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First MERS vaccine heads for human trials

Firms plan to take on research after tests show vaccine protects monkeys from Middle East respiratory syndrome.

Cynthia GoldsmithThis colorized transmission electron micrograph (TEM) revealed some of the ultrastructural morphology displayed by an Ebola virus virion. See PHIL 1832 for a black and white version of this image.Where is Ebola virus found in nature?The exact origin, locations, and natural habitat (known as the "natural reservoir") of Ebola virus remain unknown. However, on the basis of available evidence and the nature of similar viruses, researchers believe that the virus is zoonotic (animal-borne) and is normally maintained in an animal host that is native to the African continent. A similar host is probably associated with Ebola-Reston which was isolated from infected cynomolgous monkeys that were imported to the United States and Italy from the Philippines. The virus is not known to be native to other continents, such as North America.

Ebola Vaccine Candidates: Phase 1 Trial Results (NEJM)

This week, preliminary results from two phase 1 trials were published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Overall, the trials demonstrated safety and the Read More

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U.S. Must Increase Capacity For Global Health R&D, Anticipate Global Disease Threats

Washington Post: Why aren’t we producing medications for looming global disease threats? Mel Spigelman, physician and president and chief executive of TB Alliance “…[A new Global Health Technologies Coalition] analysis reveals that over the past six years, [U.S.] taxpayer funding for global health research has been stagnant or declining. … Managing health threats through emergency…More


Report shows rising antibiotic resistance

A new online tool with data from the developing and developed world show increased antibiotic resistance globally.

Potential Success Of Experimental Ebola Vaccine Could Quickly End Future Outbreaks, Associated…

Politico: How to Eradicate Political Panic Joanne Kenen, Politico’s health care editor “…The [experimental Ebola] vaccine, if successful, would be distinctive, since it wouldn’t require global vaccination programs, as have efforts to eradicate diseases like polio. Instead, the trial vaccines rely on what’s known as the ‘ring method,’ creating a circle around the virus to contain…More

Washington Times Examines Efforts To Test Experimental Ebola Vaccines In West Africa

Washington Times: Ebola vaccine studies progress as marketing quells suspicions of modern medicine “Ebola had just killed thousands of people in Liberia, and the U.S.-backed pitch to sign locals up for a vaccine trial must have seemed like a tough sell: Take part of the very virus that had devastated the region, combine it with…More

TB Eradication Possible With Proper Health Care Systems, Diagnostic Tests, Vaccines, Funding

Project Syndicate: Taking the Offensive Against Tuberculosis Gunilla Källenius, professor of clinical microbiology at Karolinska Institutet “…[T]he world now has a narrow window of opportunity to eradicate TB. Taking advantage of it will require the rapid development and dissemination of effective diagnostic tools, novel drug treatments, and innovative vaccines, in conjunction with efforts to ensure…More

Parental doubt drives drop in vaccination

Safety concerns and inconvenient delivery are barriers to vaccine acceptance, WHO warns.

DW Profiles German Biotech CureVac’s Work To Develop Vaccines, Funding From Philanthropic…

Deutsche Welle: Cash injection spurs vaccination hopes “The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has invested tens of millions in German biotech firm CureVac. The cash injection will help the company continue working on developing effective vaccines for diseases, including Ebola, HIV, and tuberculosis…” (Meyer, 8/25).

Public Health Officials Use Creative Communication To Spread Knowledge Of Immunization…

NPR: Posters, Bullhorns, And Skirts Help Spread The Word About Vaccines “Imagine a town crier walking down the street outside shouting through his bullhorn: ‘All of the young people should go get the new meningitis A vaccine.’ And adding that it’s free. That’s one of the ways that health practitioners are combating what they call…More

‘Vaccine Hesitancy’ Threatens Lives Of Children, Presents Challenges To Health Workers

New York Times: Children Die Because People Are Wrongly Afraid of Vaccines Editorial Board “Of all the threats to human life confronted by international health workers, few cause as heavy a toll as what is termed ‘vaccine hesitancy’ — the delay or refusal by misinformed people to accept vaccination for themselves and their children. ……More

First MERS vaccine heads for human trials

World map

Firms plan to take on research after tests show vaccine protects monkeys from Middle East respiratory syndrome.

Closing Immunization Gaps Worldwide Will Require Overcoming ‘Vaccine Hesitancy,’ WHO Says

New York Times: WHO Calls ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’ an Increasing Concern Globally “The World Health Organization warned Tuesday of what it called the growing problem of ‘vaccine hesitancy,’ when people delay or refuse vaccines for themselves or their children. In a statement on its website, the organization called the problem ‘a growing challenge for countries seeking…More

Blog Post Reviews Current R&D On Vaccines, Drugs For MERS

Global Health Technologies Coalition’s “Breakthroughs”: The latest in MERS R&D: Do we have the tools needed to prevent the next outbreak? Kat Kelley, GHTC’s senior program assistant, reviews research and development efforts on vaccines and drugs for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. She writes, “…Researchers and public health advocates alike are wondering: will we learn from…More

A Conversation with: John-Arne Røttingen, Ebola Vaccine Co-Creator


John-Arne Røttingen, the director of the Division of Infectious Disease Control at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, is one of the co-creators of the successful rVSV-ZEBOV Ebola vaccine trial. He worked alongside the Wellcome Trust, the government of Canada, MSF, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and manufacturers Merck and NewLink.

Ebola vaccine shows huge promise in the field

The rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine is “highly efficacious” in preventing the disease, shows clinical trial in Guinea.

New HIV Prevention R&D Report Highlights 2000-2014 Global Funding Trends

Global Health Technologies Coalition’s “Breakthroughs”: New report on investment in R&D for HIV prevention highlights 2014 global funding trends In a guest post, the HIV Vaccines & Microbicides Resource Tracking Working Group discusses a new report examining HIV prevention research and development funding trends from 2000 to 2014. “Through their research and analysis, the Working Group…More

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