Perhaps we could value palliative care for a similar reason, as its root goal is also to make life more meaningful.

Eliminate the TB Scourge – The New York Times

Tuberculosis is a problem worldwide. But little is being done to modernize our approach to this debilitating and deadly disease. Source: Eliminate the TB Scourge Read More


Device focuses on speedier tuberculosis diagnosis

Automated gadget magnifies and photographs samples and uses software to identify bacteria.


TB overtakes HIV/AIDS as leading infectious disease killer

Tuberculosis killed 1.5 million people in 2014 – moving ahead of HIV/AIDS, which was responsible for 1.2 million deaths in the same year. The rise of tuberculosis ;(TB) is evidence of both the gains made against HIV/AIDS in the past two decades and the silent growth of one of the world’s oldest killers. Making matters


Staying Power: Women Keeping Health Care on Track

Photographs and comments by Partners In Health staff Our photographers have the opportunity to visit with health workers, colleagues, and patients all over the world—many of them women. “We meet far more women in terms of care and connection to the community and health centers than men,” says Rebecca Rollins, PIH’s chief communications officer. Women usually bring sick children to clinics or receive care themselves. Teams of nurses—mainly female—are the backbone of these facilities. In communities, health workers who go door to door checking up on patients are invariably women.

In Peru, Volunteer Community Health Workers Assist TB Patients Complete Treatment Regimens

Reuters: Wider Image: Hope for eradicating tuberculosis emerges in Peru slum “…In places like [Peru’s] Villa Esperanza, or Village of Hope, … the problem is inadequate health services to help patients follow through with [tuberculosis (TB)] treatment, which takes six months to a couple years. Partners in Health (PIH) … trains community volunteers to tend…More

Global Fund Board Launches Search For New Executive Director

Global Fund To Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria: Global Fund Launches Search for Next Executive Director “The Board of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has launched a search process to find an executive director to begin work in 2017. At a Board meeting held on 16 and 17 November, the Board…More

A picture of vitality: reversing the tuberculosis trend

Editor’s note: A wide-reaching PATH project in Western Kenya is having a profound effect on the lives of children and adults by tackling a complicated web of health issues. Meet some of the individuals benefiting from APHIAplus Western, short for AIDS, Population, and Health Integrated Assistance Zone 1. Outside of Menyenya Primary School in rural […] ; ; ; ;Related StoriesDelivering new traditions for greater healthA life saved while planning for the unexpectedThe essential fight for positive change ;

Behind the blog series “Strength in connections”

For 100 Kenyan shillings, or just one US dollar, you can buy a heaping serving of lentils, cooked kale, and chapati, at Sandy’s restaurant in Kisumu, Kenya’s third largest city. The small restaurant doesn’t have a menu, but through word of mouth, foreigners learn of the kitchen favorites. If you scrunch up the chapati (similar […] ; ; ; ;Related StoriesDelivering new traditions for greater healthA picture of vitality: reversing the tuberculosis trendHIV positive and living positively ;

The Lancet Infectious Diseases Examines Challenges To Treating, Preventing MDR-TB

The Lancet Infectious Diseases: Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis: a continuing crisis “The multidrug-resistant tuberculosis epidemic is a crisis. Despite promising new treatments, gaps in funding and political attention are hampering efforts to stem the disease…” (Burki, December 2016).

Petition Urges BRICS Health Ministers To Triple TB R&D Spending

Center for Global Health Policy’s “Science Speaks”: Petition asks BRICS to triple TB R&D funding Antigone Barton, senior editor and writer of “Science Speaks,” discusses a petition asking the health ministers of BRICS nations to triple their funding for tuberculosis prevention and treatment research and development, work with other ministries to ensure these efforts are…More

47th Union World Conference on Lung Health: Even “free” TB treatment can come with…

Categories: 47th Union World Conference on Lung HealthLIVERPOOL, England – Even before the costs of getting diagnosed, picked up in some high-tuberculosis incidence countries by patients themselves, and even before treatment brings its own costs, the financial toll of tuberculosis has already begun, a representative of the World Health Organization said today. Those costs include medical expenses incurred on the way to the screening and […](Read more…)

47th Union World Conference on Lung Health: Time to step up on TB R&D, Treatment Action Group…

Categories: 47th Union World Conference on Lung HealthAs pharmaceutical industry retreats from research and development for tuberculosis treatments, diagnostics and prevention relies more than ever on government support, and it’s dropping, Treatment Action Group report shows . . . LIVERPOOL, England – The chance to have the right people and the right information in the right place at the same time comes all to […](Read more…)

47th Union World Conference on Lung Health: Soft drink company takes the challenge to build a…

Categories: 47th Union World Conference on Lung HealthTags: Pepsi Cola, TB AllianceLIVERPOOL, England – People have a limited ability to taste sweet things. Cats, it turns out don’t have any. On the other hand, we humans have 22 taste receptors for bitterness. But all of that can be overcome by science. These are some of the things you learn when a company in the business of marketing […](Read more…)

47th Union World Conference on Lung Health: Download everything you need to know about…

Categories: 47th Union World Conference on Lung HealthLIVERPOOL, England – While much of the focus at this conference focuses on the pursuit of new knowledge, to better treat, diagnose and prevent tuberculosis, a group of experts from leading institutions worldwide have put together everything they currently know about the disease in 23 pages. Among the points, lead author Madhukar Pai said today, as […](Read more…)

Latent TB high in India’s healthcare workers

Research reveals that more than 4-in-10 health workers in India afflicted with latent tuberculosis.

Three TB Gurus and a Groundbreaking Project

Partners In Health tuberculosis experts are in the United Kingdom this week to discuss endTB, a project that is bringing delamanid and bedaquiline—the first new TB drugs developed in 50 years—to patients in 14 countries, where results so far have been revolutionary. Tuberculosis is an airborne bacterial disease that can easily become resistant to antibiotics and kills 1.5 million people a year, surpassing HIV as the biggest infectious disease killer. endTB is a partnership among Partners In Health, Médecins Sans Frontières, Interactive Research and Development, and UNITAID that aims to tackle a form of TB that is resistant to standard drugs, referred to as multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. MDR-TB seems to have met its match against delamanid and bedaquiline. Each, in combination with other medications, is proving to be more effective and less toxic than current treatment

47th Union World Conference on Lung Health: WHO preconference meeting sizes up the challenges,…

Categories: 47th Union World Conference on Lung HealthTags: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Cavern Club, George and Ringo, Imagine, John, Mario Raviglione, Paul, TB diagnostics, TB treatment, TB vaccine, The Beatles, World Health OrganizationAs a fab 47th Union World Conference on Lung Health comes to Liverpool, session titles and speakers nod to city’s favorite sons, while focus of WHO symposium is global and forward . . . LIVERPOOL, England – The last time a new and widely accessible treatment for tuberculosis was put on the market, the Beatles were making […](Read more…)

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