What do we palliate? Caring for the sick and the poor

José1 is a man in his sixties from rural Guatemala with cancer spread to his bones. He describes deep aches of his shoulders and hips, Read More

How to take morphine in rural Guatemala

Rosa is a 59-year-old woman dying1 of a broken heart: in her heart is a hole that surgeons cannot fix, and the irregular flow of Read More

The God of empty spaces: Thoughts on religion and civil society in neoliberal Guatemala

The other day I visited Lydia, a 56-year-old Maya woman who lives with her family in the highlands of Guatemala and has for many years Read More


Career Disappointments and Grief

Sometimes – more often than I want – I have to disappoint my career consulting clients. I hate it. But I am coming around slowly to the idea that my job is to tell people the truth so they can […]

Manage Plugins in the WordPress Mobile Apps

Plugins add powerful features to your site. Now you can access them right from your mobile device.

Africa Faces 3 Key Challenges For Managing Humanitarian Crises

Project Syndicate: Three Humanitarian Challenges for Africa in 2018 Fatoumata Nafo-Traoré, regional director for Africa for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies “…Somalia’s [response to its cholera outbreak in mid-2017] gives me great hope for Africa’s future. But it also serves as a reminder that local capacity is easily inundated during…More

Trump Administration Impacting Human Rights Globally

Foreign Affairs: Giving Up the High Ground Sarah Margon, Washington director of Human Rights Watch “…In country after country, the Trump administration is gutting U.S. support for human rights, the rule of law, and good governance, damaging the overarching credibility of the United States. … On foreign policy, … the administration has dismissed or damaged…More

Tech Transforming Health and Medicine: The Year Ahead

0000-0002-0702-7236Each January, members of the technology industry from around the world travel to Las Vegas, a resort city in the middle of the Mojave Desert, to take part in the world’s largest technology convention, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The show itself has existed for over a half century (the first was held in 1967) and has grown to be a focal point for the technology industry, an annual stage for established brands like Samsung and Intel to present their newest products while startups look to prove themselves to investors and the media. As early as 2009 when Fitbit was awarded a CES Innovation Award and the Digital Health Summit side event was introduced, health and fitness have occupied a growing presence at CES. Originally dominated by consumer-facing brands marketing fitness devices to the general public, recent conferences have seen an increased and more visible presence from the medical and healthcare communities, from hospital systems and insurance companies to traditional medical device manufacturers and clinically-oriented software startups. CES 2018 saw the further convergence of consumer-facing health and fitness technology with both the medical community and the broader consumer technology industry through events like the Disruptive Innovations in Healthcare side event and the multi-day Digital Health Summit.

Self-Coaching: Making Space for Ideas

; As you may recall, 2018 is my year for crazy ideas and failure. That’s great to declare and all , but where exactly do I get the crazy ideas? I mean, I have crazy ideas, but not enough to […]

Economic Sanctions Hurt Public Health, Should Be Implemented Sparingly

The Lancet: Sanctioning the most vulnerable — a failed foreign policy Editorial Board “Over past months, U.S.-led threats of, or implementation of, economic sanctions have multiplied. … Economic sanctions can have a devastating impact on public health. Leveraging the economic stability of a country will hurt the most vulnerable in the population first—for instance, by…More

Ebola Survivors In Sierra Leone, Liberia Demand Government, Red Cross Be Held Responsible For…

Reuters: Ebola victims sue Sierra Leone government over mismanaged funds “Two Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone filed a lawsuit in a regional court on Friday, accusing the government of mismanaging funds during an epidemic that killed more than 3,000 people in the West African nation…” (Fofana/Bavier, 12/15). VOA News: Sierra Leone Health Workers Sue Government…More

Pakistan Must Declare Population Control A National Emergency, Welfare Of Women Should Be At…

DAWN: Population emergency Roshaneh Zafar, founder and managing director of Kashf Foundation “There is no doubt that conducting a population census is an important planning and development tool for a country’s policymakers. … How­ever, for a child born in Pakistan today the census highlights some crucial aspects: geography to a large extent will determine future…More

Chemonics Faces December Deadline To Show Improvements In Global Health Supply Chain Project

Devex: Exclusive: Chemonics battles wave of challenges with $9.5B health supply chain project “The contractor managing a multibillion dollar, United States government-funded global health supply chain project has limited time to prove it can overcome a long list of problems that have plagued this lifesaving effort. Chemonics International is under mounting pressure to show that…More

South-South Cooperation Can Advance Humanitarian, Development Goals, U.N. Official Says

U.N. News Centre: Antalya: South-South cooperation can spur great humanitarian, development impact — U.N. relief official “With actors from the Global South increasingly among the frontline responders in fragile and protracted crises, fully leveraging the comparative advantage of South-South cooperation has the potential to have great humanitarian and development impact, … Ursula Mueller, the assistant…More

CGD Examines Ghana Case Study, Offers Suggestions For Finding Efficiencies In National Health…

Center for Global Development’s “Global Health Policy Blog”: More Health for the Money through Better Purchasing Decisions: The Case of Ghana Kalipso Chalkidou, director of global health policy and senior fellow at CGD, discusses an analysis that examines the role of Ghana’s national health insurance scheme (NHIS) in managing hypertension in the country, writing, “According…More

Engaging Men In Family Planning Key To Sustainable Efforts, Global Gender Equality

Devex: World Vasectomy Day: How to engage men in family planning efforts Ana Karina De la Vega Millor, country director of DKT Mexico and lead of DKT International’s efforts in Central America, the Caribbean, and Venezuela; and Jonathan Stack, documentary filmmaker and co-founder of World Vasectomy Day “We are living in an era focused on…More

U.S. Congress, U.N. Should Continue To Press For Political Solution In War-Torn Yemen

New York Times: Saudis Try to Starve Yemen Into Submission Editorial Board “…Misery has been Yemen’s lot after more than three years of unrelenting war. … A raging cholera epidemic has sickened some 900,000 people, and 17 million Yemenis are now completely dependent on humanitarian aid for survival. … Impeding humanitarian assistance and using famine…More

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