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The God of empty spaces: Thoughts on religion and civil society in neoliberal Guatemala

The other day I visited Lydia, a 56-year-old Maya woman who lives with her family in the highlands of Guatemala and has for many years Read More


Reproductive Health in Madagascar

I vividly remember the beginning of my trip to Madagascar to perform reproductive health research. At the end of providing an update to my mentor Read More


Controversy over transparency: why non-profits need to disclose their “real” overhead ratio

“The fact is an average of 91 cents of every dollar the Red Cross spends is invested in our humanitarian services and programs.”[1] This is Read More


U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator Birx Discusses PEPFAR’s Successes, Challenges In NPR Interview

NPR: Top U.S. AIDS Official Touts Progress, Has Tough Words For Tanzania “For World AIDS Day, we sat down with the U.S. global AIDS coordinator, Deborah Birx, to talk about the state of the epidemic and the work of PEPFAR, set up by President George W. Bush in 2003 with the intention of saving the…More

Global Public Health, Economic Costs Of Malnutrition Estimated At $3.5T Annually, U.N. Agencies…

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Rise in malnutrition must be reversed before it creates health ‘catastrophe’: experts “Malnutrition — which includes hunger and obesity — is on the rise and may affect half the world’s population by 2035 unless governments take urgent action to reverse its spread, U.N. agencies and experts said on Thursday…” (Whiting, 12/1). U.N.…More

Global Community Must Address Inequalities In HIV Treatment Access, Funding To Achieve Goals,…

Devex: ‘Holistic’ approach needed to tackle HIV inequalities, UNAIDS’ Sidibé says “More than 18.2 million people worldwide are receiving treatment for HIV, placing the United Nations on track to achieve the goal of reaching 30 million HIV-positive people by 2020. … But inequality gaps for treatment and funding are widening across populations and in certain…More

Number Of HIV Infections Among Adolescents Set To Rise By 2030 Without Prevention Progress,…

Newsweek: World AIDS Day: HIV Infections in Adolescents Could Double By 2030, Says UNICEF “The number of new HIV infections among adolescents around the world is set to rise sharply unless more is done to fight the epidemic, according to a new report from UNICEF…” (Westcott, 11/30). U.N. News Centre: On World AIDS Day, UNICEF…More

For World AIDS Day, News Outlets Interview Experts About HIV Prevention, Research

Devex: 35 years into the AIDS epidemic, it’s an opportune but precarious time “When AVAC was founded on World AIDS Day in 1995 as the AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition, it had a single focus: an AIDS vaccine. ‘But we began to recognize it was about advocacy and engagement across the research to roll out continuum,’…More

HIV Epidemic Coming Under Control In 3 Sub-Saharan African Nations, PEPFAR Data Show

The Economist: A report shows HIV in retreat in many African countries “…Some researchers predict that several African countries will soon achieve ‘epidemic control,’ meaning that fewer people are newly infected each year than die of the disease. New data from the American President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), a program launched by George…More

Opinion Pieces Discuss Need For Partnerships, Political Support, Additional Funding To End AIDS…

Project Syndicate: A Better Global Framework to End AIDS Isabella Lövin, minister for international development cooperation and deputy prime minster of Sweden, and Michel Sidibé, UNAIDS executive director “…The movement against AIDS has inspired all of us to help the people who continue to be left behind, and to commit to ending AIDS once and…More

U.S. Department Of State Blog Recognizes World AIDS Day

U.S. Department of State’s “DipNote”: World AIDS Day: Reaffirming Our Commitment to End the AIDS Epidemic By 2030 This blog post features a statement made by Secretary of State John Kerry on World AIDS Day “to reaffirm and redouble [the U.S.] commitment to ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030” (12/1). U.S. Department of State’s “DipNote”:…More

U.S. Leadership ‘Vital’ To Achieving AIDS-Free Generation

U.S. Global Leadership Coalition: World AIDS Day: U.S. Tradition of Leadership in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS Alice Manos, communications intern at the USGLC, discusses U.S. efforts to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS, writing, “American leadership is vital to helping achieve the goal of an AIDS-free generation.

Washington State’s Global Health Community Should Lead Reforms To Better Distribute HIV…

Humanosphere: Op-Ed: Is global health industry too self-serving in the fight against AIDS? Scott Barnhart, professor of medicine and global health, and Joanna Diallo, senior program manager in the department of global health, both at the University of Washington, Seattle, discuss a “self-serving model of development,” in which much of the funding meant to help…More

Devex Examines Potential Implications For U.S. Global HIV/AIDS Spending Under Trump…

Devex: What the Trump administration could mean for U.S. HIV/AIDS spending “HIV/AIDS advocates are warning against any cuts to U.S. spending on the fight against the disease as the new administration of President-elect Donald Trump determines how it will approach global assistance. … While Trump has not said anything specifically about the PEPFAR budget, comments…More

For World AIDS Day, Focus On Stopping Stigma, Abuse Of People Living With HIV, Improving Access…

U.N. News Centre: Ahead of World AIDS Day, U.N. chief honored for work to end epidemic, fight against stigma “Speaking at a special event commemorating World AIDS Day, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon [Wednesday] underscored the need to stop stigma and abuse against those living with the disease and to ensure that they receive the…More

Russia’s HIV Epidemic Continues To Worsen Despite Progress In Other Nations, Regions

Deutsche Welle: Russian HIV epidemic at a tipping point “World AIDS Day 2016 marks an alarming milestone in Russia; not only did the country register its one millionth case of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, but experts also have reason to believe up to one percent of the Russian population could be infected with…More

Opinion Pieces Discuss Potential Implications Of Trump Administration On HIV/AIDS Progress

The Guardian: America under Trump must not overlook the importance of women in battling HIV Serra Sippel, president of the Center for Health and Gender Equity “…As we mark World AIDS Day with a Trump-Pence administration looming, we must redouble our commitment to advancing the health and rights of women and girls. Advocates, donors, and…More

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