Why increasing availability of ART is not enough: a rapid, community-based study on how…

Stigma is a known barrier to HIV testing and care.


Our favorite Hub Originals from 2015

In case you missed it, here’s a roundup of our favorite Hub Originals from 2015. The Global Health Hub publishes original pieces from writers engaged Read More


Critical Review: Mechanisms of HIV Transmission in Depo-Provera Users: The Likely Role of…

Abstract: Almost half of new HIV infections worldwide occur in women, and vaginal intercourse is the most common mode of transmission.


U.S. Federal HIV Research Funding Likely To Remain Flat For FY16, CQ Reports

CQ HealthBeat: NIH HIV Budget Feared Stagnant After End of AIDS Earmark “The Obama administration may disappoint AIDS activists and researchers next week by confirming that the funding for HIV research will be relatively flat for fiscal 2016, despite a substantial increase in the National Institutes of Health budget and an earlier White House intention…More

U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator Birx Discusses Gender Equality, Partnerships In UCLA Speech

Daily Bruin: U.S. official calls for focus on gender equality as means to end AIDS Bruin contributor Aaron Julian discusses a speech given at UCLA on Wednesday by U.S. Ambassador Deborah Birx, global AIDS coordinator and special representative for global health diplomacy at the State Department. “Birx said she thinks creating partnerships with local communities…More

PEPFAR Releases Technical Considerations For HIV Response

Center for Global Health Policy’s “Science Speaks”: PEPFAR releases technical considerations for country, regional HIV responses Antigone Barton, senior writer and editor of “Science Speaks,” discusses the release of PEPFAR’s Technical Considerations for Country/Regional Operational Plan (COP/ROP) Fiscal Year 2016. The document outlines “strategies necessary to provide access to testing and effective treatment to more…More

Roads are biggest killer of adolescents

Collisions killed around 115,000 young people in 2013, while about 76,000 died from HIV/AIDS, shows study.

The effect of peers on HIV infection expectations among Malawian adolescents: Using an…

Publication date: March 2016 Source:Social Science & Medicine, Volume 152 Author(s): Jinho Kim Malawian adolescents overestimate their HIV infection risk.

Advisory group aims to close gap between men who have sex with men and “fast-tracked” HIV…

Categories: HIV/AIDSIf can be difficult to imagine a world suddenly so equitable that in the next four years 90 percent of all people living with HIV have had a chance to learn they have the virus, 90 percent of those are receiving treatment, and the quality and consistency of that treatment is good enough to make […](Read more…)

In the name of brevity: The problem with binary HIV risk categories

10.1080/17441692.2015.1136346<br/>Rachel L.

Rural Tanzania study cites multiple failures in treatment of pediatric HIV patients

Categories: HIV/AIDS” . . . after a decade of successful rollout of [antiretroviral treatment] in Africa, children and adolescents still represent an underprivileged population.” A study examining the effectiveness of treatment for HIV among children and adolescents in Tanzania found gaps in meeting their needs that led to acquired resistance to available drugs. The study, reported in […](Read more…)

Only Democratic Presidential Candidates Respond To GMHC Survey On Plans To End AIDS

MSNBC: A lot like Reagan? Not one GOP candidate replied to this survey “…On Dec. 3, 2015, all major candidates running for the White House were asked to submit their plans to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic to GMHC, the world’s first HIV/AIDS service organization … Of the 18 candidates who received the survey, only three…More

APHA (@PublicHealth) late-breaker policy on HIV testing for immigrants posted

Note: This was cross-posted to my own blog. As I mentioned in my recap of the 2015 APHA Annual Meeting, I authored a late-breaker policy, “Opposition to Policies Requiring a Negative HIV Test as a Condition of Employment for Foreign Nationals,” that was put forth by the IH Section and passed by the Governing Council with overwhelming support. That policy has now been finalized and posted to APHA’s Policy Statement Database. You can read the full text of the policy here. According to APHA Joint Policy Committee (JPC) guidelines, Approved late-breaker policy statements will be considered valid, but interim for one year

Love, money and HIV: Becoming a modern African woman in the age of AIDS; Second chances:…

Volume 11, Issue 3, March 2016, pages 382-386<br/>10.1080/17441692.2015.1133691<br/>Gráinne O’Connell

Perspective: the root of what causes gender-based violence

PATH editor Laura Anderson brings us this interview with Elizabeth Rowley, a gender and gender-based violence (GBV) researcher who works with our HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis Program at PATH. What should PATH staff know about GBV? There are different definitions of GBV. The definition from the US Agency for International Development is useful: Violence directed at an […] ; ; ; ;Related StoriesAccelerating the discovery, development, and delivery of breakthrough innovationsMyanmar smiles, Vietnam selfies, and poop hats: our favorite 2015 photosFriday Think: can companies make money and do good? ;

The Lancet Examines Mozambique’s Efforts To Increase Number Of People With HIV On…

The Lancet: HIV in Mozambique: starting, and staying on, treatment “Mozambique is fighting to gain control of its HIV epidemic, leading with a plan to strategically enroll substantial numbers of people with HIV in treatment programs in an effort to end transmission of the virus. … Enrollment on treatment is only the first step, though,…More

Why increasing availability of ART is not enough: a rapid, community-based study on how…


Stigma is a known barrier to HIV testing and care.

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