Perhaps we could value palliative care for a similar reason, as its root goal is also to make life more meaningful.

Eliminate the TB Scourge – The New York Times

Tuberculosis is a problem worldwide. But little is being done to modernize our approach to this debilitating and deadly disease. Source: Eliminate the TB Scourge Read More


Device focuses on speedier tuberculosis diagnosis

Automated gadget magnifies and photographs samples and uses software to identify bacteria.


TB overtakes HIV/AIDS as leading infectious disease killer

Tuberculosis killed 1.5 million people in 2014 – moving ahead of HIV/AIDS, which was responsible for 1.2 million deaths in the same year. The rise of tuberculosis ;(TB) is evidence of both the gains made against HIV/AIDS in the past two decades and the silent growth of one of the world’s oldest killers. Making matters


House subcommittee bill flat funds global HIV and TB

Categories: U.S. Policy and FundingIn a year when global health leaders have projected a need to extend HIV and tuberculosis services to millions more people, a draft spending bill for the fiscal year beginning October 1 proposes keeping funding for global AIDS and tuberculosis programs and for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria exactly where it […](Read more…)

[Comment] New challenges for tuberculosis control in China

Since the 1990s, China has implemented a nationwide WHO-recommended DOTS (directly observed treatment, short-course) strategy, which led to a successful 65% decline in smear-positive pulmonary tuberculosis and a 48% decline in bacteriologically positive tuberculosis between 1990 and 2010.1 China achieved the tuberculosis control targets of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals 5 years ahead of the target date, and has made a great contribution towards realising the global goal. However, huge challenges still exist.

NYT Letters To Editor Address Efforts Needed To End AIDS By 2030

New York Times: New Strategies to Fight AIDS Multiple authors The New York Times published three letters to the editor in response to its recent editorial on the need for vigorous global efforts to end AIDS by 2030. The authors, who include Kimberly Cernak, deputy director of Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis,…More

The forgotten killer, a need for shorter, better treatment, a measure of failures to diagnose…

Categories: TB, What we’re readingEnergizing the fight against HIV/AIDS in South Africa – A  history of inequality, a government’s long refusal to acknowledge the virus, a donor relationship in perpetual transition . . . these are among the challenges to controlling HIV in this epicenter of the pandemic. But, this report notes, one of the biggest challenges to success […](Read more…)

Empiric TB Treatment of Severely Ill Patients With HIV and Presumed Pulmonary TB Improves…

Rationale: In 2007, World Health Organization (WHO) issued emergency recommendations on empiric treatment of sputum acid-fast bacillus smear-negative patients with possible tuberculosis (TB) in HIV-prevalent areas, and called for operational research to evaluate their effectiveness.

First Patients Start EndTB Program in Peru

Photo by William Castro Rodríguez / Socios En SaludDiego* (center), an endTB participant, receives advice from PIH community health worker Verónica Quispe and PIH nursing technician Yecela Rodríguez at the Punchauca Health Center in Carabayllo, Peru. *Name has been changed. Carmen Contreras has seen tuberculosis patients at their worst. They have endured daily injections and swallowed fistfuls of pills for years. As reward for their diligence, some have lost their hearing and their minds as side effects of the toxic medication.

Wanted: Continued development of TB diagnostics to reduce antimicrobial resistance

Categories: McGill Summer Institute in Infectious Diseases and Global Health, TBScience Speaks staff writer and Global Health Policy Research Coordinator Rabita Aziz is attending and writing from McGill Summer Institute in Infectious Diseases and Global Health this week. MONTREAL — New diagnostic technology for tuberculosis still is needed not only for TB control, but to combat growing antimicrobial resistance, Dr. Madhukar Pai said here this […](Read more…)

Quick, Affordable TB Diagnostics Could Help Improve Treatment, Reduce Drug Resistance

Center for Global Health Policy’s “Science Speaks”: Wanted: Continued development of TB diagnostics to reduce antimicrobial resistance Rabita Aziz, policy research coordinator for the Center for Global Health Policy, reporting from the McGill Summer Institute in Infectious Diseases and Global Health, discusses remarks by Madhukar Pai, director of McGill University’s global health program, on progress…More

HLM 2016 AIDS: TB gets time and targets, as leaders weigh impacts of No. 1 killer

Categories: HLM 2016 AIDS, TBNEW YORK – At a “high-level” meeting of nations all confronting the impacts of a still incurable virus, it may seem strange that just one event and a scattering of mentions in a political declaration have been dedicated to the leading — and curable — killer of people with that virus. But for leaders of responses to tuberculosis […](Read more…)

‘People-Driven’ Strategy Critical To Ending AIDS, TB, Malaria By 2030

Thomson Reuters Foundation: A people-driven plan to end epidemics Anita Asiimwe and David Stevenson, former Global Fund board members “…With ending the three epidemics by 2030 as an agreed goal, sustainability of Global Fund support is essential, so the [Global Fund] strategy considers resilient and sustainable systems for health as the foundation for success. ……More

Senate funding bill boosts NIH funding, cuts CDC and TB programs

Categories: Budget, U.S. Policy and FundingBipartisan effort preserves medical research at Defense Department The U.S. Senate Appropriations committee approved a funding increase of $2 billion for the National Institutes of Health and a cut to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention today as part of their approval of the Labor, Health and Human Services and Related Agencies appropriations bill for […](Read more…)

India ‘Has Potential To Make Great Progress’ Toward Global TB Elimination

Huffington Post: TB Elimination: India can Lead the Way Madhukar Pai, associate professor and director of global health programs at McGill University, and Barry R. Bloom, professor and former dean of Harvard School of Public Health “As the Prime Minister of India speaks to the U.S. Congress this week, a neglected epidemic threatens India’s progress.…More

TB Elimination: India can Lead the Way

Categories: HIV/TB Co-infection, TBTags: HIV/TB coinfection, Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, tuberculsosisAs the United Nations High Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS gets underway today in New York, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is meeting with Congress this week. Tuberculosis advocates are hoping to see Prime Minister Modi and members of Congress renew their commitment to eliminating TB in India, which has one of the highest TB burdens […](Read more…)

[Articles] Prevalence of pulmonary tuberculosis in western China in 2010–11: a…

Despite progress in other parts of China, the prevalence of pulmonary tuberculosis in Xinjiang remains high. The very low PDR suggests poor access to diagnosis and care. Further studies are needed to understand the barriers to diagnosis and care of this population, and efforts are urgently needed to enhance tuberculosis screening in this area.

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