Syria vaccine campaign suspended after fifteen deaths

September 18, 2014 A vaccine campaign in the rebel-held parts of northwestern Syria left 15

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Is the world on track for polio eradication by 2018?

This video describes the tools available and discusses the challenges that remain for wiping out the disease.


AU peacekeepers accused of raping women in Somalia mission

September 9, 2014 African Union peacekeepers in Somalia rape women seeking medicine on their bases


Two Experimental Ebola Vaccines Move Into Clinical Trials

News outlets report on recent moves to test two different experimental Ebola vaccines. Associated Press: Swiss agency approves trial for Ebola vaccine “…Swissmedic said the trial will be conducted among 120 volunteer participants with support from the U.N. World Health Organization. The experimental vaccine is to be initially administered on healthy volunteers who will be…More

U.S. Senators To Introduce Bill Aimed At Speeding Development Of Ebola Drugs

News outlets report that leaders of the U.S. Senate Health Committee are planning on introducing a bill that would offer incentives for companies to develop Ebola treatments and vaccines. Chattanooga Times Free Press: Lamar Alexander to introduce bill to speed development of Ebola treatment “Republican U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander will introduce a bill with Iowa…More

WHO Meets With Industry Leaders To Accelerate Ebola Vaccine Development

News outlets report on a meeting among WHO and pharmaceutical company representatives to discuss the research and development of Ebola vaccines. Agence France-Presse: WHO eyes mass Ebola vaccines by mid-2015 (Fowler, 10/24). Associated Press: WHO: Millions of Ebola vaccine doses ready in 2015 (Cheng, 10/24). BBC News: Millions of Ebola vaccine doses by end of 2015,…More

Council On Foreign Relations Releases Updated Interactive Outbreaks Map

Council on Foreign Relations: Map: Vaccine-Preventable Outbreaks “This interactive map visually plots global outbreaks of measles, mumps, whooping cough, polio, rubella, and other diseases that are easily preventable by inexpensive and effective vaccines. … The Global Health Program at the Council on Foreign Relations has been tracking reports by news media, governments, and the global…More

News Outlets Report On Issues Surrounding Ebola Vaccine Development

News outlets report on various issues surrounding the development and testing of Ebola vaccines. Financial Times: Industry response to Ebola quickens (Ward, 10/23). Forbes: Head of GSK Ebola Vaccine Research: “Can We Even Consider Doing A Trial?” (Munro, 10/23). New York Times: Ebola Vaccine, Ready for Test, Sat on the Shelf (Grady, 10/23). New York…More

News Outlets Discuss Various Efforts To Develop, Test Ebola Vaccines

News outlets report on various efforts to develop and test Ebola vaccines. Associated Press: Johnson & Johnson plans Ebola vaccine testing (10/22). CQ HealthBeat: J&J Plans More Than 1 Million Ebola Vaccine Doses Next Year (Young, 10/22). Financial Times: GSK expects first doses of Ebola vaccine ready by year end (Ward, 10/22).

Large Ebola Vaccine Trial Could Begin In January In West Africa, WHO Says

News outlets report on efforts to develop Ebola vaccines and therapies. Associated Press: WHO: Ebola vaccine trials in W. Africa in January (Heilprin, 10/21). The Hill: Ebola vaccine to begin trials in West Africa in January (Ferris, 10/21).

News Outlets Examine Public, Private Funding For Ebola, Other Disease Vaccine Research

News outlets discuss funding for research on vaccines for Ebola and other neglected diseases. Bloomberg TV: Neglected Diseases: Who Should Pay for Vaccine Research? “Christopher Egerton-Warburton, fund manager at Global Health Investment Fund, and Martin McKee of London School of Hygiene and Tropical Diseases discuss the lack of preparation and research into vaccines for Ebola and…More

Public, Private Entities Continue Efforts To Develop Ebola Vaccines, Therapies

Media outlets report on various aspects of efforts to develop a vaccine for Ebola and produce more doses of experimental drugs to treat the disease. ABC News: Will There Be an Ebola Vaccine Soon? (Besser, 10/17). Agence France-Presse: Experimental Ebola vaccine expected in Geneva Tuesday: hospital (10/19).

News Outlets Examine Development, Importance Of Ebola Vaccines

News outlets report on efforts to develop an Ebola vaccine and the importance of using such a tool. The Guardian: Ebola epidemic may not end without developing vaccine, scientist warns (Boseley, 10/16). The Hill: HHS advances third Ebola vaccine development (Kamisar, 10/16). ScienceInsider: Issues continue to dog the testing of Ebola drugs and vaccines (Cohen,…More

U.S. Officials Comment On Dallas Ebola Cases, Research Into Vaccines

News outlets report on U.S. health officials’ statements about the U.S. Ebola cases and research for a vaccine. Agence France-Presse: First U.S. Ebola infection result of ‘protocol breach’ “A Texas health care worker has become the first person to contract Ebola on American soil, authorities confirmed, blaming a safety breach for the spread of the…More

News Outlets Examine Issues Surrounding Ebola Treatment Research, Vaccine Development, Case…

News outlets discuss issues surrounding the research and development of Ebola treatments and vaccines, as well as the challenges of case detection. Agence France-Presse: Use of placebos in Ebola drug trials unethical: experts “Health experts from around the globe said Friday it would be unethical in drug trials to give non-active placebos to people infected…More

Testing Of Experimental Ebola Vaccine Raises Ethical, Logistical Questions

News outlets discuss the ethical and logistical challenges surrounding the testing of an Ebola vaccine. Bloomberg News: Ebola Vaccine Trials May Give Placebo to Those at Risk “As global health officials rush to begin human trials of two promising Ebola vaccines in West African medical workers, a daunting question remains unanswered: Who gets the placebo injection?…”…More

News Outlets Report On Medical Research Surrounding Ebola, Other NTDs

News outlets report on medical research related to potential Ebola treatments and vaccines, as well as research related to other neglected tropical diseases. The Guardian: Ebola is in America — and, finally, within range of Big Pharma “As the Ebola epidemic continues to rage in West Africa, with more than 3,000 dead and infections doubling…More

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