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Ebola Fundamentally Alters the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Phuoc Le, MD | MONROVIA — About a year ago I cared for Sharon, a 60-year-old woman who had traveled from California’s central valley to Read More


Ebola: The Ripple Effects

GWU Public Health | Ebola: The Ripple Effects. This graphic explores some of the larger ramifications of the outbreak in West Africa, from economic instability to Read More

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Measles eradication plans have stalled: WHO

Measles deaths have gone up, not down, in the last year. Progress towards elimination of the disease that kills and disables thousands of children has stopped in its tracks as funding has been cut back in the global recessionProgress against the elimination of measles has stalled, the World Health Organisation is warning. The number of deaths from the viral disease actually rose in the last year – from an estimated 122,000 in 2012 to 145,700 in 2013.The eyes of the world are on Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, where the collapse of healthcare under pressure from Ebola means that other diseases, including measles as well as malaria, are on the rise. But it has not taken a catastrophe of the scale of Ebola to de-rail the attempt to stamp out measles, a killer of small children which is so easily prevented by the use of a very cheap routinely-administered vaccine.Poor progress in increasing measles vaccination coverage has resulted in large outbreaks of this highly contagious disease, throwing the 2015 elimination targets off-track. Countries urgently need to prioritize maintaining and improving immunization coverage


U.S. House Committee Passes Bill To Authorize $1.8B For USAID Emergency Ebola Aid

CQ News: $1.8 Billion in Emergency Ebola Aid Advanced by House Panel “The House Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday backed by voice vote a bill to provide additional assistance to West African countries stricken by Ebola. The measure (HR 5710) would authorize $1.8 billion in emergency aid for the U.S. Agency for International Development’s International…More

Ebola Epidemic Impacts Adoption Process In W. Africa; More Social Services Needed For Orphans

News outlets report on issues surrounding an increase in the number of orphans due to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. Associated Press: Ebola heightens need for aid for orphans “The Ebola epidemic has put adoptions in impacted West African countries at a standstill for obvious reasons. … [E]ven as some families keep their commitment…More

Preventing Violence Against Girls Vital To Ending AIDS

Daily Beast: To End HIV, Stop Violence Against Adolescent Girls Michele Moloney-Kitts, director of Together for Girls “…Until girls’ rights and needs are placed at the top of our agenda, we won’t get far in achieving our goal to stop HIV, not to mention many other critical public health issues. … Investing in this work…More

USAID Assistant Administrator Lindborg’s Testimony Before Senate On Ebola In West Africa,…

USAID: Testimony of Assistant Administrator Nancy Lindborg before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs The agency presents a transcript of Lindborg’s testimony delivered on Wednesday discussing “the U.S. response to the ongoing Ebola epidemic in West Africa and other emerging health security threats” (11/19).

Focus on Private Sector: A rapid strike force for aid


The Ebola response shows how firms can raise and deliver funding more quickly than other sectors, says Noshua Watson.

WHO Head Says Ebola Efforts Should Focus On Containment, Promises Transparency In Review

Associated Press: WHO chief promises transparency in Ebola review “The head of the World Health Organization refused Wednesday to respond to criticism about the U.N. agency’s performance in containing the Ebola outbreak, saying the focus now should be on helping countries contain it. … Dr. Margaret Chan said the agency would review how the whole…More

Women’s Access To Safe Toilets ‘Moral’ Imperative, Investment In WASH Critical, U.N. Says

The U.N. News Centre reports on findings from a U.N. report on water and sanitation released in connection with events marking World Toilet Day, which takes place annually on November 19. U.N. News Centre: Ensuring women’s access to safe toilets is ‘moral’ imperative, says Ban marking World Day “With one out of three women worldwide…More

In Zimbabwe, HIV Treatment Reportedly Being Disrupted By Theft, Corruption

Al Jazeera: Zimbabwe: Stealing Lives “…Hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans are kept alive by antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) given freely by aid agencies on condition that they are not re-sold and that they are used for treating those in need. The drugs have played a vital role in stabilizing a situation that was running out of…More

Public, Private Resources, Political Will Needed To End Extreme Hunger

Huffington Post: A Tradition Worth Feeding Samuel Worthington, president of InterAction “…We are at an exciting time in history: We have the means and opportunity to eliminate extreme hunger. However, this possibility requires not only public and private resources but also political will. … That’s why this May, InterAction and USAID announced a first-of-its-kind agreement…More


I was so not going to enter the BandAid30 fray. In my opion, BandAid30 is little more than a tacky sideshow, noteworthy only for the fact that it may well overshadow the main circus. The Circus in this case is the international, interagency Ebola response. * The digital space is lit up right now with […]

After Ebola: Five Lessons for Outbreak Response

The Obama Administration has requested $6.18 billion in emergency funding to fight and contain Ebola. The ask is now in the hands of Congress, but given that Ebola incidence seems to be on the decline in many (not all) districts in West Africa, some leaders are losing steam on the response. But sustained support to fight the current Ebola outbreak is still essential

Ebola-Stricken West Africa Faces Shortage Of HCWs, E.U., Aid Groups Warn

News outlets report on warnings about a shortage of health care workers who can treat Ebola in West Africa from E.U. officials returning from the region and humanitarian workers testifying before a House subcommittee. Associated Press: E.U.: many more health workers needed for Ebola “Thousands more physicians, especially epidemiologists, and other health professionals are needed…More

Aid Agencies Adapt West African Ebola Responses, As Officials In Those Countries Try To…

News outlets report on how humanitarian aid agencies are adapting to implement Ebola responses in West Africa, as well as the coordination among those groups and West African officials. Devex: Ebola puts humanitarian supply chains to the test “…The very nature of relief supply chains is to operate in dynamic and chaotic environments. But in…More

World Bank Estimates Ebola’s Economic Impact In Africa To Be $3-4B, Lower Than Worst-Case…

Reuters: Ebola’s impact on Africa economy might be less than feared: World Bank “The cost of the Ebola epidemic on sub-Saharan Africa’s economy is likely to be closer to $3-$4 billion, rather than a worst-case scenario of $32 billion, the World Bank’s chief economist for the continent said on Wednesday…” (Brock, 11/19).

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