaquine (PQ) for seven days is the treatment of choice of infections by Plasmodium vivax in Bolivia, where 95% of the cases of malaria are attributed to this species.

July WHO Bulletin

WHO flag wiki

via WHO | Volume 93, Number 7, July 2015, 437-512. In the editorial section, Hildy Fong & Eva Harris (438) encourage the fair distribution of health Read More

Uncertainty in a Liberian Village, as Officials Confirm New Ebola Cases

Nedowein, close to Liberia’s international airport, is not signposted from the main highway. But on Wednesday morning, a fleet of ambulances was parked nearby – a sign that this small village of farmland and cassava plantations is linked to a new flare-up of the disease.

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