Meet the amazing cast behind a life-changing drug

It was well after midnight in San Francisco when Eugenio (“Geno”) de Hostos picked up the phone—but when his colleagues in China answered, he felt the familiar jolt of excitement. He’d felt the same thrill at dawn, talking to his colleagues in Switzerland. At five, in a call to Maryland with the US Food and […] ; ; ; ;Related StoriesWaking from sleeping sickness in the DRCThe surprising consequences of tuberculosisPATH is at SXSW ;

Think scale! Engaging Private Pharmacies to Improve Public Health 

A version of this story first appeared on IDSA’s Science Speaks platform By Emily Delmotte Lisinopril 20 mg by mouth at 8am? Check. After verifying the Read More

Eliminate the TB Scourge – The New York Times

Tuberculosis is a problem worldwide. But little is being done to modernize our approach to this debilitating and deadly disease. Source: Eliminate the TB Scourge Read More


Blog Posts Discuss House Committee’s Approval Of FY18 SFOPs, LHHS Appropriations Bills

Friends of the Global Fight Blog: Friends Welcomes Sustained Funding for the Global Fund and Bilateral HIV, TB and Malaria Programs “…Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Friends) welcomes the [House Appropriations] Committee’s proposal of sustained funding for: the Global Fund at $1.35 billion; bilateral HIV programming, including the President’s Emergency…More

New Issue Of ‘Global Fund News Flash’ Discusses Global Fund’s Year-End 2016 Results

Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria: Global Fund News Flash The latest issue of the Global Fund News Flash features an announcement from the Global Fund that it released its year-end 2016 results, which highlight the progress made by Global Fund-supported HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria programs (7/20).

U.S. Investment In Global Fund ‘Efficiently Advances’ U.S. Global Leadership

Foreign Policy: Trump Is Wrong to Retreat From the Global Fight Against AIDS Mark P. Lagon, chief policy officer at Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria “…In addition to proposing cuts to our own bilateral health programs, the White House has proposed a striking cut to the Global Fund: [approximately] 17…More

U.S. Should Maintain, Increase Investments In Emergency Preparedness

Washington Post: Letters to the Editor: The new CDC director has an important duty: Resisting budget reductions Richard Seifman, board member of the National Physicians Alliance and technical review panel active member of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria “…It is well-recognized that the best protection for American lives in the face…More

Blog Post Highlights Recent Reports, G20 Declaration Calling For Better TB Policies, More…

Center for Global Health Policy’s “Science Speaks”: G20 declaration notes TB as reports highlight needs for policy, funding leadership Antigone Barton, senior editor and writer of “Science Speaks,” discusses the mention of tuberculosis in the G20 declaration, “a small, but meaningful step,” according to advocates. Barton also highlights a recently released report from Médecins Sans…More

TB Advocates Laud Mention Of Disease In G20 Leaders’ Communiqué

Huffington Post: The G20 Declaration Makes A Major Mention Of The World’s Top Infectious Killer “Advocates in the fight against tuberculosis are pleased that the top global infectious killer is mentioned by name in this year’s G20 Leaders’ Declaration. … Antimicrobial resistance, the umbrella under which TB was mentioned, was first highlighted as a global…More

Global Fund’s Experience Offers Technical Insights Into Strengthening Health Systems,…

PLOS Blogs’ “Your Say”: Helping countries transition from donor aid for health: recent experience at the Global Fund Robert Hecht, president, and Rachel Wilkinson, associate program officer, both at Pharos Global Health Advisers, discuss “the role of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria in building funding structures for health system strengthening in…More

CSIS Report Says U.S. Government Must Make Strategic Domestic, Global Investments To Address TB

Center for Strategic & International Studies: Protecting the United States from the Health Security Risk of Global Tuberculosis In this report, Audrey Jackson, a senior fellow with the CSIS Global Health Policy Center, discusses the global spread of tuberculosis, including drug-resistant strains, writing, “To be effective in protecting Americans from a costly and potentially deadly…More

Former Global Fund Director Mark Dybul To Head New Georgetown Center For Global Health And…

Friends of the Global Fight: Friends of the Global Fight Welcomes Dr. Mark Dybul as Board Member “Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Friends) is very pleased to welcome Dr. Mark Dybul — former executive director of the Global Fund and incoming professor of medicine and faculty director of the new…More

WHO sets stage of for global ministerial TB conference, seeks input on declaration

Categories: TBNovember Moscow conference will inform 2018 United Nations high level meeting When ministers of health and leaders of other government offices and agencies worldwide gather in Moscow this November for a Global Ministerial Conference on Ending TB, they will face the task of agreeing to make enough changes to what they are doing now to […](Read more…)

New Issue Of ‘Global Fund News Flash’ Recognizes World Refugee Day

Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria: Global Fund News Flash The latest issue of the Global Fund News Flash features a piece by Global Fund Interim Executive Director Marijke Wijnroks, in which she writes, “On World Refugee Day, we should remember the best way to improve health and prevent new diseases from spreading…More

Innovative Partnerships Necessary To Improve Health Worldwide, Eliminate AIDS, TB, Malaria…

EurActiv: New Ideas for Old Problems: How to Get Health Products to Remote Communities Christoph Benn, director of external relations of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria “…[U]nder its new strategy, the Global Fund continues to look beyond traditional funding approaches to mobilize the requisite funds to reach the global goals of…More

Bedaquiline effective, safe, manageable across wide range of settings, five-continent data show

Categories: UncategorizedData on patients treated with one of the two newest tuberculosis medicines in 15 countries across five continents show that the treatment, which represents a last resort for hundreds of thousands of people with drug-resistant strains of disease, can be administered safely in a wide range of settings, and bring greatly improved outcomes compared to […](Read more…)

U.S. Congress Should Maintain Commitment To Global Fund, Global Health Programs

The Hill: In global health, modest cuts do major damage Chris Collins, president of Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria “…The White House’s proposed budget cuts would derail efforts to end the biggest infectious disease killers of our time: AIDS, tuberculosis (TB), and malaria. … Will we forge ahead, invest strategically,…More

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