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A conversation with MacArthur Genius Gary Cohen of Health Care Without Harm

Gary Cohen is co-founder and president of Health Care Without Harm. His focus is global health care delivery and its role in promoting health equity, environmental Read More


Reflections on a year of malnutrition

Malnutrition is frustrating. I often sit in the office, analyzing data from our programs, and feel helpless. Children who stay the same height for two Read More


“This race will be intense”: a look at elections for Director General of the WHO

This week, the World Health Assembly is meeting in Geneva. Elections for the next Director General of the World Health Organization is a top item Read More


A Global Champion for Health—WHO’s Next?

by The PLOS Medicine Editors In this month’s editorial, the PLOS Medicine Editors propose ideal qualities for the World Health Organization’s next Director General, for whom the selection process is now underway.

More Than 26M Children At Risk In Eastern, Southern Africa Due To El Niño Weather Pattern,…

U.N. News Centre: El Niño puts more than 26 million children at risk in Eastern and Southern Africa — UNICEF “One of the strongest El Niño events ever recorded has placed the lives of 26.5 million children at risk of malnutrition, water shortages, and disease in 10 countries in Eastern and Southern Africa, the United…More

International Community Must Tackle Inequality To Prevent 69M Child Deaths Through 2030, UNICEF…

Associated Press: U.N. report: Tackle inequality to prevent children from dying “The U.N. children’s agency warned Monday that 69 million youngsters under the age of five will die from preventable causes between now and 2030 if all countries don’t accelerate action to improve health and education for the most disadvantaged…” (6/27). Deutsche Welle: UNICEF report:…More

Philippine President-Elect Duterte Promotes Birth Control Despite Catholic Church’s…

The Atlantic: Contraception in the Philippines “Filipino president-elect Rodrigo Duterte said Monday he would promote birth control in his country even though it goes against the teachings of the Catholic Church…” (Phippen, 6/27). International Business Times: Philippines’ President-Elect Duterte Ready To Lock Horns With Catholic Church Over Contraception “…Duterte, who is to be sworn in…More

U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama On 3-Nation Tour To Promote Let Girls Learn Initiative

Deutsche Welle: Michelle Obama on international tour to promote girls’ education “U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters are heading to Liberia, Morocco, and Spain as part of the White House’s Let Girls Learn Initiative. They will address the obstacles girls face in obtaining an education…” (6/26). NPR: Girl Talk: What Teens Want Michelle…More

Middle East Health Systems Strained By Conflict; Refugees With Poor Living Conditions…

Wall Street Journal: Refugee Crises in Mideast Spawn Health Threats “…Years of conflict in the Middle East have collapsed health care systems and strained government budgets for public health efforts. The cumulative result — millions of people constantly on the move, living in overcrowded, unsanitary conditions — has been the re-emergence of deadly diseases…” (Malas,…More

Women’s Rights, Aid Groups Implore Economist Magazine To Recall Article Advocating Some Forms…

The Guardian: The Economist prompts outrage as it backs ‘minor FGM’ “An article in the Economist magazine has angered anti-FGM campaigners by suggesting that some forms of female genital mutilation (FGM) should be permissible. Campaign groups have condemned the leading article, which argues that allowing ‘minor’ forms of the practice might prevent girls from more…More

Motherboard Features Series Of Articles On Efforts To Eliminate Malaria

Motherboard: Malaria’s Last Stand: Will We Defeat Malaria? “…Malaria’s Last Stand is an expository look at the ongoing burden of one of humanity’s oldest diseases. Staff writer Kaleigh Rogers traveled to Tanzania to capture the scope of malaria’s impact on the road to elimination” (6/27).

Ahead Of Replenishment Conference, France, Italy Announce Pledges To Global Fund

Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria: France, Italy Announce Robust Pledges Ahead of Global Fund’s Fifth Replenishment Sarah Marston, director of communications at Friends of the Global Fight, discusses the government of France’s announcement of a pledge of €1.08 billion and the government of Italy’s announcement of a pledge of €130…More

Investing In Gender Equity Critical To Global Economic Prosperity, Security

Aspen Institute/Medium: Building a Better Future for Girls and Women Worldwide Donna Shalala, president of the Clinton Foundation “…[G]ender equality won’t just change the lives of girls and women  –  it will change the world. Want to defeat poverty? Invest in women. Want to combat climate change? Invest in women.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Discusses Social Medicine

Photo by Jon Lascher / Partners In Health.Morse demonstrates how to use a portable ultrasound at a PIH-supported hospital in Haiti. FACEBOOK LIVE INTERVIEW with PIH’s Dr. Michelle Morse Wednesday, June 29 12 p.m. EST Watch here. Dr.

Does migration ‘pay off’ for foreign-born migrant health workers? An exploratory analysis…

This study used the global WageIndicator web survey to answer the following research questions: (RQ1) What are the migration patterns of health workers?

U.N. peacekeepers dismissed from South Sudan for failing to protect civilians

Amid renewed violence in parts of South Sudan, the United Nations has admitted that it bungled a February peacekeeping mission there in which 30 people died. As U.N. forces create a security cordon to protect 10,000 people in the region, the U.N. has dismissed staff responsible for the slow response in February. The U.N.

What does ‘How Change Happens’ thinking tell us about Brexit?

I was in Lisbon running a ‘How Change Happens’ summer school when the Brexit news came in, so I thought I’d apply an HCH analysis to a seismic event. I’m not an expert on UK politics, so this is bound to be pretty uninformed compared to the avalanche of post mortems in the press, but let’s see where it goes. First up a disclaimer. As Timothy …

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