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The TPP Agreement & Implications for Access to Essential Medicines

“Recently, in a meeting of trade ministers in Maui, Hawaii, negotiators failed to finalize the text of the [Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)] Agreement due in large Read More

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Is a Cholera Outbreak Preventable in Post-earthquake Nepal?

by Eric J. Nelson, Jason R. Andrews, Stacey Maples, Michele Barry, John D.


The decline in mortality due to acute complications of diabetes mellitus in Brazil…

Background: Mortality from acute complications of diabetes, a predominantly preventable condition, although controlled in high income countries, remains a major challenge for low/middle income countries.


Understanding and valuing the broader health system benefits of Uganda’s national Human…

Background: To address the need for timely and comprehensive human resources for health (HRH) information, governments and organizations have been actively investing in electronic health information interventions, including in low-resource settings.

Specialist mental health services in England in 2014: overview of funding, access and levels of…

Background: Since the economic recession began in 2008 anecdotal reports suggest that mental health services in England have experienced disinvestment, but published data to test this proposition are few.MethodThis paper presents information from a wider range of official, research and grey literature sources aiming to: (1) assess whether governmental investment in publically funded mental health services has declined since the start of the economic recession in 2008; (2) to assess whether relative changes in mental health service investment over this period were or were not similar to trends in national investment in services for people with physical disorders, and (3) to interpret these findings in terms of met and unmet population levels needs for mental health care.

A balanced intervention ladder: promoting autonomy through public health action

The widely cited Nuffield Council on Bioethics ‘Intervention Ladder’ structurally embodies the assumption that personal autonomy is maximized by non-intervention.

Increased Nucleosomes and Neutrophil Activation Link to Disease Progression in Patients with…

by Daniel H. Paris, Femke Stephan, Ingrid Bulder, Diana Wouters, Tom van der Poll, Paul N. Newton, Nicholas P.

Bile Salts Modulate the Mucin-Activated Type VI Secretion System of Pandemic Vibrio cholerae

by Verena Bachmann, Benjamin Kostiuk, Daniel Unterweger, Laura Diaz-Satizabal, Stephen Ogg, Stefan Pukatzki The causative agent of cholera, Vibrio cholerae, regulates its diverse virulence factors to thrive in the human small intestine and environmental reservoirs. Among this pathogen’s arsenal of virulence factors is the tightly regulated type VI secretion system (T6SS). This system acts as an inverted bacteriophage to inject toxins into competing bacteria and eukaryotic phagocytes

The Diversity and Geographical Structure of Orientia tsutsugamushi Strains from Scrub Typhus…

by Rattanaphone Phetsouvanh, Piengchan Sonthayanon, Sasithon Pukrittayakamee, Daniel H. Paris, Paul N. Newton, Edward J

Improved Quantification, Propagation, Purification and Storage of the Obligate Intracellular…

by Suparat Giengkam, Alex Blakes, Peemdej Utsahajit, Suwittra Chaemchuen, Sharanjeet Atwal, Stuart D. Blacksell, Daniel H. Paris, Nicholas P.

rPbPga1 from Paracoccidioides brasiliensis Activates Mast Cells and Macrophages via NFkB

by Clarissa Xavier Resende Valim, Elaine Zayas Marcelino da Silva, Mariana Aprigio Assis, Fabricio Freitas Fernandes, Paulo Sergio Rodrigues Coelho, Constance Oliver, Maria Célia Jamur Background The fungus Paracoccidioides brasiliensis is the leading etiological agent of paracoccidioidomycosis (PCM), a systemic granulomatous disease that typically affects the lungs. Cell wall components of P. brasiliensis interact with host cells and influence the pathogenesis of PCM

Race, law, and health: Examination of ‘Stand Your Ground’ and defendant convictions in…

Publication date: October 2015 Source:Social Science & Medicine, Volume 142 Author(s): Nicole Ackermann, Melody S.

The RESPECT study: RESearch on the PrEvalence and the diagnosis of COPD and its Tobacco-related…

Background: Smoking remains a leading health risk factor among Europeans.

Genetic determinants of anti-malarial acquired immunity in a large multi-centre study

Background: Many studies report associations between human genetic factors and immunity to malaria but few have been reliably replicated.

Determinants of hypertension in a young adult Ugandan population in epidemiological…

Background: High blood pressure is the principal risk factor for stroke, heart failure and kidney failure in the young population in Africa.

A simple, high-throughput, colourimetric, field applicable loop-mediated isothermal…

Background: To detect all malaria infections in elimination settings sensitive, high throughput and field deployable diagnostic tools are required.

Specific expression and export of the Plasmodium falciparum Gametocyte EXported Protein-5 marks…

Background: Plasmodium falciparum sexual development plays a fundamental role in the transmission and spread of malaria.

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