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Research Training in Limited-Resource Settings: A Call for Equitable Partnerships

Dr. Jim Kim, the president of the World Bank and one of the founders of Partners in Health, recently gave a talk about changing the Read More


The MRI evidence in favor of cash transfers

On July 15th, 2016, Dr. Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank and co-founder of the non-governmental organization Partners in Health, presented striking evidence Read More


The Art of Letting Go and the Mandate of Going Further

This piece was previously published in the National Medical Journal of India, Volume 29, Number 1, 2016, pages 30-31, and reprinted with permission.   In Read More


17 irritating jargon phrases & awesome new sayings we should use instead

Vu Le calls out some questionable yet commonly-used jargon floating around in the nonprofit space and, thankfully, suggests some alternatives. The post 17 irritating jargon phrases & awesome new sayings we should use instead appeared first on WhyDev Blog.

Why the World Bank needs to ask Jim Kim some tough questions in his Job Interview

Guest post from Nadia Daar, head of Oxfam’s Washington DC office Preparing for an interview is often traumatic – by this point I’ve done a few and believe me, Oxfam doesn’t make things easy! And I’ve heard the World Bank doesn’t either. Yet for the position of president, there is a widespread feeling that Jim Kim’s upcoming interview with the Board of Directors this week …

International Governance for Peace and Security in Cyberspace

ICT4Peace’s Daniel Stauffacher was invited to give a lecture on “International Governance for Peace and Security in Cyberspace” at the Summer School of the Swiss Study Foundation organised in collaboration with Prof. Michael Ambühl, Chair of Negotiation and Conflict Management, ETH Zurich, and former Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of Switzerland, on 6. September 2016 at the Centro in Magliaso, Switzerland.

Obstetricians In Puerto Rico, U.S. Unsure What To Expect Among Newborns Exposed To Zika

New York Times: Doctors Brace for Zika Babies “This month, the first group of babies in Puerto Rico known to have been exposed to the Zika virus in their first trimester are being born. Pediatricians do not know what to expect. ‘This is not like any other outbreak or epidemic,’ said Dr. Fernando Ysern, a…More

Washington Post Article Provides Visualizations Of U.S. Foreign Aid Budget

Washington Post: The U.S. foreign aid budget, visualized “…If we take [U.S. foreign aid] out of the budget pie and dissect it, we get two broad categories: economic assistance, which we commonly refer to as humanitarian aid, and military assistance … U.S. foreign aid serves many stated purposes, but, generally speaking, the money is intended…More

Nigeria President Appeals For International Humanitarian Aid In Crisis Spurred By Boko Haram

Agence France-Presse: Nigeria’s Buhari appeals to world for aid “Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari appealed Friday for the international community to help relieve the growing humanitarian disaster triggered by the Boko Haram insurgency in a plea for aid at the U.N. General Assembly. Warnings about food shortages caused by the conflict in the country’s northeast and…More

Uganda’s ‘Young Positive’ Pageants Aim To Reduce Stigma, Discrimination Of People Living…

Associated Press: AIDS pageant in Uganda seeks to stem stigma, discrimination “…[Tryphena] Natukunda was crowned Miss Young Positive during a boisterous affair at a Kampala hotel early Sunday, besting nine other contestants in an annual competition organized to enlighten people about the dangers of discriminating against people with AIDS. A similar competition is held for…More

Investing In Women, Girls Key To Ending AIDS, TB, Malaria

Huffington Post: Women and Girls are Key to Ending the AIDS, TB, and Malaria Epidemics Kate Dodson, vice president for global health at the United Nations Foundation “…Not only does the Global Fund dedicate more than half its resources to programs that benefit women and girls, it also focuses on tackling the underlying causes of…More

The Many Lives of Georgina Díaz

Photos by Leslie Friday / Partners In HealthGeorgina Diaz, a community health worker for Partners In Health in Mexico, prepares to cook tortillas at her home in Reforma, Chiapas. It was still pitch black when Georgina Díaz’s alarm went off at 3 a.m. The 34-year-old single mother peeled herself from bed and started plugging away at the morning’s routine in Reforma, Chiapas. Roosters crowed, despite the absence of the sun, as she lit a corn husk and touched it to dry wood stacked in the outdoor stove behind her family home.

News in the Humanosphere: Syria ceasefire is apparently over

Syria’s ceasefire was on the brink of collapsing Sunday after a U.S.-led coalition strike killed dozens of regime soldiers and Aleppo city was hit by its first raids in nearly a week. The barrage of strikes on rebel-held districts of Aleppo risks reigniting battlefronts there and could be the most serious threat to the ceasefire so

When the fighting stopped in Syria, aid still didn’t get through

The short-lived cease-fire in Syrian ended earlier this week. A break in fighting provided relief to embattled Syrians caught in the middle of the civil war. Hopes were high that the period of safety would allow more humanitarian aid to enter the country. It did not. Can well-fed grown men please stop putting political, bureaucratic and

Volunteerism thrives as the international system falls short

One of the most notable features of the European response is the central role volunteers have played – in stark contrast to the much slower response of international agencies and donors. The post Volunteerism thrives as the international system falls short appeared first on WhyDev Blog.

Silver lining despite Senate’s failure to block Saudi arms deal

A resolution to block the sale of $1.15 billion in tanks and weapons by the U.S. to Saudi Arabia failed in the Senate today. Politicians from both parties joined to oppose the deal, but could not muster enough support to stop it. It comes on the heels of new evidence that U.S. bombs were used

News in the Humanosphere: Aid convoys bombed as fighting resumes in Syria

The United Nations says initial reports indicate that many people were killed or seriously wounded in airstrikes on a convoy carrying aid to a rebel-held area northwest of Aleppo including volunteers with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent. Humanitarian chief Stephen O’Brien said in a statement late Monday that a Red Crescent warehouse was also hit

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