“This race will be intense”: a look at elections for Director General of the WHO

This week, the World Health Assembly is meeting in Geneva. Elections for the next Director General of the World Health Organization is a top item Read More

“Zika is a test to see if we’ve learned anything from Ebola” — Emergency funding not…

Categories: Budget, U.S. Policy and FundingTags: zikaThe 1.9 billion dollars the Obama Administration has requested to respond to the Zika virus is not enough, according to Amy Pope. It’s not enough to build lab capacity, improve surveillance and diagnostics, and strengthen overall health systems so that the global community can anticipate emerging infections instead of reacting to them, she says. That, she […](Read more…)

How did Zika rise so quickly to the top of the global health policy agenda?

The World Health Organization reported the first local transmission of Zika virus in the Western Hemisphere in May 2015. Since then, transmission was identified in 18 countries Read More


Experts Evaluate Western Hemisphere’s Zika Outbreak Response In NYT Article

New York Times: How the Response to Zika Failed Millions “…The WHO ended the emergency status [of the Zika outbreak] in November, but the consequences of the outbreak will be with us for years to come. So maybe now is a good time to ask: How’d we do? Not so great, according to more than…More

Novel Vector Control Approaches: The Future for Prevention of Zika Virus Transmission?

by Lorenz von Seidlein, Alexander S. Kekulé, Daniel Strickman In a Perspective accompanying Abad-Franch and colleagues, Lorenz von Seidlein, Alexander Kekulé, and Daniel Strickman discuss the importance of developing effective strategies to minimize mosquito-borne transmission of human diseases.

As 1-Year Mark Approaches, Zika Still Affects Americans; Efforts To Address Disease Must…

Washington Post: One year later, Zika still affects us all Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Edward McCabe, chief medical officer of the March of Dimes “Over the past year, we’ve seen the life-altering effects of the Zika virus on newborns. … As we approach the one-year mark of…More

Former U.S. Ebola Response Coordinator Klain Expresses Concern Over President-Elect Trump’s…

BuzzFeed News: U.S. Ebola Czar Calls Trump “Badly Misguided” On Diseases “The incoming president will undoubtedly face another dangerous disease outbreak during his tenure, global health experts agreed, scarred by recent Zika, Ebola, and dengue virus epidemics. But some worry that President-elect Donald Trump’s past statements bode ill for the next big one. ‘I think…More

Colombia Conducts More Rigorous Case Reviews To Determine Zika-Linked Birth Defects

Wall Street Journal: Colombia’s Careful Approach Leads to Slower Reporting of Zika-Linked Defects “Cases of brain abnormalities in babies linked to the mosquito-borne Zika virus have been revised lower in Brazil, but are on the rise in neighboring Colombia. … Colombia took a far more cautious approach [than Brazil] — reporting cases only after weeks…More

Not As Widespread In U.S. As Once Feared, Zika Continues To Spread In Americas, Elsewhere

Washington Times: Zika largely spares U.S. as virus wreaks havoc worldwide “The Zika virus roared onto the scene last year as the scourge of the summer, but it’s slinking off the radar as 2017 dawns, having left far less devastation in the U.S. than analysts had warned. Worldwide, the situation is still dire. Thousands of…More

New Outbreaks Like Zika Divert Attention From Existing Mosquito-Borne Disease Challenges

The Guardian: Outbreaks like Zika distract us from other medical emergencies Gary Finnegan, editor in chief at Break Dengue “…[E]fforts to develop … dengue response strategies are being slowed down by the outbreak of a more headline grabbing mosquito-borne virus — Zika. … The Zika outbreak has, quite rightly, spent a long time in the…More

5 amazing global health stories

Video: The New York Times/Daphne Matziaraki. In 2016, PATH’s media team read a lot of global health articles spanning issues from US foreign aid to Zika and more. The following five pieces stood out among this year’s coverage by revealing the personal stories—both heartbreaking and inspirational—that lie beneath the facts. 1.

Zika Remains Threat To Pregnant Women, More Work Needed On Virus, CDC Director Says

Reuters: More work lies ahead to fight Zika, other threats: CDC chief “A year ago, the mosquito-borne Zika virus was only beginning to reveal itself as a threat to pregnant women and their unborn babies. Since then, U.S. officials have issued 60 travel alerts along with guidance for athletes and tourists traveling to the Olympics…More

WHO Needs Additional Funding To Implement New Pandemic Preparedness Plan

Quartz: The WHO has a plan to save the world from the next pandemic — but it doesn’t have the money “…As a new year begins, the WHO is beginning to implement a new pandemic preparedness plan, so that countries around the world are ready for the next Ebola or Zika. Step one in that…More

CDC Scientists Identify 10 Public Health Achievements Surrounding Zika In 2016, Future…

CDC’s “Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report”: Zika Virus — 10 Public Health Achievements in 2016 and Future Priorities In a recently released MMWR report, Nadia L. Oussayef of the CDC and colleagues summarize “10 important contributions toward addressing the threat posed by Zika virus in 2016,” as well as future priorities regarding the virus (12/30).

Opinion Piece, Editorial Discuss Availability, Development Of Zika, Ebola Vaccines

New York Times: A Zika Vaccine, but for Whom? Patrick Adams, freelance journalist, and Cameron Nutt, student at Harvard Medical School “The race for a Zika vaccine, one of the most pressing priorities in global health, is at full throttle. More than a dozen companies and government institutions are working to unlock the secrets of…More

Next Generation Can Help Stop Future Pandemics

Medium: Talking with the Next Generation about the Next Pandemic Trevor Mundel, president of global health at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation “…The vast majority of people alive today have never experienced a serious pandemic. While Ebola and Zika have raised awareness of the risks we face, few of us have encountered a dangerous,…More

2017 Global Infectious Diseases Threats to the United States

PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases co-Editor-in Chief Peter Hotez predicts the major infections that will threaten the US in the coming year. By the fall of 2015 it was pretty clear that Zika virus infection was

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