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Are partnerships the key to making critical progress in Global Health?

When it comes to Global Health, there are a number of challenges that the global health community should be aware of and focused on. Many Read More

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Obstetric Care Navigation: A New Model for LMICs

“Son muy enojados.” They’re very angry. It’s a phrase I’ve heard time and time again interviewing indigenous Guatemalan women about their experiences of maternal health care Read More

Does Governance Help Achieve Universal Health Coverage?

I first heard about Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in 2010. At the time, I was working with a group of economists who had just returned Read More


We’re Finally Coming to Grips with Gender Discrimination and Inequality in the Health…

December 12, 2017 At last, our field is facing the facts. Looking over the program of the Fourth Global Forum on Human Resources for Health (HRH), held in Dublin last month, it was clear how far the field has come in collectively recognizing the importance of gender equality in the health workforce.  In Dublin, some aspect of gender was central to four of the conference sessions, and a new Gender Equity Network, coordinated by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Women in Global Health, made up of research, advocacy, and implementation institutions, has already begun work on a two-year plan of action. This is a far cry from the marginal status of gender equality at the 2013 Third Global Forum on HRH in Recife, Brazil. 

USAID Administrator Green Discusses Agency’s Use Of Non-Traditional Financing Mechanisms In…

Devex: Q&A: Mark Green on why he’ll champion innovative finance at USAID “A new development impact bond aims to save the lives of as many as 10,000 mothers and newborns in India over five years. But when United States Agency for International Development Administrator Mark Green announced the DIB at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in…More

Malaria Efforts Need ‘Revision’ Of Approaches, More Funding To Achieve Global Goals By 2030

The Lancet: The global fight against malaria is at crossroads Pedro Alonso, director of the WHO Global Malaria Programme, and Abdisalan M. Noor, team leader for surveillance at the WHO Global Malaria Programme “…We must … recognize that globally we are not on track to meet the targets in WHO’s Global Technical Strategy for Malaria…More

Editorial, Opinion Pieces Discuss Efforts To Achieve Universal Health Coverage On UHC Day

The Lancet Global Health: Adding clarity to the universal health coverage picture Editorial Board “…As countries embark on the journey towards [universal health coverage (UHC)], they need tools to evaluate their starting point, keep track along the way, and define the way forward. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) offer ways to monitor their UHC-dedicated target…More

Picture It: The Future of Virtual Reality?

Three questions to maximize your year-end giving

The easiest way to do good year-end giving is to give to an organization you already know and love. Sometimes, though, you don’t have an organization you know and love. [ read more brave ]

Are partnerships the key to making critical progress in Global Health?

When it comes to Global Health, there are a number of challenges that the global health community should be aware of and focused on. Many Read More

Picture It: SwitchPoint + Virtual Reality

Picture It: Activists Take to the Streets

Universal Health Coverage: Robust Policy and Systems Research (Still) Needed

December 07, 2017 We must learn from what has worked—and more importantly, what hasn’t.  Following the Fourth Global Forum on Human Resources for Health in Dublin and looking forward to the Universal Health Coverage Forum 2017 in Tokyo in December, it seems clearer than ever that achieving the goal of universal health coverage (UHC) will require ongoing and targeted health policy and systems research. As many countries seek to apply the latest evidence to strengthen their health systems, it needs to be coupled with research into new policies as they are implemented. Only this ingrained and integrated approach will allow the global health community to learn from every failure and success on the path to UHC.

Being ‘Good Stewards’ Of Health Resources Critical To Building Stronger Global Health…

IntraHealth International’s “Vital”: To Build a Stronger Global Health Workforce, We Must Be Good Stewards Allison Annette Foster, senior adviser for human resources for health at IntraHealth International, discusses global efforts to invest in primary health care and community health workers, writing, “We pledge to be good stewards of the resources we have so that…More

Twelve Countries Pledge to Protect Health Workers and Facilities in Conflict Areas

Aftermath of an attack on a health facility in Aleppo, Syria. Photo courtesy of the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS), a member of the Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition. December 05, 2017 IntraHealth International, as co-secretariat of the Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition, applauds a new declaration by France and 11 other UN member states to take concrete actions to protect health workers in conflict areas around the world. A report by the coalition documents attacks on health workers or facilities in 23 countries in conflict or political unrest last year. Health workers were arrested, assaulted, kidnapped, punished, and even killed just for doing their jobs

To Build a Stronger Global Health Workforce, We Must Be Good Stewards

December 05, 2017 To all frontline health workers without a voice: We are listening. It may seem that we are losing ground. From celebrity tax havens to Black Friday bargain brawls, it may seem that the great divide between the 2% and the 98% has swallowed our moral compass. That we have lost our direction, and our human north is pointing toward despair. But many of us are still working to build a healthier, safer world

India’s The Wire Publishes Analysis Of Recent Global Fund Executive Director Election

The Wire: Global Fund Elections and What They Say About U.S.’s Influence in Global Health Politics “The election of Peter Sands, former CEO of Standard Chartered Bank, as the executive director of the Global Fund was interesting not only because of the drama that preceded it, but also in a way that begins to signify…More

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