Controversy over transparency: why non-profits need to disclose their “real” overhead ratio

“The fact is an average of 91 cents of every dollar the Red Cross spends is invested in our humanitarian services and programs.”[1] This is Read More

The State and global health delivery

It was a rainy afternoon. I arrived at the district social affairs office for their monthly evaluation meeting just in time for Baried, the state Read More

What are We Going to do about Corruption in Global Health? Let’s Tell a Story.

In a recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll from December 2015, the largest barrier to global health efforts as seen by the American public was corruption Read More


Blockchain Technologies Could Transform Global Health Donor Funding, Curb Waste, Corruption

Foreign Affairs: Blockchain and Global Health Brian M. Till, medical student and research associate at Boston Children’s Hospital; Salim Afshar, attending plastic and oral surgeon at Boston Children’s Hospital and faculty member at Harvard Medical School’s Program in Global Surgery and Social Change; Alex W. Peters, resident at Weill Cornell Medicine and Paul Farmer Global…More

Turn left, then right: political changes in Latin America and their impact on health systems

As you might have noticed, Latin America is going through a period of important political changes and turmoil. As the political pendulum is swinging back, more and more conservative (or downright neoliberal) governments are replacing the democratic, progressive ones that were prevailing in previous years. These changes have a number of causes, among others the fact that many voters have perhaps grown a bit tired of these progressive governments after some years in power (as is the case in all democracies with incumbents), the lack of effectiveness of their administration, as well as a perception of (too much) political patronage, bureaucracy and corruption. Importantly, however, a structured strategy from right-wing politicians and parties to remove progressive governments from power (and ditch their policies) also played a key role, via so-called parliamentary coups d’état, ultimately ‘soft’ versions of the ones that have taken place in previous decades in the region. This strategy has been put into action since June 2009, when the Honduran Congress resolved the destitution of President Manuel Zelaya, considering that his government’s actions were violating the Constitution and the judiciary order of the Central American country.

Many Companies Failing To Set Sustainability Targets, Monitor Progress On SDGs, Report Shows

Bloomberg: Companies Failing to Live Up to U.N. Sustainable Development Vows “More than 9,000 companies around the world have pledged to support United Nations Sustainable Development Goals such as respecting human rights, fighting corruption, and ending poverty. Many have yet to follow through. More than one-third of the participating companies haven’t set any measurable sustainability…More

CGD’s Charles Kenny Discusses Corruption In Foreign Aid In NPR Interview, New Book

NPR: Is Corruption Really A Big Problem In Foreign Aid? “…[In a new book, ‘Results Not Receipts: Counting The Right Things In Corruption,’ Charles Kenny has] come up with data showing that sometimes a group spends more money hunting down fraud than measuring whether the aid helped people. We spoke to Kenny, a senior fellow…More

CGD’s Charles Kenny’s New Book Examines Foreign Aid, Corruption, Development Measurements

Center for Global Development “Views from the Center”: Do Weak Governments Doom Developing Countries to Poverty? Charles Kenny, senior fellow at CGD, writes, “When you read what economists have to say about development, it is easy to be disheartened about the prospects for poor countries. One big reason is that slow changing institutional factors are…More

All roads lead to Geneva

This week, health ministers from across the world are making the yearly pilgrimage to Geneva for the 70th World Health Assembly. For spectators, the importance of this week extends far beyond the official proceedings shared via livestream. It is about the closed door breakfasts, the high-level side meetings, the sponsored receptions and events, and the general atmosphere in expensive, elite Geneva as it transforms into the centre of the global health world. The stakes are even higher this year with the election of a new Director-General of the WHO at a time when new leadership and vision are sorely needed. Much has been written by Laurie Garrett, Larry Gostin, and others on reforming the WHO.

Fixing ‘Broken Contracts System’ Would Make U.S. Foreign Assistance More Efficient

Los Angeles Times: Letter to the editor: The crippling effect of ‘America first’ policies on U.S. foreign aid Marie Clarke, executive director of the anti-poverty nongovernmental organization ActionAid USA “It’s impossible to accurately assess the impact of U.S. foreign aid without looking at how the money is spent. … Addressing corruption is important, but the…More

U.S. Suspends $21M In Funding To Kenya’s Ministry Of Health Amid Corruption Allegations

BBC News: U.S. cuts Kenya health aid money over corruption allegations “The U.S. has suspended $21m (£16m) of funding to Kenya’s ministry of health due to concerns over corruption and weak accounting procedures, the state department said. But this amounts to a ‘small portion of the overall U.S.

Liberia President Johnson Sirleaf Must Do More To Improve Nation’s Health Care System, Stamp…

New York Times: Stop Treating Liberia’s President Like a Hero. She’s a Human. Dayo Olopade, author “One of the saddest stories of this year has been the death of Salome Karwah, a Liberian health worker who was featured on the cover of Time magazine as a fighter in the 2014 Ebola epidemic. … Earlier this…More

On Populism, Nationalism, Babies and Bathwater

A couple of Oxfamers were over from the US recently so ODI kindly pulled together a seriously stimulating conversation about life, theuniverse and everything. More specifically, how should ‘we’ – the aid community broadly defined – respond to the rising tide of nationalism, populism, and attacks on aid. It was Chatham House rules, so I’ve already told you too much, but here are some of …

PolitiFact Examines Types Of Entities Receiving U.S. Foreign Aid

PolitiFact: Most U.S. foreign aid flows through U.S. organizations “President Donald Trump’s budget director Mike Mulvaney confirmed recently that foreign aid is on the chopping block. … Critics of programs that aim to boost economies, increase education, and otherwise give poorer nations a leg up often say such aid is wasted through corruption and poor…More

DRC Government Must Commit To Building, Strengthening Its Health System, Supporting Community…

Global Health NOW: A Single Bracelet Does Not Jingle Ousmane Faye, project director of the USAID-supported Integrated Health Project “…In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), a country beleaguered by years of civil war, official corruption and mismanagement, and civil apathy, the path to building a strong health system is challenging. One initiative, focused…More

Exploring the role of corruption and democratic accountability on HIV/AIDS aid effectiveness

Over the past two decades, the role of good governance in aid effectiveness has been a topic of debate. Both donor and recipient countries have questioned why investments of official development assistance (ODA) over many years have not resulted in stronger economic and health outcomes. This blog post focuses on health aid (in particular HIV/AIDS aid) and the impact control of corruption and democratic accountability may have on improving health outcomes. More than 95% of HIV infections are in developing countries. As a result, global communities have invested billions of dollars in the fight against HIV/AIDS using funding from ODA and other substantial donors.

A cross-sectional study of the income sources of primary care health workers in the Democratic…

In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the state system to remunerate health workers is poorly functional, encouraging diversification of income sources and corruption.

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