How did Zika rise so quickly to the top of the global health policy agenda?

The World Health Organization reported the first local transmission of Zika virus in the Western Hemisphere in May 2015. Since then, transmission was identified in 18 countries Read More


White House will transfer remaining Ebola dollars to Zika responses

Categories: U.S. Policy and FundingReiterates call to Congress for full requested $1.9 billion Zika funding, authority to replenish Ebola funds “Congress needs to act immediately. We should not play with fire here” Saying they cannot risk waiting longer for Congress to supply emergency funding requested more than two months ago to respond to the spread of Zika virus and […](Read more…)


The association between recent incarceration and inpatient resource use and death rates:…

Based on US Justice Department numbers, over 131,000 US veterans are incarcerated in US prisons.1 Overall, the incarcerated veteran population, when compared to incarcerated non-veterans, is older with 40% aged over 65 years compared to less than 10% of non-veterans, better educated, more likely to have been married, and more likely to be incarcerated for violent offences.1 High rates of mental and medical illnesses during incarceration are present in the incarcerated veteran population.


As Senate breaks without writing a “blank check” for Zika responses, CDC and WHO itemize…

Categories: UncategorizedTags: CDC, U.S. Senate, WHO, zikaAs of last week, 55 countries and territories, including Puerto Rico were reporting ongoing local transmission of Zika virus, a cause of severe neurological birth defects, a virus associated with increased rates of paralyzing illness, and now, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a cause of at least one death. The […](Read more…)

In Syria, U.S. Should Encourage Allies To Respect International Humanitarian Law, Protect…

New York Times: In Aleppo, We Are Running Out of Coffins Osama Abo El Ezz, general surgeon and Aleppo coordinator for the Syrian American Medical Society “…The United States should pressure the Syrian government and Russia to immediately halt airstrikes on civilian areas and hospitals and remove their aircraft from the area, which strike fear…More

U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan Of Florida First House Republican To Support Obama Administration’s…

The Hill: First GOP rep backs Obama’s Zika funding request “Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-Fla.) on Monday became the first House Republican to publicly back President Obama’s nearly $2 billion emergency funding request for combating the Zika virus. Buchanan, whose home state is at risk of an outbreak of the mosquito-borne virus as early as next…More

Congressional Failure To Act On Zika Funding Could Hurt GOP, Analyst, Republican Senator Say

The Atlantic: Why Zika Needed An Ounce of Prevention “In all likelihood, Congress was never all that close to finding a way to push past factional politics and fund efforts to fight Zika. Lawmakers have adjourned for recess after a failure to find common ground on the issue … Congress’s lack of concern about Zika…More

Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Responds To Quora Question On How To Address Zika, Calls…

Newsweek: Quora Question: Hillary Clinton on How We Stop Zika in the U.S. “Quora Questions are part of a partnership between Newsweek and Quora, through which we’ll be posting relevant and interesting answers from Quora contributors throughout the week. … Answer from Hillary Clinton, senator, secretary of state, and 2016 presidential candidate: … I recently…More

Strong Partnerships, Political Will Can Advance Vaccine Development, Help Prepare For Disease…

Huffington Post: When It Was Even Scarier Anne Schuchat, CDC deputy director “…Working with global partners and national governments, it is crucial we prevent, detect, and respond to outbreaks before they spread; finish the job of polio eradication and secure its legacy through resilient immunization systems and sustained high coverage of measles vaccine. … Our…More

News in the Humanosphere: South Sudan rebel leader sworn in as vice president

South Sudanese rebel leader Riek Machar was sworn in as first vice president on Tuesday, hours after he returned to the capital of Juba for the first time since conflict erupted more than two years ago. Machar took up the post under the terms of a peace agreement reached eight months ago, implementation of which

Power cuts add to list of headaches for cash-strapped Venezuelans

Venezuela is to cut its national power supply for four hours daily, in 10 of its most populous and industrialized states, for more than 40 days. The new measures will keep factories and offices closed and many out of work, magnifying the woes of Venezuelans who already struggle to access and afford food and basic

Book Review: Branko Milanovic’s brilliant take on Global Inequality

Some of my favourite development economists are nomads, people with feet in different regions, which seems to make them better able to identify interesting patterns and similarities/differences between countries. Ha-Joon Chang (Korea/UK), Dani Rodrik (Turkey/US) and now Branko Milanovic (Serbia/US), whose latest book Global Inequality: A New Approach for the Age of Globalization is a brilliant and thought-provoking essay stuffed with enough graphs to satisfy …

Five (somewhat) unheard voices on Zika and pregnancy

Zika, a disease caused by Zika virus, can be spread from mother to child, through sexual contact, mosquito bites and blood transfusion. While most symptoms of Zika are mild, Zika infections in pregnant woman has been linked to microcephaly and other birth abnormalities. Zika has now been declared as a public health emergency of international concern. As a complement to the news and near panic around the illness we are featuring five unheard voices on Zika: Unheard voice 1: How politics in Brazil makes this worse “The ability of the state to properly respond to sexually transmitted diseases in general is really compromised, and there is nothing from the political point of view that is going to change soon,” says Sonia Correa, a co-chair of the Sexuality Policy Watch at the Brazilian Interdisciplinary AIDS Association in Rio de Janeiro.

U.K. Chancellor To Urge Global Action On Antimicrobial Resistance At IMF Expert Panel Meeting

The Guardian: Antimicrobial resistance a ‘greater threat than cancer by 2050’ “Antimicrobial resistance to antibiotics will present a greater danger to humankind than cancer by the middle of the century unless world leaders agree international action to tackle the threat, according to George Osborne. The British chancellor will tell a panel of experts at an…More

Politics, Religion Influence Efforts To Codify Sierra Leone’s ‘Safe Abortion Bill,’…

Reuters: Religion, rights, and politics clash over Sierra Leone abortion bill “…Since December, parliament, dominated by President Ernest Bai Koroma’s party, has twice passed the ‘Safe Abortion Bill,’ which would scrap the current ban, both times with more than the two-thirds majority needed to override a presidential veto. Koroma has refused to sign it into…More

Measuring needs for priority setting in healthcare planning and policy

Publication date: May 2016 Source:Social Science & Medicine, Volume 157 Author(s): Anders Herlitz, David Horan Much research aimed at developing measures for normative criteria to guide the assessment of healthcare resource allocation decisions has focused on health maximization, equity concerns and more recently approaches based on health capabilities.

In Letter To Congress, More Than 50 Public Health Groups Urge TPP Rejection, Citing Concerns…

The Hill: Public health groups call for Congress to reject TPP “More than 50 public health groups on Tuesday called on Congress to reject a trade agreement between the United States and 11 other Pacific Rim nations because it will block access to affordable medicines. Led by Doctors Without Borders and Oxfam America, the groups…More

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