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Visceral politics: obesity and children’s embodied experiences of food and hunger



The Art of Letting Go and the Mandate of Going Further

This piece was previously published in the National Medical Journal of India, Volume 29, Number 1, 2016, pages 30-31, and reprinted with permission.   In Read More


Truck drivers’ perceptions on wearable devices and health promotion: a qualitative study

Professional truck drivers, as other shift workers, have been identified as a high-risk group for various health conditions including cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, sleep apnoea and stress.


[Articles] Tobacco use and second-hand smoke exposure in young adolescents aged 12–15 years:…

Tobacco use and second-hand smoke exposure were frequent among young adolescents aged 12–15 years in low-income and middle-income countries. Parental tobacco use and second-hand smoke exposure were strongly associated with young adolescents’ tobacco use. The data emphasise the need to strengthen tobacco control interventions and programmes in young adolescents from low-income and middle-income countries.

[Comment] How to reduce adolescent smoking in low-income and middle-income countries

Based on current trends, smoking is predicted to cause 1 billion deaths in the 21st century.1 Nevertheless, there are signs of hope. Although the number of smokers has increased worldwide due to population growth, daily smoking prevalence among men fell from 41% in 1980 to 31% in 2012, and from 11% to 6% in women in the same time.2 52 years since the first US Surgeon General’s report on smoking and health, the academic and policy debate is increasingly about the most efficient strategies for the tobacco endgame and a world where less than 5% of the adult population use tobacco.

To dance or not to dance? A comparison of balance, physical fitness and quality of life in…

The objective of this study is to determine if older adults regularly participating in Irish set dancing have superior balance, physical fitness and quality of life compared to age-matched controls.

Non food-related risk factors of campylobacteriosis in Canada: a matched case-control study

Campylobacteriosis is a prominent bacterial gastrointestinal infection worldwide with several transmission pathways.

‘Everything causes cancer’: how Australians respond to the message that alcohol causes…


Concentrating Emergency Rooms: Penny-Wise and Pound-Foolish? An Empirical Research on Scale…

Abstract In this paper, we address the issue of whether it is economically advantageous to concentrate emergency rooms (ERs) in large hospitals.

Sociocultural factors contributing to teenage pregnancy in Zomba district, Malawi


[Articles] Efficacy of chlorhexidine application to umbilical cord on neonatal mortality in…

Our findings do not support the use of chlorhexidine for reduction of neonatal mortality in this east African setting, which might not justify a change in the WHO policy. To inform global policy, a detailed meta-analysis and pooled analysis needs to be undertaken using data from both African and Asian settings.

[Comment] No reason to change WHO guidelines on cleansing the umbilical cord

20 years ago, neonatal survival was not on the global health agenda. In many low-income settings, infants died without recognition, causing untold grief. However, the past two decades have seen steady improvements in neonatal survival on a background of sustained advocacy, a culture of community-based trials, and improvements in quantity and quality of health care, health behaviour, and demand for services. Nevertheless, an annual 2·7 million newborn babies still do not survive their first month of life.

Determinants of Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use among Community-Dwelling Older Adults

Objective To examine the determinants of potentially inappropriate medication (PIM) use.

On difference and doubt as tools for critical engagement with public health


Access to primary health care services for Indigenous peoples: A framework synthesis

Indigenous peoples often find it difficult to access appropriate mainstream primary health care services.

Erratum to: Scaling-up an efficacious school-based physical activity intervention: Study…

Link to original:  Erratum to: Scaling-up an efficacious school-based physical activity intervention: Study…

Erratum to: Sexual behavior of migrant workers in Shanghai, China

Link to original:  Erratum to: Sexual behavior of migrant workers in Shanghai, China

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