Neglected Tropical Diseases


Are partnerships the key to making critical progress in Global Health?

When it comes to Global Health, there are a number of challenges that the global health community should be aware of and focused on. Many Read More

Meet the amazing cast behind a life-changing drug

It was well after midnight in San Francisco when Eugenio (“Geno”) de Hostos picked up the phone—but when his colleagues in China answered, he felt the familiar jolt of excitement. He’d felt the same thrill at dawn, talking to his colleagues in Switzerland. At five, in a call to Maryland with the US Food and […] ; ; ; ;Related StoriesWaking from sleeping sickness in the DRCThe surprising consequences of tuberculosisPATH is at SXSW ;

Insecticidal Paints: A Realistic Approach to Vector Control?

by Karin L. Schiøler, Michael Alifrangis, Uriel Kitron, Flemming Konradsen


PLOS Article Discusses Madagascar Plague Outbreak, Strengthening Health System To Prevent…

PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases: Madagascar can build stronger health systems to fight plague and prevent the next epidemic Matthew Bonds, assistant professor of global health and social medicine at Harvard Medical School and co-founder/co-CEO of PIVOT, and colleagues examine the recent plague outbreak in Madagascar and discuss how an integrated health system strengthening approach can…More

Polymorphisms in voltage-gated sodium channel gene and susceptibility of <i>Aedes…

by Moytrey Chatterjee, Sudeep Ballav, Ardhendu K. Maji, Nandita Basu, Biplab Chandra Sarkar, Pabitra Saha Background The control and prevention of dengue largely depends on vector control measures, environmental management, and personal protection. Dengue control programmes are facing great challenges due to development of insecticide resistance among vector mosquitoes

A tetravalent virus-like particle vaccine designed to display domain III of dengue envelope…

by Viswanathan Ramasamy, Upasana Arora, Rahul Shukla, Ankur Poddar, Rajgokul K. Shanmugam, Laura J. White, Melissa M

Clinical and microbiologic efficacy of the piperazine-based drug lead MMV665917 in the dairy…

by Erin Stebbins, Rajiv S. Jumani, Connor Klopfer, John Barlow, Peter Miller, Mary A.

Tungiasis-related life quality impairment in children living in rural Kenya

by Susanne Wiese, Lynne Elson, Hermann Feldmeier Background Tungiasis (sand flea disease) is a neglected tropical skin disease caused by female sand fleas (Tunga spp.) embedded in the skin of the host. The disease is common in sub-Saharan Africa and predominantly affects children living in impoverished rural communities. In these settings tungiasis is associated with important morbidity.

Establishing Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) diagnostics using GeneXpert technology at a mobile…

by Philomena Raftery, Orla Condell, Christine Wasunna, Jonathan Kpaka, Ruth Zwizwai, Mahmood Nuha, Mosoka Fallah, Maxwell Freeman, Victoria Harris, Mark Miller, April Baller, Moses Massaquoi, Victoria Katawera, John Saindon, Philip Bemah, Esther Hamblion, Evelyn Castle, Desmond Williams, Alex Gasasira, Tolbert Nyenswah The 2014–16 Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak in West Africa highlighted the necessity for readily available, accurate and rapid diagnostics. The magnitude of the outbreak and the re-emergence of clusters of EVD cases following the declaration of interrupted transmission in Liberia, reinforced the need for sustained diagnostics to support surveillance and emergency preparedness. We describe implementation of the Xpert Ebola Assay, a rapid molecular diagnostic test run on the GeneXpert platform, at a mobile laboratory in Liberia and the subsequent impact on EVD outbreak response, case management and laboratory system strengthening.

Household expenditure on leprosy outpatient services in the Indian health system: A comparative…

by Anuj Tiwari, Pramilesh Suryawanshi, Akash Raikwar, Mohammad Arif, Jan Hendrik Richardus Background Leprosy is a major public health problem in many low and middle income countries, especially in India, and contributes considerably to the global burden of the disease. Leprosy and poverty are closely associated, and therefore the economic burden of leprosy is a concern. However, evidence on patient’s expenditure is scarce.

Madagascar can build stronger health systems to fight plague and prevent the next epidemic

by Matthew H. Bonds, Mohammed A.

Combinations of registered drugs reduce treatment times required to deplete…

by Sabine Specht, Kenneth M. Pfarr, Sandra Arriens, Marc P.

Insecticide treated curtains and residual insecticide treatment to control <i>Aedes…

by Dennis Pérez, Patrick Van der Stuyft, María Eugenia Toledo, Enrique Ceballos, Francisco Fabré, Pierre Lefèvre Background Within the context of a field trial conducted by the Cuban vector control program (AaCP), we assessed acceptability of insecticide-treated curtains (ITCs) and residual insecticide treatment (RIT) with deltamethrin by the community. We also assessed the potential influence of interviewees’ risk perceptions for getting dengue and disease severity. Methodology/principal findings We embedded a qualitative study using in-depth interviews in a cluster randomized trial (CRT) testing the effectiveness of ITCs and RIT in Santiago de Cuba

Discovery of novel, orally bioavailable, antileishmanial compounds using phenotypic screening

by Diana Ortiz, W. Armand Guiguemde, Jared T. Hammill, Angela K.

A highly stable blood meal alternative for rearing <i>Aedes</i> and…

by Ted Baughman, Chelsea Peterson, Corrie Ortega, Sarah R. Preston, Christopher Paton, Jessica Williams, Amy Guy, Gavin Omodei, Brian Johnson, Helen Williams, Scott L.

Identifying cholera "hotspots" in Uganda: An analysis of cholera surveillance data…

by Godfrey Bwire, Mohammad Ali, David A. Sack, Anne Nakinsige, Martha Naigaga, Amanda K. Debes, Moise C.

CYP51 is an essential drug target for the treatment of primary amoebic meningoencephalitis…

by Anjan Debnath, Claudia M. Calvet, Gareth Jennings, Wenxu Zhou, Alexander Aksenov, Madeline R.

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