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Creating Consensus on HICs’ Global Surgery Efforts in the Developing World

Today, 830 childbearing women will die from avoidable causes, mainly in the developing world, and mainly from lack of surgical intervention. (1,2) They are among Read More

Andrew Smith

To Bear Witness

This article originally appeared on Health Initiative  by Dr. Grace Deukmedjian I lived in Los Angeles for several years and the Navajo Reservation is a Read More

Nutrition label use in Latin America

Imagine you live in a rural village in Latin America, and you have the choice to buy either an egg or potato chips to complement Read More


Foreign Policy Articles Examine How Trump Administration’s Proposed FY18 Budget Outline Would…

Foreign Policy: Trump Administration Eyes $1 Billion in Cuts to U.N. Peacekeeping “The White House is seeking to cut $1 billion in funding for U.N. peacekeeping operations and to eliminate hundreds of millions of dollars for other U.N. programs that care for needy children and seek to lift the world’s poorest out of a life…More

Implementing and monitoring the Grand Bargain commitment on transparency

At the World Humanitarian Summit in May 2016, Grand Bargain signatory organisations agreed to work towards greater transparency by identifying and implementing a shared open data standard and common digital platform to enhance transparency and decision-making. As a first step they committed to publishing timely, transparent, harmonised and open high-quality data on humanitarian funding and activities within two years of the Summit and identified the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) as the basis for a common standard. Development Initiatives is working with the Grand Bargain transparency workstream to improve humanitarian transparency and take forward the Grand Bargain commitment on transparency. Through this paper we are consulting on proposals to: Improve the IATI Standard to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of the humanitarian community. Develop a framework and methodology to support Grand Bargain signatories and the wider humanitarian community in monitoring progress against the transparency commitment.

A summary of Kenya’s budget 2017/18 from a pro-poor perspective

Overview Kenya’s budget 2017/18 is an opportunity to address the country’s high levels of poverty and inequality. Over 45% of the country’s population live below the national poverty line,[1] and the poorest fifth of the population share only 4.8% of the country’s income.[2] Kenya also experiences inequalities at the sub-national level. In Turkana County, for example, an individual is 15 times less likely to have access to a secondary education, compared to an individual in Nairobi County. Even within counties, inequality persists. In a ward in Kilifi County, 84.5% of the population live below the poverty line, yet within another ward the figure is 39%.[3] It’s vital that resource allocations are interrogated in order to ensure they address poverty and inequalities.

What do aid agencies need to do to get serious on changing social norms?

Earlier this week I spent a day with Oxfam’s biggest cheeses, discussing how we should react to the rising tide of nationalism and populism (if you think that’s a Northern concern, take a look at what is going on in India or the Philippines). One of the themes that emerged in the discussions was how to engage with social norms – the deeply held beliefs …

From coast to coast: Africa unites to tackle threat of polio

More than 190 000 polio vaccinators in 13 countries across west and central Africa will immunize more than 116 million children over the next week, to tackle the last remaining stronghold of polio on the continent.

CDC: Domestic TB data shows need to expand screening, testing, treatment reach

Categories: TBU.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report finds newly discovered tuberculosis higher among foreign-born with more than 10 years in United States than among more recent arrivals With a drop in the numbers of new tuberculosis patients between 2015 and 2016, TB incidence in the U.S. is once again going in the right direction, […](Read more…)

The Political Economy of Public Sector Performance Management Reform

Reflections from Prajapati Trivedi, founding Secretary of the Performance Management Division in the Government of India Cabinet Secretariat, in Governance. “The new government of Prime Minister Modi never formally declared that it is closing the RFD system. It simply stopped asking the departments to prepare RFDs (performance agreements). Indeed, the government went on to appoint three more Secretaries for Performance Management as my successors.

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Bill Gates Meets With U.S. Congressional Leaders To Discuss Foreign Aid Spending, Global Health…

The Hill: Gates advocates for foreign aid during Capitol Hill meetings “Bill Gates met with several congressional leaders on Tuesday to discuss foreign aid and global health issues. Gates’s representatives did not specify which lawmakers Gates was meeting with, but reporters from The Hill saw Microsoft’s founder entering the offices of Senate Minority Leader Charles…More

U.S. Senators Press Defense Leaders On Impacts Of Potential Cuts To Foreign Aid Spending

Devex: Defense Department officials pressed on aid, as military emerges as key voice in budget debate “U.S. foreign aid came up repeatedly in two defense-related congressional hearings this week, drawing attention to the impact of the White House’s proposed budget cuts in conversations meant to focus on the military. Five senators at the Senate Appropriations…More

Once Approved By WHO, New Rotavirus Vaccine Could Protect Millions Of Children From Diarrheal…

New York Times: New Vaccine Could Slow Disease That Kills 600 Children a Day “A new vaccine against a diarrheal disease that kills about 600 children a day worked well in a large trial in Africa and appears to be a practical way to protect millions of children, scientists said on Wednesday. The new vaccine…More

Governments Must Invest More In Clean Water, Sanitation, World Water Council Says; 1 In 4…

Associated Press: African governments urged to spend more on clean water “Nearly a third of people in sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to safe drinking water, the World Water Council said Wednesday, urging governments to contribute adequate amounts of their budgets toward projects aimed at making safe water widely available. … Globally, at least…More

USAID Works With Communities In Tajikistan To Increase Capacity To Maintain, Operate Safe Water…

Medium: With Water Pours Out Hope Jessica Benton Cooney, communications specialist for USAID’s Center of Excellence on Democracy, Human Rights and Governance “…With USAID support installing inexpensive water systems, rural villages and towns like Khojaabdolon  –  whose residents comprise 73 percent of the Tajikistan’s population  —  are gaining access to safe drinking water. In collaboration…More

U.S. Military Leaders Urge Members Of Congress To Support Full Funding Of State Department,…

U.S. Global Leadership Coalition: Military Leaders on Capitol Hill Today Push to Protect State Department, USAID Budget “Members of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition’s National Security Advisory Council — an elite group of retired three and four star generals and admirals — [were] on Capitol Hill [Wednesday] urging members of Congress to support fully funding the…More

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