Does Governance Help Achieve Universal Health Coverage?

I first heard about Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in 2010. At the time, I was working with a group of economists who had just returned Read More

Muhammad Ashiq, Creative Commons

Broken Lives: A Health Crisis in Palestine

The Arabic word samoud means steadfast perseverance. However, the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip Read More

The burden of the gift of aid

The splendor of Lake Atitlán is unreal. No water should be so blue, no sky so clear, no hills so lush. The lake is a Read More


Three questions to maximize your year-end giving

The easiest way to do good year-end giving is to give to an organization you already know and love. Sometimes, though, you don’t have an organization you know and love. [ read more brave ]

India’s The Wire Publishes Analysis Of Recent Global Fund Executive Director Election

The Wire: Global Fund Elections and What They Say About U.S.’s Influence in Global Health Politics “The election of Peter Sands, former CEO of Standard Chartered Bank, as the executive director of the Global Fund was interesting not only because of the drama that preceded it, but also in a way that begins to signify…More

The Warning Signs

You’re not stupid. Your heart and your body and your brain – they know what to do. And they know when you’ve gone wrong. When you are out of alignment [ read more brave ]

Trump Administration’s Development Strategy In Africa Places U.S. Companies First

Global Times: Shift in U.S. aid to Africa signals emphasis on politics Song Wei, associate research fellow at the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation “The U.S. House of Representatives held a hearing on appropriations for U.S. aid to Africa in October. … The hearing reflected the focus and direction of Trump’s African…More

Does Governance Help Achieve Universal Health Coverage?

I first heard about Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in 2010. At the time, I was working with a group of economists who had just returned Read More

Civil Society Must Be Part Of Global Nutrition Policy Discussions

HuffPost: Nutrition is political and civil society needs to shape those politics Danny Sriskandarajah, secretary general at CIVICUS and member of the SUN Movement Lead Group “…[M]alnutrition isn’t about food alone. Malnutrition is political. In Syria, South Sudan, and now Yemen, blocking food from reaching entire cities, and even entire countries, has become a tactic…More

Oxfam Urges U.S. Congress To Protect Humanitarian, Development Funding In FY18 Budget

Oxfam America’s “Politics of Poverty”: In defense of U.S. foreign assistance: A final call to Congressional leaders David Saldivar, aid effectiveness policy and advocacy manager at Oxfam America, discusses the FY18 U.S. foreign assistance budget, writing, “As Congress finalizes the budget it will send to the president, we urge the House of Representatives to join…More

Cholera In Yemen Is ‘Man-Made Disaster’

New York Times: How War Created the Cholera Epidemic in Yemen Alia Allana, writer for Fountain Ink magazine “…The spread of cholera in Yemen glaringly illustrates how disease follows in the wake of bombs. … Cholera in Yemen is a manmade disaster, and its spread and casualties are tied to the politics of the war.…More

Don’t give up before you even tried ! (or what I wish Naomi Klein’s interview in Antwerp…

Last Sunday  we went with a group of ex-ITM-colleagues to hear Naomi Klein talk about her latest  book “No is not enough” in the beautiful De Roma theater in Antwerp. A journalist led the conversation with Naomi. Her questions were unfortunately almost exclusively focused on Trump, a topic Klein didn’t manage to escape either. Klein’s latest book is indeed for a large part about who Trump really is (his own “lifestyle” brand, out to make profit by being true to his brand’s values), but it ends with a strong call for unification of efforts to access political power and for immediate action. Yet by limiting the discussion to Trump, and despite the relevance of Klein’s analysis, the audience was left with a sense of helplessness and fatalism

Water is For Fighting Over

Mark Twain is often credited for the quote, “Whiskey is for drinking; water is for fighting over”. Despite the quote’s likely questionable origin, water is becoming an increasingly angry and thirsty elephant-in-the-room for world leaders. Tipped as the “oil of the 21st century”, will swelling water demands precipitate the levels of conflict seen with oil? Or can such an intrinsic aspect of human life avoid the geopolitical issues associated with the more volatile liquid? There is no denying the importance of water in global growth; a critical overarching ingredient for nearly all 17 SDGs in one way or another

Donor Governments Prioritize Politics Over Health In Zimbabwe

Inter Press Service: Who is Really Responsible for Collapse of Zimbabwe’s Health Services? Frédéric Mousseau, policy director at the Oakland Institute “…Regardless of Robert Mugabe’s fitness for the position [of goodwill ambassador, the commentaries following his appointment and its rescission] do call for a clarification around who and what exactly destroyed the Zimbabwean economy and…More

Tedros’s Appointment Of Mugabe As Goodwill Ambassador Should Be Investigated

Washington Post: Another week, another scandal at the United Nations Frida Ghitis, columnist for World Politics Review “…[WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus’] decision to honor [Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe] is a misjudgment of breathtaking proportions. The stain it has left on the WHO will not be easily cleansed. We must find out what was behind…More

Oxfam America Blog Post Examines U.S. Foreign Aid, National Debt

Oxfam America’s “Politics of Poverty”: President Trump thinks cutting aid will fix U.S. debt. But his numbers don’t add up. Heather Schommer, senior writer for aid effectiveness at Oxfam America, writes about statements made by President Trump on U.S. foreign aid and the national debt

World Politics Review Examines New PEPFAR Strategy, Trump Administration’s Commitment To…

World Politics Review: The Mismatch Between the Rhetoric and Reality of Tillerson’s New PEPFAR Strategy “…[W]hile PEPFAR may be off the chopping block, the Trump administration’s new strategy seems to perpetuate trends that have activists worried about the long-term fight against HIV/AIDS. … First, for all its talk of U.S. commitment to PEPFAR, the administration…More

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