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In this post, I would like to offer some thoughts on global health journals. My goal is to assist readers of this blog who consume, Read More

Visceral politics: obesity and children’s embodied experiences of food and hunger


The Art of Letting Go and the Mandate of Going Further

This piece was previously published in the National Medical Journal of India, Volume 29, Number 1, 2016, pages 30-31, and reprinted with permission.   In Read More


Acute juvenile Paracoccidioidomycosis: A 9-year cohort study in the endemic area of Rio de…

by Priscila Marques de Macedo, Rodrigo Almeida-Paes, Dayvison Francis Saraiva Freitas, Andréa Gina Varon, Ariane Gomes Paixão, Anselmo Rocha Romão, Ziadir Francisco Coutinho, Claudia Vera Pizzini, Rosely Maria Zancopé-Oliveira, Antonio Carlos Francesconi do Valle Background Paracoccidioidomycosis (PCM) is a systemic mycosis caused by pathogenic dimorphic fungi of the genus Paracoccidioides. It is the most important systemic mycosis in Latin America and the leading cause of hospitalizations and death among them in Brazil. Acute PCM is less frequent but relevant because vulnerable young patients are affected and the severity is usually higher than that of the chronic type.

Pre-control relationship of onchocercal skin disease with onchocercal infection in Guinea…

by Michele E. Murdoch, Ian E.

sCD163 levels as a biomarker of disease severity in leprosy and visceral leishmaniasis

by Ricardo Luís Louzada Silva, Marcio B. Santos, Priscila L.

[Articles] Measuring Iran’s success in achieving Millennium Development Goal 4: a systematic…

Iran and most of its provinces achieved MDG 4 and SDG 3 (target 2) goals by 2015. However, at the subnational level in some provinces, there is substantial inequity. Local policy makers should use effective strategies to accelerate the reduction of child mortality for these provinces by 2030. Possible recommendations for such strategies include enhancing the level of education and health literacy among women, tackling sex discrimination, and improving incomes for families.

Medicare’s Acute Care Episode Demonstration: Effects of Bundled Payments on Costs and Quality…

Objective To evaluate whether participation in Medicare’s Acute Care Episode (ACE) Demonstration Program—an early, small, voluntary episode-based payment program—was associated with a change in expenditures or quality of care.

Adoption of innovative and evidence-based practices for children and adolescents in…

This study examined how mental health clinic administrators decided whether or not to adopt evidence-based and other innovative practices by exploring their views of implementation barriers and facilitators an…

Cultural representations of dementia

by Alexandra Hillman, Joanna Latimer In a Perspective, Alexandra Hillman and Joanna Latimer discuss cultural representations of dementia in the media, film, and literature.

Fine-mapping of the human leukocyte antigen locus as a risk factor for Alzheimer disease: A…

by Natasha Z. R. Steele, Jessie S. Carr, Luke W. Bonham, Ethan G

Correction: Genetic assessment of age-associated Alzheimer disease risk: Development and…

by The PLOS Medicine Staff

Dementia and aging populations—A global priority for contextualized research and health…

by Carol Brayne, Bruce Miller In this month’s Editorial, Guest Editors Carol Brayne and Bruce Miller discuss research and commentary published in March and future directions for dementia research.

Food as a social determinant of mental health among household heads in the Upper West Region of…

Publication date: May 2017 Source:Social Science & Medicine, Volume 180 Author(s): Kilian Nasung Atuoye, Isaac Luginaah According to the World Health Organization, mental distress and related illnesses are becoming leading causes of morbidity and mortality in developing countries.

PLOS Medicine Special Issue: Advances in HIV Prevention, Treatment and Cure

The editors of PLOS Medicine are delighted to announce a forthcoming Special Issue focused on HIV research, along with guest editors Drs Linda-Gail Bekker, Steven Deeks and Sharon Lewin. Submissions are now being invited, with

Market environment and Medicaid acceptance: What influences the access gap?

Summary The U.S.

Popular television and public mental health: creating media entertainment from mental distress


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