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Focus on Migration: The downside of polio vaccine checks

Control efforts must not end up as another barrier to those fleeing political instability, says Max Martin.


Trial set for world’s first leprosy vaccine

The world’s first vaccine against leprosy is set for toxicology testing this year and clinical trial by 2015.

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The World Health Assembly

Dear Colleagues, This week Remco van de Pas flew back and forth between the Netherlands (European elections), Antwerp (ITM) and Geneva (World Health Assembly), and he mailed me it’s been a gruelling week. Read below some of his first comments on the WHA, or ‘The World Health Theatre’, as he calls it.  More might follow early next week. … And finally it has arrived, The World Health Assembly in Geneva! This is something of an annual ritual for me.


Donor Commitments To Vaccinate Will Help Protect World’s Most Vulnerable Children

MSNBC: Immunizing Africa, committing to a healthy future for all Seth Berkley, CEO of the GAVI Alliance, and Philippe Brault, award-winning photographer and filmmaker “…[W]hile four out of five children globally now receive at least a basic set of vaccines, there still are 1.5 million children who die each year from vaccine-preventable diseases, mostly in…More

Double Vaccine Offers Better Protection Against Polio, Study Says

News outlets report on a study’s findings that using two types of polio vaccines could give better protection and speed up efforts to fight polio. Associated Press/The Guardian: Polio double vaccine gives better protection, study finds “For decades, there’s been a tug-of-war between the oral and inactivated polio vaccines over which is more effective at…More

Companies, Governments Rush To Test Ebola Drugs, Vaccine; U.S. Government Funds Company To…

News outlets report on the activities of drug companies and governments to speed up research and development on Ebola drugs and vaccines, including the U.S. government’s funding of a pharmaceutical company to further development on a particular experimental drug. The Hill: Governments scramble to develop Ebola drugs “Governments and drugmakers are scrambling to develop new…More

Coverage Continues On U.N. Panel’s Endorsement To Use Untested Ebola Drugs

News outlets continue coverage on the U.N.’s endorsement of and ethics around the use of untested Ebola drugs. Associated Press/Washington Post: U.N.: OK to use untested Ebola drugs in outbreak “The World Health Organization declared it’s ethical to use untested drugs and vaccines in the ongoing Ebola outbreak in West Africa, although the tiny supply…More

WHO Panel Rules It Is Ethical To Use Experimental Ebola Drugs

News outlets report on a statement from the WHO that a panel has reached consensus that it is ethical to offer experimental treatment as prevention for Ebola. Associated Press: U.N.: It’s ethical to try untested Ebola medicines “The World Health Organization declared Tuesday that it’s ethical to use unproven Ebola drugs and vaccines in the outbreak in West…More

Vaccines Can Prevent Next Public Health Crisis

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s “Impatient Optimists”: How to Prevent the Next Health Crisis Utibe Effiong, research associate at the University of Michigan School of Public Health and an Aspen Institute New Voices Fellow, discusses the importance of vaccines and their role in preventing public health crises (8/7).

AVAC Director Discusses Myths, Challenges Surrounding Vaccine Delivery

Deutsche Welle: Whether it’s polio, HPV or HIV, ‘crazy myths’ about vaccines run wild on social media “Scientists often think the health benefits of vaccines are obvious. But they are not. Disease prevention advocate, Mitchell Warren, says social media will help — if we can harness it…” (Abbany, 7/30).

Efforts To Develop Ebola Vaccine Underway But Lack Funding

News outlets report on efforts to develop vaccines and other treatments for Ebola virus, which continues to spread in West Africa. The Atlantic: Where Does Ebola Come From? “The worst Ebola virus outbreak ever is ravaging Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. So far, the disease has killed 670 people and infected more than 1,000, including…More

GAVI Aims To Double Donor Contributions, Gear Up For Largest-Ever Replenishment

The Lancet: GAVI gears up for record replenishment “The GAVI Alliance is set to ask for a doubling in its donor contributions in its next pledging round to scale up immunization in countries and introduce new vaccines…” (Usher, 7/19).

Injected Vaccines, Earlier Response Can Help Polio Eradication Efforts, Studies Say

SciDev.Net: Polio eradication needs old vaccines and faster responses “Two studies published last week call for changes to polio vaccinations that may help eradicate the resurging disease: reintroduce injections and vaccinate earlier…” (Mohdin, 7/16).

Nigerian Mobile Units Deliver Polio Vaccines Amid Worsening Insurgency

Reuters: Nigeria hopes to eradicate polio despite insurgency “A Nigerian military offensive against Islamist insurgent group Boko Haram has opened up a corridor for mobile units of health workers to vaccinate children against polio in parts of the northeast. But the worsening insurgency poses a grave risk to the campaign to stamp out the crippling…More

PATH’s Vaccine Vial Heat-Sensing Label Helps Keep Vaccines Viable

Humanosphere: At 5 billion, PATH’s life-saving labels make vaccines more effective Tom Paulson, founder and lead journalist at Humanosphere, discusses PATH’s new “life-saving” technology, the vaccine vial monitor (VVM), a heat-sensing label that keeps vaccines “protected and viable by the time they are administered” (7/14).

Combining Two Polio Vaccines Could Speed Eradication, Research Suggests

Reuters: Combining vaccines may help eradicate polio “Combining two types of polio vaccine, including one that is injected rather than given orally, appears to give better immunity and could speed efforts to eradicate the crippling disease, scientists said on Friday…” (Kelland, 7/10).

Performance-based financing with GAVI health system strengthening funding in rural Cambodia: a…

Introduction Though Cambodia made impressive gains in immunization coverage between the years 2000 and 2005, it recognized several health system challenges to greater coverage of immunization and sustainability.

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