Neglected Tropical Diseases


Tigersnake by Eijingoh

Snake bite, another neglected tropical disease

As monsoon season approaches, millions of snake bites are expected to cause significant death and disability mostly in LMICs (up to 90,000 deaths worldwide and…

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Neglected tropical diseases and access to medicines: time to think beyond drug donations

Julien Potet advocates for improving access to treatment for neglected tropical diseases.   Neglected tropical diseases and access to medicines: time to think beyond drug…


Can Big Pharma Save the Poor?

Do big pharmaceutical companies have a role to play in global health? Yes. Is it a role they want to play? Maybe. When the idea…


Gentamicin-Attenuated Leishmania infantum Vaccine: Protection of Dogs against Canine Visceral…

by Hamid Daneshvar, Mohammad Javad Namazi, Hossein Kamiabi, Richard Burchmore, Sarah Cleaveland, Stephen Phillips An attenuated line of Leishmania infantum (L. infantum H-line) has been established by culturing promastigotes in vitro under gentamicin pressure.

Air Travel Is Associated with Intracontinental Spread of Dengue Virus Serotypes 1–3 in Brazil

by Marcio R. T. Nunes, Gustavo Palacios, Nuno Rodrigues Faria, Edivaldo Costa Sousa, Jamilla A

Opportunity Cost for Early Treatment of Chagas Disease in Mexico

by Janine M. Ramsey, Miguel Elizondo-Cano, Gilberto Sanchez-González, Adriana Peña-Nieves, Alejandro Figueroa-Lara Background Given current neglect for Chagas disease in public health programs in Mexico, future healthcare and economic development policies will need a more robust model to analyze costs and impacts of timely clinical attention of infected populations. Methodology/Principal Findings A Markov decision model was constructed to simulate the natural history of a Chagas disease cohort in Mexico and to project the associated short and long-term clinical outcomes and corresponding costs.

Structures of Trypanosoma brucei Methionyl-tRNA Synthetase with Urea-Based Inhibitors Provide…

by Cho Yeow Koh, Jessica E. Kim, Allan B.

Comparison between Itraconazole and Cotrimoxazole in the Treatment of Paracoccidiodomycosis

by Ricardo de Souza Cavalcante, Tatiane Fernanda Sylvestre, Adriele Dandara Levorato, Lídia Rachel de Carvalho, Rinaldo Poncio Mendes Background There are no published reports on studies comparing itraconazole (ITC), sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim (cotrimoxazole, CMX), and ITC followed by CMX (ITC/CMX) in the treatment of paracoccidiodomycosis. This study aimed to compare the efficacy, effectiveness, safety and time to clinical and serologic cure in paracoccidioidomycosis patients treated with ITC or CMX, the antifungal agents most widely used. Methodology A quasi-experimental study was performed in 177 patients with a confirmed or probable diagnosis of paracoccidioidomycosis

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Related to Visceral Leishmaniasis in Rural Communities of…

by Noemí López-Perea, Luis Sordo, Endalamaw Gadisa, Israel Cruz, Tsegaye Hailu, Javier Moreno, Abraham Aseffa, Carmen Cañavate, Estefanía Custodio Background In the northwest of Ethiopia, at the South Gondar region, there was a visceral leishmaniasis (VL) outbreak in 2005, making the disease a public health concern for the regional health authorities ever since. The knowledge on how the population perceives the disease is essential in order to propose successful control strategies. Methodology/Principal findings Two surveys on VL knowledge, attitudes and practices were conducted at the beginning (May 2009) and at the end (February 2011) of a VL longitudinal study carried out in rural communities of Libo Kemkem and Fogera, two districts of the Amhara Regional State.

Global Community Can Make Progress Against NTDs

Vanguard: Together, we can make progress against neglected tropical diseases John Kufuor, former president of Ghana, former African Union Commission chair, and a special envoy for the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases “…As a former President of Ghana, I encourage Heads of State and Ministers to join the global effort against NTDs and work…More

Snake bite, another neglected tropical disease

Tigersnake by Eijingoh

As monsoon season approaches, millions of snake bites are expected to cause significant death and disability mostly in LMICs (up to 90,000 deaths worldwide and…

Correction: Five-Year Field Results and Long-Term Effectiveness of 20 mg/kg Liposomal…

by The PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases Staff

Strengthen Political, Financial Commitments To Sustain NTD Control

The Lancet: Neglected tropical diseases: becoming less neglected “…Looking ahead the focus must be on long-term sustainability and continued equity in NTD control, including expansion of NTDs tackled beyond the selected ten. Putting in place coherent and sustainable health and social protection systems is also key. This can only be achieved by countries committing to…More