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Tuberculosis is a problem worldwide. But little is being done to modernize our approach to this debilitating and deadly disease. Source: Eliminate the TB Scourge Read More

Device focuses on speedier tuberculosis diagnosis

Automated gadget magnifies and photographs samples and uses software to identify bacteria.

TB overtakes HIV/AIDS as leading infectious disease killer

Tuberculosis killed 1.5 million people in 2014 – moving ahead of HIV/AIDS, which was responsible for 1.2 million deaths in the same year. The rise of tuberculosis ;(TB) is evidence of both the gains made against HIV/AIDS in the past two decades and the silent growth of one of the world’s oldest killers. Making matters


PolitiFact Examines Global Mortality Data For HIV, TB

PolitiFact: Does tuberculosis top HIV/AIDS as the deadlier disease? “…[In a January 7 opinion piece in The Hill, Harvard student Nick] Seymour said tuberculosis is now a bigger killer than HIV/AIDS. Numbers from the United Nations and the World Health Organization support that, but another equally credible source, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation…More

U.S. Investment In Global Health Essential To U.S. Diplomacy, Economy, National Security

The Hill: Global health is good business — Trump should get in the prosperity Chris Collins, president of Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria “…America’s investment in global health is one area that should stand outside the political fray. … [C]ontinued and increased investment in global health provides an important opportunity…More

Haiti’s New Pathology Lab Accelerates Cancer Diagnosis

Cecille Joan Avila / Partners In HealthProphete Lagrénade, a histopathology technician, holds a tissue sample in the new pathology section of the regional reference laboratory. Inside a white-washed room the size of a generous walk-in closet, three Partners In Health laboratory technicians and a pathologist meticulously slice tissue samples and embed them in paraffin. They are the first employees to christen the new pathology section in the Mirebalais Regional Reference Laboratory. To outside observers, their work may seem tedious. But to cancer patients, it’s lifesaving

Our Year in Photos

Excerpt from –  Our Year in Photos

Hospital in the Hills: Rising Above Cancer in Rwanda

Continue reading:  Hospital in the Hills: Rising Above Cancer in Rwanda

U.N. General Assembly To Hold High-Level Meeting On TB In 2018

Huffington Post: U.N. To Hold A Major Meeting On Tuberculosis, The Top Global Infectious Killer “Advocates in the fight against tuberculosis are celebrating Thursday’s promising announcement that the United Nations General Assembly will hold a high-level meeting dedicated solely to TB in 2018. There have been only four other such meetings devoted to health issues…More

New Global Health University Takes Shape

Photo by Aaron Levenson / Partners In HealthLeft to right: Deputy Executive Director of Inshuti Mu Buzima Antoinette Habinshuti, PIH Co-founder Paul Farmer, Minister of Education Musafiri Papias Malimba, and Executive Director of the University of Global Health Equity Peter Drobac plant a tree to celebrate the building of the university. Last week, Partners In Health Co-founder Dr. Paul Farmer addressed an audience at a convention center in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital. An architectural rendering projected above him showed the University of Global Health Equity, a collection of flat-roofed stone buildings framed by Rwanda’s mountains. Long glass windows reflected the lush hills surrounding it

2016: The Year in Quotes

Photo by Cecille Joan Avila / Partners In HealthEarly morning in Butaro, Rwanda. “If it weren’t for this hospital, I would be dead.” Isemelie Bazard, a 64-year-old street vendor who underwent surgery and chemotherapy at PIH’s University Hospital in Mirebalais, Haiti. The cancer center at University Hospital performed free biopsies for 1,600 patients and delivered chemotherapy to roughly 15 patients per day in 2016. The full story.

Peru: More Safe Houses for People with Chronic Mental Illness

Photo by William Castro Rodríguez / Partners In HealthPartners In Health Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joia Mukherjee (left) visits with safe house resident Valeria Ruiz* following a ceremony marking the home’s official transfer to the Peruvian government. Partners In Health in Peru recently handed over control of its first safe house for women living with chronic mental illness to the Peruvian government, marking a major milestone in PIH's efforts to strengthen Peru's shift to a community-based mental health care system. Peru's National Institute of Mental Health and the municipality of Carabayllo, where PIH is based, assumed responsibility of the home during a ceremony in September, just over a year after the home’s opening. Government officials hope to expand PIH’s model to 200 homes nationwide to support the roughly 1,400 people who desperately need the care and protection these safe houses provide

Multilateral Health Programs Receive Top Ratings On U.K. Aid Agency Report Card

New York Times: British Officials Issue a Report Card on Aid Organizations “In a ‘value for money’ assessment released this month, Britain’s foreign aid agency gave top ratings to three organizations to which it donates: the World Bank; the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria; and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. … Each aid…More

Looking Back At 6 Top Global Health Moments In 2016, International Community Must Inform…

Devex: Opinion: For better or worse, politics define 2016 top global health moments Karl Hofmann, president and CEO of Population Services International “…2016 had a few bright spots, including a record replenishment for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and two innovative efforts that may very well redefine what it means to…More

Global Community Must Integrate TB, HIV Efforts, Not Treat As Separate Diseases

Huffington Post: Why Tuberculosis And HIV Have To Be Combated Together Rajesh Deshmukh, HIV-TB program officer with India’s National AIDS Control Organization “India has the highest tuberculosis (TB) burden and [is] the third highest HIV burden country in the world. … National and international studies indicate that an integrated approach to TB and HIV services…More

Staying Power: Women Keeping Health Care on Track

Photographs and comments by Partners In Health staff Our photographers have the opportunity to visit with health workers, colleagues, and patients all over the world—many of them women. “We meet far more women in terms of care and connection to the community and health centers than men,” says Rebecca Rollins, PIH’s chief communications officer. Women usually bring sick children to clinics or receive care themselves. Teams of nurses—mainly female—are the backbone of these facilities. In communities, health workers who go door to door checking up on patients are invariably women.

In Peru, Volunteer Community Health Workers Assist TB Patients Complete Treatment Regimens

Reuters: Wider Image: Hope for eradicating tuberculosis emerges in Peru slum “…In places like [Peru’s] Villa Esperanza, or Village of Hope, … the problem is inadequate health services to help patients follow through with [tuberculosis (TB)] treatment, which takes six months to a couple years. Partners in Health (PIH) … trains community volunteers to tend…More

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