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Investment In Child Nutrition Could Provide Future Economic Benefits, Study Shows

Wall Street Journal: Study Ties Children’s Nutrition to Indonesia’s Future “…In a paper released [Tuesday], a team of economists commissioned by a think tank called the Copenhagen Consensus Center looks at where money can be invested in development to ensure the biggest impact. It finds that every dollar invested in better nutrition in Indonesia could…More


Decline in global hunger threatened by climate change and conflict

There are 209 million fewer people who face hunger today that did in 1990. Hunger has become an issue of the past for some 100 million people in the last decade alone. This progress is exciting, but recent developments may slow down the rapid decline of hunger, warns the United Nations. In a report released

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The Role of Worms in Malnutrition

; In impoverished communities worldwide, children and pregnant women are especially vulnerable to malnutrition, anemia, impaired cognitive and physical development, and pregnancy complications. As a result, they remain trapped in poverty, facing the socioeconomic consequences of decreased productivity and an inability to work or go to school because of their poor health. But the reason […]


Malnutrition Close-up: Reflections from the Field

In our first couple of weeks with Gardens for Health International (GHI) in Rwanda, we were fortunate enough to visit a few of the families that had graduated GHI’s program so we would better understand the need for and the impact of our fight against childhood malnutrition. We were driven deep into the countryside and dropped off individually with different families that spoke very little or no English. I was introduced to my family in front of their mud and stick home, which they were waiting to expand when the rainy season returned and mud was easily available. The mother of the family, Clementine, greeted us at the road with her child on her back. Her husband was off doing some work nearby in the village

The Tiniest Ebola Patients

Photo: Rebecca E. Rollins/Partners In HealthPartners In Health clinicians and chlorine-solution sprayers receive patients in the triage area during the night shift Jan. 14, 2015, at the Maforki Ebola Treatment Unit in Port Loko, Sierra Leone. As a family of three leaves the ambulance, nurse Tim Cunningham swaddles the baby in a wrap. Inserting IVs into tiny veins, persuading sick children to eat, discerning the presence of other diseases, comforting children who are separated from their parents—the challenges of treating the youngest Ebola patients have proved medically difficult and emotionally brutal for Partners In Health clinicians and their colleagues in West Africa.

Local Nurseries Network Lowers Rates Of Child Malnutrition, Improves Maternal Health In India

NPR: How ‘Flower Beds’ Give Love And Lentils To Moms And Babies “…In 2012, a group of tribal leaders worked with nonprofits and the government to launch the Fulwaris, which literally means ‘flower beds’ in Hindi. Fulwaris are a network of nurseries run entirely by moms in the community who take turns feeding and caring…More

Nutrient-Rich Foods, Supplements Can Reduce Child Malnutrition, Food Experts Say

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Food supplements crucial to reduce child malnutrition “The addition of highly nutritious foods and supplements to the diets of poor mothers could help reduce child mortality and malnutrition in Africa and South Asia, food experts said on Thursday…” (Guilbert, 2/26).

Small-Scale, Indigenous Food Systems Should Be Included In Sustainable Development Plans

Inter Press Service: Indigenous Food Systems Should Be on the Development Menu “Overcoming hunger and malnutrition in the 21st century no longer means simply increasing the quantity of available food but also the quality. … Organized to reflect on this, among other issues, the second Global Meeting of the Indigenous Peoples’ Forum, held at the…More

WHO To Integrate Food Safety Into Global Agenda Against Food Insecurity, Malnutrition

Devex: How to fight foodborne diseases: The hidden side of food insecurity “…Chemical substances, viruses, parasites, and bacteria in food pose serious health risks, which may not only lead to acute and chronic infections, but also increase nutrient deficiencies and reduce nutrient absorption. … WHO, which will dedicate 2015 World Health Day to food safety,…More

U.N. Appeals For $2B In Humanitarian Aid For Africa’s Sahel As Climate, Conflict Worsen…

Thomson Reuters Foundation: U.N. seeks $2 billion aid for Sahel as conflict worsens “The United Nations appealed on Thursday for $2 billion (1.3 billion pounds) to help more than 20 million people across Africa’s Sahel belt, where increasingly erratic weather and escalating violence have worsened widespread hunger and malnutrition…” (Guilbert, 2/12). U.N. News Centre: U.N.,…More

National-level differences in the adoption of environmental health technologies: a cross-border…

Environmental health problems such as malaria, respiratory infections, diarrhoea and malnutrition pose very high burdens on the poor rural people in much of the tropics.

Malawi Floods Displace More People Than Originally Thought; UNICEF Warns Over Disease,…

The Guardian: Malawi floods devastation far worse than first thought “Nearly a quarter of a million people, more than originally thought, have been affected by the devastating floods that ripped through Malawi a month ago, and with rains still falling, many of the 230,000 who were forced to flee their homes have been unable to…More

‘Simple’ Development Solutions Should Not Be Overlooked

SciDev.Net: Development is complex but needs simple solutions Christopher Charles, vice-president of global health at the Canadian Federation of Medical Students “…Some see failed interventions as an opportunity to endlessly experiment with innovative technologies. Let’s shift our thinking — for example by moving away from expensive agricultural biotechnologies that promise to cure malnutrition if enough…More

Global Malnutrition Has Significant Human, Economic Costs

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs: Healthy Food for a Healthy World: Economic Costs of Global Malnutrition Louise Iverson, research associate at the Chicago Council, discusses the economic costs of global malnutrition, as part of the Chicago Council’s new campaign, “‘Healthy Food for a Healthy World,’ to build awareness about the important role food can…More

International Community Should Place Elimination Of Hunger, Malnutrition At Center Of SDGs

Huffington Post: Developing New Strategies for Nourishing the World Shenggen Fan, director general of the International Food Policy Research Institute “…The need for a healthy and inclusive global food system that can sustainably meet the world’s growing demand was central to many of the discussions I had at Davos. To be more specific, we must…More

Despite Meeting U.N. Goal Of Reducing Hunger, Malnutrition-Related Anemia Remains Problematic…

Inter Press Service: Anemia in Eastern Cuba Reflects Inequality “Cuba has met the United Nations goal of reducing hunger. But anemia caused by malnutrition is still a problem among infants, small children, and pregnant women in this Caribbean island nation, which has been in the grip of an economic crisis for over two decades…” (González,…More

Human Rights-Based Approach Integral To Food Security Issues, NGO Head Says

Devex: Food, hunger, and malnutrition problems linked to an ‘abuse of power’ “For the past decade, efforts to integrate human rights into food security policies and actions have been led by the Right to Food Guidelines adopted in 2004 by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization. Despite some notable achievements such as the fact that…More

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