Perhaps we could value palliative care for a similar reason, as its root goal is also to make life more meaningful.

Eliminate the TB Scourge – The New York Times

Tuberculosis is a problem worldwide. But little is being done to modernize our approach to this debilitating and deadly disease. Source: Eliminate the TB Scourge Read More


Device focuses on speedier tuberculosis diagnosis

Automated gadget magnifies and photographs samples and uses software to identify bacteria.


TB overtakes HIV/AIDS as leading infectious disease killer

Tuberculosis killed 1.5 million people in 2014 – moving ahead of HIV/AIDS, which was responsible for 1.2 million deaths in the same year. The rise of tuberculosis ;(TB) is evidence of both the gains made against HIV/AIDS in the past two decades and the silent growth of one of the world’s oldest killers. Making matters


MNCH, TB Practitioners Should Work Together To Prevent Childhood TB

Devex: Opinion: Tuberculosis is a forgotten priority for child health Luis Tam, global technical lead for maternal, newborn, and child health at Management Sciences for Health “…[Maternal, newborn, and child health (MNCH)] practitioners are seldom trained and encouraged to think of TB as a childhood disease, and what to do when confronted with a potential…More

IPS Examines Challenges Facing Next WHO Director General

Inter Press Service: Who Should Lead the WHO Next? “…The ninth director general of the world’s peak health body will play a key role in ensuring global responses to an increasingly complex and contrasting list of global health problems: the spread of mosquito-borne diseases due to climate change, multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, the unfinished business of AIDS…More

PolitiFact Examines Data On Global TB Deaths

PolitiFact: World TB deaths shoot up — on paper “…In 2014, WHO estimated the total number of deaths at 1.5 million, with about 1.1 million who died exclusively from tuberculosis and another 0.4 million who were HIV-positive. So that’s pretty clear. The total death toll rose by about 300,000. But as the authors of the…More

Drug Regulation Critical To Addressing TB, Antimicrobial Resistance

PLOS Blogs’ “Speaking of Medicine”: Drug Regulation in the Age of AMR — What We Know from our Experience with Tuberculosis “On the eve of the Union World Conference on Lung Health, [Bev Stringer, who leads the social science research and program support team at Médecins Sans Frontières,] discusses how unregulated access to anti-tuberculosis treatments…More

Drug Regulation in the Age of Antimicrobial Resistance

On the eve of the Union World Conference on Lung Health, Bev Stringer of Médecins Sans Frontières discusses how unregulated access to anti-tuberculosis treatments has contributed to the rise of multidrug-resistant TB. The World Health

6 Hospital-Associated Infections Cause Larger Burden Than HIV, Influenza, TB Combined, Study…

Deutsche Welle: Why hospital infections are a bigger threat than HIV, influenza, and tuberculosis “You would think it was the other way around. But six health care-associated infections are a bigger burden on hospitals than influenza, HIV/AIDS, and tuberculosis together. The big six are pneumonia, urinary tract and surgical site infections, Clostridium difficile (CDI, which…More

U.S. Government, Global Fund Support Distribution Of Nearly 2M Insecticidal Nets In Zimbabwe

VOA News: U.S. Govt, Global Fund Distribute 2 Million Malaria Prevention Nets “The United States government and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Global Fund) supported distribution of 1,785,000 long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) to Zimbabwean communities at risk for malaria in August and September of this year…” (Dube, 10/18).


This started out as a longer essay. Maybe a short book. Now it’s just some random notes. Maybe I’ll finish this book and publish it. Until then, this post

Global Efforts To Detect, Treat, Prevent TB Falling Short, Report Shows; ‘Massive Scale-Up’…

Deutsche Welle: WHO: World needs to fight harder against tuberculosis “On Thursday, the World Health Organization (WHO) presented its annual tuberculosis report in Washington, D.C. The main message: the world isn’t doing enough to stop the dangerous infectious disease…” (Bleiker, 10/13). The Guardian: Tuberculosis kills three people a minute as case numbers rise “Tuberculosis is…More

With 2.8M TB Cases, India Accounts For More Than One Quarter Of World’s Cases, Will Overhaul…

New York Times: ‘True Scale’ of India’s Tuberculosis Problem: 2.8 Million New Cases “Finally coming to terms with the enormity of its tuberculosis problem, India is preparing a radical overhaul and expansion of its national treatment program to fight an affliction that kills more adults worldwide than any other infectious disease. The severity of the…More

Organizations Call For Next U.S. President, Congress To Exhibit ‘Bold Leadership’ Against…

RESULTS: The Next U.S. President Should Confront the TB Epidemic Head On In response to the WHO’s release of the 2016 Global Tuberculosis Report, “showing that the tuberculosis (TB) epidemic is worse than previously known, … eight leading U.S. organizations released the following statement: … ‘The next U.S. president must confront the TB epidemic head…More

U.S. Agencies Release Progress Report On National Action Plan For Combating MDR-TB

USAID/CDC/NIH: National Action Plan for Combating Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis: Six-Month Progress Report and Future Direction “…The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) at the National Institutes for Health (NIH) have worked together over the past six…More

Zimbabwe study sees TB go down as HIV treatment coverage goes up

Categories: TBIf national health programmers and policy makers are looking for reasons to put into practice World Health Organization recommendations that all people with HIV have access to immediate antiretroviral treatment, a study from Zimbabwe supplies one more: As the numbers of people accessing HIV treatment went up in that country, the numbers of reported tuberculosis […](Read more…)

Global Community Should Renew Commitment To End AIDS, TB, Malaria

Huffington Post: Launching Renewed Determination to End the Major Infectious Disease Killers Chris Collins, president of Friends of the Global Fight “…The success of [the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria’s Fifth] Replenishment is particularly welcome given the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) report this summer showing a decrease in donor financing of the…More

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