Realistic portrayal of the scientific community needed to combat science denial

With the recent release of the movie “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe,” I’m seeing a few blog posts and articles pop up about the hegemonic Read More


Science, global health, and irrational health behaviors

Ed. Note: Sara Gorman will be joining us once a month to highlight different aspects of her forthcoming book on science denialism.  Have you ever Read More


Lifting the Patent Barrier to New Drugs and Energy Sources – The New York Times

Strict patents on technology have had the effect of hindering global progress in some fields, especially in combating disease and climate change. Source: Lifting the Read More


Eliminating Viral Hepatitis By 2030 Possible With Improved Access To Treatments, Increased…

The Lancet: Towards elimination of viral hepatitis by 2030 Editorial Board “…[W]ith some vital progress now made, 2016 could be a turning point for the global prevention and control of viral hepatitis infection. … Although the knowledge and approaches required to eliminate hepatitis such as vaccines and antiviral treatment are already in existence, accessibility and…More

What women want (in HIV protection)

What do women want? Worldwide, women want—and deserve—safe products that enable them to control and protect their own health, whatever their physical, social, or cultural needs. “That’s not just a nice thing to have, it’s a basic human right,” says Darin Zehrung, program advisor at PATH for vaccine and pharmaceutical delivery technologies, “and when it […] ; ; ; ;Related StoriesSmall insects offer big nutrition and opportunityFriday Think: closing the global cervical cancer prevention gapMeet the superheroes fighting diarrheal disease ;

Number Of Suspected Yellow Fever Cases Rises In DRC; Health Officials Prepare For Vaccine…

Global Health NOW: DRC’s Scant Defenses Against Yellow Fever “Last week, a few doctors from WHO drove for two days on rugged roads to reach this dusty town close to the Angolan border. They came to discuss yellow fever, a hemorrhagic disease spread by mosquitoes, which makes most people feel like they have the flu.…More

WHO Director Of Essential Medicines Discusses Agency’s Plan To Devise Fair Drug Pricing Model

STAT: Q&A: Why the World Health Organization plans a fair pricing model for drugs “Over the next year, the World Health Organization wants to develop a fair pricing model for pharmaceuticals. … The trick is to find the right balance between access to affordable medicines and enticing companies to develop new and improved medicines, while…More

Learning to Trust Flu Shots: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from the 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic

Abstract This paper studies consumer learning in influenza vaccination decisions.

International Red Cross Launches Emergency Appeal For Angolan Yellow Fever Outbreak, Worst In…

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Angola battling worst yellow fever outbreak in decades needs help, says Red Cross “Angola is suffering its worst outbreak of yellow fever in 30 years with 350 deaths since last December, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) said on Wednesday as it launched an emergency appeal for…More

Polio Surveillance System Could Be Employed To Detect Zika-Linked Neurological Condition, WHO…

Reuters: WHO urges use of polio detection systems to screen for Zika-linked disorder “A neurological condition linked to the mosquito-borne Zika virus could be targeted globally with existing national programs for detecting polio, a paper co-authored by World Health Organization researchers said on Tuesday. … Surveillance systems in place in 177 out of 194 WHO…More

WHO To Begin Emergency Yellow Fever Vaccination Campaign In Angola, DRC Despite Syringe…

Reuters: WHO to launch emergency yellow fever vaccination in Angola, Congo “The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday that it will launch emergency yellow fever vaccination campaigns along the border between Angola and Democratic Republic of Congo and in the Congolese capital Kinshasa next month…” (Ross, 7/6). Reuters: Shortage of syringes hampers Congo’s fight…More

WHO To Launch Large Cholera Vaccination Program In Haiti, U.N. Health Official Says

U.N. News Centre: Interview: U.N. health official discusses unprecedented vaccination campaign to tackle cholera in Haiti “The World Health Organization (WHO) Representative for Haiti, Jean-Luc Poncelet [Tuesday] stressed that vaccines along with water chlorination programs, and longer-term efforts to improve water and the overall health system, are vital to fight the prevalence of cholera in…More

More Children In Malaysia Face Disease Risk As Parents Reject Vaccines In Fear Of Breaking…

Reuters: Some Malaysians’ rejection of vaccines fans fears of disease surge “More children are falling victim to contagious diseases in Muslim-majority Malaysia, worrying health authorities as parents reject immunization programs for fear the vaccines used infringe strict religious rules…” (Latiff, 7/6).

Meet the superheroes fighting diarrheal disease

Editor’s note: Following are excerpts from a post by Erika Amaya that originally published as “Meet the superheroes squashing public enemy number 2” on PATH’s Defeat Diarrheal Disease (DefeatDD) website. Vaccines are one of the superheroes in our fight against diarrhea. In areas with limited access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene, diarrhea can hold […] ; ; ; ;Related StoriesMy 30 years of hope, empowerment, and politics in reproductive healthHow the death of my friend inspired a lifesaving delivery kitYellow fever: an old disease with new plot twists ;

Zika Studies In Mice, Monkeys Show Promise, Concern; Cuba Reports No Zika Transmission Since…

Reuters: Zika vaccines prove 100 percent protective in mice; monkey study shows promise “Mice given a single shot of one of two experimental Zika vaccines were completely protected when exposed to the virus one to two months later, a promising sign that similar vaccines under development for humans will protect against Zika, U.S. researchers said…More

DRC Aims To Begin Yellow Fever Vaccination Campaign By July 20, Health Minister Says

Bloomberg: Congo Plans Mass Vaccinations Against Yellow Fever in Late July “…The government will use reduced doses of the vaccine, of which there’s currently a shortfall, to immunize those at risk, [DRC Health Minister] Felix Kabange Numbi told reporters Monday in the capital, Kinshasa. The program could begin by July 20, with the reduced doses…More

Safety and immunogenicity of inactivated poliovirus vaccine when given with…

The data support the future co-administration of IPV, measles–rubella, and yellow fever vaccines within the Expanded Programme on Immunization schedule at 9 months. The administration of single fractional intradermal doses of IPV by needle and syringe or disposable-syringe jet injector compromises the immunity generated, although it results in a high post-vaccination poliovirus seroprevalence.

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