Creating Consensus on HICs’ Global Surgery Efforts in the Developing World

Today, 830 childbearing women will die from avoidable causes, mainly in the developing world, and mainly from lack of surgical intervention. (1,2) They are among Read More

The burden of the gift of aid

The splendor of Lake Atitlán is unreal. No water should be so blue, no sky so clear, no hills so lush. The lake is a Read More

What do we palliate? Caring for the sick and the poor

José1 is a man in his sixties from rural Guatemala with cancer spread to his bones. He describes deep aches of his shoulders and hips, Read More


U.S. Congress Must Uphold Foreign Aid To Maintain Global WASH Progress

U.N. Dispatch: A Trump Administration Proposal Would Put Clean Drinking Water out of Reach for Millions Around the World In this guest post, WaterAid America CEO Sarina Prabasi discusses a recently released U.N. report on progress on drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), and the report’s implications for U.S. policymakers as they decide the foreign…More

U.S. Should Reform, Not Cut, Foreign Aid, Development Assistance, Bipartisan Task Force…

Washington Times: Foreign aid task force recommends ‘fixing the plumbing,’ not cutting flow for development “Any reorganization of U.S. foreign aid should focus on ‘fixing the plumbing’ of international development programs rather than sharply cutting back government funding overall, according to a bipartisan report released this week. A task force organized by the Center for…More

South African Official Expresses Concern Over Proposed U.S. Cuts To Global AIDS Funding

Business Day: U.S. plan to cut global AIDS funding has SA on edge “The [South African] Department of Health is anxiously waiting to see if the U.S. Congress approves President Donald Trump’s proposed cuts to global health programs, as its decision could reduce donor support for HIV/AIDS in SA. … ‘We should all be concerned,’…More

Experts, Officials At IAS 2017 Express Concern Over Cuts In Global Funding For HIV/AIDS,…

VOA News: If Funding Stays, HIV Epidemic May be put Under Control “Science seems to be finally starting to win in the war against the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that causes AIDS. But experts gathered at the Paris conference on the deadly disease say proposed cuts in global funding may delay the final blow. ……More

‘Unacceptably’ High Number Of People Dying Of AIDS-Related Diseases In Africa Despite…

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Tide turns in AIDS fight yet ‘unacceptable’ death toll across sub-Saharan Africa “The tide may have turned in the global fight against AIDS, but too many people in sub-Saharan Africa are developing and dying of AIDS-related diseases due to limited testing and problems with treatment, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) said on Tuesday.…More

Experimental HIV Vaccine Well-Tolerated, Prompts Immune Response In Early Clinical Trials,…

Quartz: There’s a promising new HIV vaccine that can protect against multiple strains at once “…[R]esearchers from NIAID and Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies, which is owned by Johnson & Johnson, reported results from a successful preliminary clinical trial at the International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science in Paris. The study, which was called APPROACH, uses…More

Swaziland Achieves Major Reduction In HIV Incidence, Increase In Viral Load Suppression With…

ScienceInsider: Swaziland makes major strides against its AIDS epidemic “New data from Swaziland, a tiny country in southern Africa, provide some of the most convincing evidence yet that aggressively ramping up treatment for HIV/AIDS works on a population level to cut the rate of new infections. The kingdom has had one of the worst HIV/AIDS…More

Sri Lanka Hit With Worst-Ever Dengue Outbreak; Nearly 300 Dead, More Than 100K Cases

Al Jazeera: Worst-ever dengue outbreak kills up to 300 in Sri Lanka “The worst-ever outbreak of dengue fever has killed nearly 300 people in Sri Lanka, with aid agencies warning against further spread of the mosquito-borne viral disease…” (7/24). Reuters: Dengue outbreak kills 300 in Sri Lanka, hospitals at limit “…[Health officials] blamed recent monsoon…More

Trump Administration Can ‘Reimagine And Restructure U.S. Foreign Assistance’ While…

Foreign Policy: Trump Should Fix Foreign Aid, But Not at the Expense of U.S. Interests Daniel Runde, William A. Schreyer chair at CSIS “…The Trump administration has a unique opportunity to reimagine and restructure U.S. foreign assistance to meet the demands of the 21st century.

Global Fund Partnership In Rwanda Aims To Address Connection Between Gender-Based Violence,…

Friends of the Global Fight Blog: Gender-based Violence and HIV/AIDS: A Rwandan Project Confronts the Connection In this blog post, the first in a series of blog posts by Friends of the Global Fight addressing gender equality, Mark P. Lagon, chief policy officer at Friends of the Global Fight, discusses how challenges to gender equality,…More

Secretary Tillerson’s ‘Listening Report’ Shows State, USAID Should Remain Separate; MFAN…

Brookings Institution’s “Future Development”: Tillerson’s “Listening Report” reinforces that State and USAID should be separate George Ingram, a senior fellow in the Global Economy and Development program at the Brookings Institution, co-chair of the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network, and chair emeritus of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, says Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s “Listening Report”…More

Advocates At IAS 2017 Express Concern Over Proposed U.S. Funding Cuts To Global AIDS Programs

Agence France-Presse: ‘Draconian’ U.S. funding cuts would cost lives: AIDS meeting “Leaders in the fight against HIV on Sunday urged the U.S. government, the largest donor to global AIDS research and treatment, to reject ‘draconian’ funding cuts proposed by President Donald Trump. Any funding lapse, they said, will be counted in human lives…” (Le Roux,…More

Scientists Report Encouraging HIV Treatment, Vaccine Research Findings At IAS 2017 Conference

Financial Times: New vaccine enters the battle against AIDS “A new AIDS vaccine will begin large-scale trials in southern Africa at the end of this year, in what is hoped will be a breakthrough in the 30-year scientific battle against the disease. Promising early clinical data on the vaccine, developed by Johnson & Johnson with…More

Bipartisan Task Force Defends U.S. Foreign Aid, Proposes Giving USAID Seat On White House…

Bloomberg: Senators Defend Foreign Aid in Fresh Pitch Against Trump’s Cuts “A bipartisan task force of U.S. senators and former diplomats is pushing back against the Trump administration’s effort to cut funding for foreign aid and development, urging instead that the strategy for overseas assistance should be revamped. Far from reducing the role of such…More

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