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Simple But Impactful: Transforming Nigeria’s Vaccine Supply Chain

Vaccine supplies and logistics are a fundamental component of any immunization system. In Nigeria, any hope of achieving the goal of 87 percent vaccine coverage Read More

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Ebola Vaccine Phase 1: Success

NIH-sponsored cAd3-EBO Ebola vaccine shows reactogenicity, immune response, and safety in humans. Clinical trials are ongoing. Read the original report in the New England Journal Read More

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Measles eradication plans have stalled: WHO

Measles deaths have gone up, not down, in the last year. Progress towards elimination of the disease that kills and disables thousands of children has stopped in its tracks as funding has been cut back in the global recessionProgress against the elimination of measles has stalled, the World Health Organisation is warning. The number of deaths from the viral disease actually rose in the last year – from an estimated 122,000 in 2012 to 145,700 in 2013.The eyes of the world are on Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, where the collapse of healthcare under pressure from Ebola means that other diseases, including measles as well as malaria, are on the rise. But it has not taken a catastrophe of the scale of Ebola to de-rail the attempt to stamp out measles, a killer of small children which is so easily prevented by the use of a very cheap routinely-administered vaccine.Poor progress in increasing measles vaccination coverage has resulted in large outbreaks of this highly contagious disease, throwing the 2015 elimination targets off-track. Countries urgently need to prioritize maintaining and improving immunization coverage


Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance On Track To Raise Funding Target Of $7.5B; U.S. To Commit $1B…

Bloomberg News: GAVI Close to Reaching $7.5 Billion Vaccines Fund Target “The Gavi Alliance, the world’s biggest funder of vaccines for developing countries, has reached more than 75 percent of its target of raising $7.5 billion from donors for financing its activities from 2016 to 2020…” (Kitamura/Bennett, 1/26). Devex: U.S. to commit $1B to Gavi…More

Gavi Requests $7.5B From Donors As Funding Conference Approaches

Reuters: Vaccines group seeks $7.5 billion as disease fight reaches peak “The Gavi global vaccines alliance is seeking to raise $7.5 billion at a funding conference in Berlin next week, as its battle to prevent infectious diseases in millions of children reaches an expected peak. … The coming 2016-20 period will be the busiest in…More

Experts At European Parliament Session Outline Challenges In TB Drug Development

EurActiv: Developing countries urged to produce TB vaccines locally “Even though one third of the global population have the microbes that cause tuberculosis (TB), pharmaceutical companies still have little incentive to produce the drugs that can combat the deadly but curable disease. Speaking at the European Parliament on Wednesday (21 January) Dr. Lucica Ditiu, executive…More

MSF Accepts Pneumonia Vaccine Donation, Bending Own Policy; Group Still Advocates For Fair…

Devex: MSF bends donation policy for pneumonia vaccine “After years of refusing vaccine handouts from big pharmaceutical companies, international medical humanitarian group Médecins Sans Frontières is bending its policy to accept donations of the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine. … ‘We are not asking for charity from big pharmaceutical companies, but for fair prices enabling every country…More

Systematic Changes In Pricing, Procurement Must Occur For Universal Access To Affordable…

The Lancet: What are affordable vaccines? Editorial Board “…Although the world’s poorest countries are supported by Gavi, [a new report from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)] describes how a large group of middle-income countries, aid agencies, and Gavi-graduating countries are struggling to afford key vaccinations. … MSF calls on governments and drug companies to introduce strategies…More

At WEF, Leaders, Experts Discuss Lessons Learned From Ebola, Strategies To Prepare For Future…

International Business Times: As Ebola Outbreak Recedes, Global Health Care Leaders Focus On Prevention, Coordinated Action “…Governments and aid organizations will need to build stronger health care systems in some of the world’s poorest countries and further invest, preemptively, in developing drugs and vaccines to treat rare diseases that could threaten global health. Those are…More

Western Nations Must Invest In Vaccines, Treatments To Prepare For Future Infectious Disease…

BBC News: Davos: Western world ‘vulnerable’ to epidemics, warns Ebola expert “The Western world is ‘vulnerable’ to epidemics such as Ebola, and must invest more in researching vaccines, a leading scientist has warned. Prof Peter Piot [who co-discovered the Ebola virus in 1976] told the BBC that developed nations would be in ‘deep trouble’ if…More

Developing, Testing Ebola Vaccines Presents Major Challenges, Report Says

News services discuss a new report released Monday by the Wellcome Trust and CIDRAP titled, “Fast-Track Development of Ebola Vaccines: Principles and Target Product Criteria.” CIDRAP News: Report maps complex challenges to Ebola vaccine efforts “As experimental Ebola vaccines start to head toward large clinical trials in Africa, a report released today by academic experts…More

WHO Approves MenAfriVac Vaccine For Use In Infants; Meningitis Vaccine Project Shutting Down…

Reuters: Tailor-made vaccine set to banish Africa’s meningitis epidemics “…Barely five years after the team began rolling out a tailor-made vaccine in Africa’s ‘meningitis belt,’ the disease has all but disappeared there and the Meningitis Vaccine Project (MVP) is closing down after pioneering what may be a model for tackling infectious diseases in developing countries.…More

WHO Approves Two Experimental Ebola Vaccines For Testing In West Africa But Declining Case…

CIDRAP: WHO experts chart next steps for Ebola vaccine trials (Schnirring, 1/9). Bloomberg News: Glaxo, Merck Ebola Vaccine Trials to Start in West Africa (Bennett, 1/9). Deutsche Welle: WHO announces ‘good news’ for Ebola vaccine (1/9). New York Times: In Africa, a Decline in New Ebola Cases Complicates Vaccine Development (Pollack, 1/9).

U.S. Should Contribute ‘Generous’ Amount To Gavi

Washington Post: The United States should generously support Gavi’s immunization efforts Editorial Board “An important conference is to be held in Berlin on Jan. 27 to secure financial replenishment for Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, a multilateral nonprofit that for 15 years has been bringing vaccines to children in the world’s 73 poorest nations. Many attendees…More

Experimental Ebola Vaccine To Enter Phase III Trials In Next Two Months, WHO Says

Reuters: Pivotal Ebola vaccine trials to start this month or next: WHO “Final-stage trials of experimental Ebola vaccines will begin in January or February in the worst-hit West African countries as scientists and drugmakers race to block the deadly disease, the World Health Organization said on Thursday…” (Nebehay, 1/8). U.N. News Centre: Ebola: vaccine trials…More

Several Companies Working On Experimental Ebola Vaccines In Unprecedented Effort

Daily Beast: The Race for the Ebola Vaccine “…Although a few smaller companies have become involved in the race for a vaccine, three major pharmaceuticals are taking the lead — each pursuing a different vaccine. The trials are unprecedented for a variety of reasons, including the rapid timeline (trials of this nature generally take 3-4…More

#VaccinesWork Campaign Aims To Encourage Vaccination Through Art

New York Times: Gates Foundation Uses Art to Encourage Vaccination “…[Vik] Muniz, the Brazilian-born photographer known for his unorthodox materials, has been working with the MIT bioengineer and designer Tal Danino on a series of trompe l’oeil images of microscopic organisms: cancer cells, healthy cells, and bacteria. … The work now has another meaning. It…More

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