Book Review: Malaria, Poems

“Malaria pivots / on the silver / point of poverty” Cameron Conaway writes in his new poetry collection Malaria, Poems. Rarely do the worlds of Read More


Studies Examine Detrimental Effects Of Substandard, Counterfeit Malaria Drugs

Reuters: Substandard drugs, not fakes, undermine fight against malaria “Poor quality drugs, not fake medicines, are the real threat in fight against malaria, causing deaths and increasing the risk of drug resistance, researchers said on Monday…” (Mis, 4/20). VOA News: Fake, Substandard Medicines Pose Global Challenge “Poor-quality medicines — including counterfeits and those with the…More


Friday Think: this $20 device could save a mother’s life

A lifesaver that replicates a traffic light A new technology has been given a green light in England. And a red and yellow light as well. It’s a device that could deliver lifesaving impact to thousands of women during childbirth. … Continue reading » ; ; ; ;Related StoriesFriday Think: what Disney World and systems strengthening have in commonTask-shifting: an effective way to protect expecting mothers from malariaFriday Think: a “clinic on wheels” packs a punch at poverty ;


A first: European regulators give thumbs up to malaria candidate vaccine

A partnership with pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), PATH’s Malaria Vaccine Initiative, and research centers across Africa has achieved a significant scientific milestone in the quest to develop a malaria vaccine. GSK’s RTS,S (Mosquirix™) has received a positive scientific opinion from … Continue reading » ; ; ; ;Related StoriesA very small hero and a lifesaving vaccineA day in the life of a global health advocateFriday Think: a vaccine trial with a cosmic twist ;

Malaria Vaccine To Serve As Tool Alongside Other Prevention Strategies

NPR: Why A Vaccine That Works Only A Third Of The Time Is Still A Good Deal “…[T]he expectation among researchers is that, even if RTS,S is rolled out on a large scale, the other current measures against malaria — notably bed nets and mosquito control programs — will have to continue to be used…More

Plasmodium transmission blocking activities of Vernonia amygdalina extracts and isolated…

Background: Medicinal plants are a validated source for discovery of new leads and standardized herbal medicines.

Age-shifting in malaria incidence as a result of induced immunological deficit: a simulation…

Effective population-level interventions against Plasmodium falciparum malaria lead to age-shifts, delayed morbidity or rebounds in morbidity and mortality whenever they are deployed in ways that do not permanently interrupt transmission.

Absence of correlation between ex vivo susceptibility to doxycycline and pfteQ–pfmdt gene…

Background: In French Guiana, doxycycline is used for both chemoprophylaxis and the treatment of malaria.

European Regulators Provide Positive Scientific Opinion Of World’s First Malaria Vaccine; WHO…

Agence France-Presse: Malaria vaccine gets go-ahead from European regulators “European regulators on Friday gave the go-ahead for the world’s most advanced malaria candidate vaccine, despite mixed results from a years-long trial on nearly 15,500 children in seven African countries…” (7/24). Financial Times: World’s first malaria vaccine gets green light from Europe “…GSK, the U.K.’s biggest…More

Fully Funded Phase 4 Trials Necessary To Fill Knowledge Gaps On Malaria Vaccine Effectiveness

BBC News: Malaria vaccine: How good is good enough? Seth Berkely, CEO of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and Mark Dybul, executive director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria “How effective does a vaccine have to be before it should be made available? … Such is the question World Health Organization (WHO)…More

Malaria Rapid Testing Can Reduce Treatment Over-Prescription, Study Shows

Humanosphere: When offered, many will take malaria rapid test, cutting misuse of drugs, study finds “A study published [Wednesday] in PLOS ONE says testing people for malaria helps reduce the over-prescription of anti-malarial drugs by 73 percent. Knowing whether a person actually has malaria means people get the medicine they need…,” Humanosphere reporter Tom Murphy…More

Specific antibodies to Anopheles gSG6-P1 salivary peptide to assess early childhood exposure to…

Background: The estimates of risk of malaria in early childhood are imprecise given the current entomologic and parasitological tools.

Urban and architectural risk factors for malaria in indigenous Amazonian settlements in Brazil:…

In the Amazon, m alaria is highly endemic in indigenous populations, which are often considered one of the last barriers to malaria elimination due to geographic isolation.

Evaluation of the population structure and genetic diversity of Plasmodium falciparum in…

Background: Yunnan and Hainan provinces are the two major endemic regions for Plasmodium falciparum malaria in China.

Design of a study to determine the impact of insecticide resistance on malaria vector control:…

Background: Progress in reducing the malaria disease burden through the substantial scale up of insecticide-based vector control in recent years could be reversed by the widespread emergence of insecticide resistance.

UNITAID Chair Discusses Innovative Financing In Forbes Interview

Forbes: U.N. Undersecretary Pioneers Invisible Way To End Poverty “U.N. Undersecretary Philippe Douste-Blazy has been on a mission to help people around the world who are suffering beyond comprehension. His UNITAID organization has made material progress raising over $2 billion through micro-levies on airlines tickets that have gone to fight HIV-AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. His…More

A molecular survey of acute febrile illnesses reveals Plasmodium vivax infections in Kedougou,…

Background: Control efforts towards malaria due to Plasmodium falciparum significantly decreased the incidence of the disease in many endemic countries including Senegal.

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