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The burden of the gift of aid

The splendor of Lake Atitlán is unreal. No water should be so blue, no sky so clear, no hills so lush. The lake is a Read More

What do we palliate? Caring for the sick and the poor

José1 is a man in his sixties from rural Guatemala with cancer spread to his bones. He describes deep aches of his shoulders and hips, Read More

How to take morphine in rural Guatemala

Rosa is a 59-year-old woman dying1 of a broken heart: in her heart is a hole that surgeons cannot fix, and the irregular flow of Read More


In Latin America, Abortion Rights, Women’s Rights, Democracy Are Linked

The Conversation: In Latin America, is there a link between abortion rights and democracy? Larissa Arroyo Navarrete, professor of human rights at the University of Costa Rica “…Central America [is] home to three of the eight countries in the world with total abortion bans. … Why does this region so studiously avoid recognizing women as…More

U.N. Leaders Discuss Improving Access To Medicines, Health Care At U.N. Human Rights Council…

Xinhua News: U.N. agencies hail universal health care at forum “The World Trade Organization (WTO) provides a legal framework for members to cut tariffs on medicines in a non-discriminatory way, WTO Director-General Roberto Azevedo said on Monday. … The WTO head made the remarks while addressing the U.N. Human Rights Council Social Forum that takes…More

U.S. Lawmakers Should Scrutinize Reach Act’s Definitions, Metrics Before Approving…

The Hill: The most cost-effective way to save a life depends how you define saving a life Rebecca Oas, associate director of research at the Center for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam) “…Given the stated purpose of the bill, it is not surprising that the Reach Act, both now and in its 2015 iteration, received…More

Blog Post Highlights Paper Discussing Human Rights, Ethics Concerns Surrounding TB, Migrant…

Center for Global Health Policy’s “Science Speaks”: The link between TB, migration, human rights and ethics Rabita Aziz, policy research coordinator at the Center for Global Health Policy, discusses a paper published in the International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease on the “human rights and ethics concerns surrounding the health needs of migrants, particularly…More

El Salvador’s Abortion Ban Constitutes ‘Violation Of Human Rights,’ Blog Post Says

Council on Hemispheric Affairs: El Salvador’s Ban on Abortion: A Growing Human Rights Crisis Haley Wiebel, extramural contributor at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs, discusses El Salvador’s law prohibiting abortion and its impact on women’s health and rights, writing, “International institutions and governing bodies have condemned El Salvador’s antiabortion law as an egregious violation of…More

E.U., U.N. Launch ‘Spotlight Initiative’ To Eliminate All Forms Of Gender Violence

U.N. News Centre: European Union and U.N. launch new initiative to eliminate gender violence “The European Union and the United Nations [Wednesday] launched a joint initiative to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls, one of the most widespread and devastating human rights violations across the globe. … The E.U.-U.N.

Many Companies Failing To Set Sustainability Targets, Monitor Progress On SDGs, Report Shows

Bloomberg: Companies Failing to Live Up to U.N. Sustainable Development Vows “More than 9,000 companies around the world have pledged to support United Nations Sustainable Development Goals such as respecting human rights, fighting corruption, and ending poverty. Many have yet to follow through. More than one-third of the participating companies haven’t set any measurable sustainability…More

Safeguarding Health Care In Conflict Situations Should Be At Center Of Human Rights Agenda

Physicians for Human Rights Blog: Defending Health Care is at the Heart of the Human Rights Agenda Susannah Sirkin, director of international policy and partnerships and senior adviser at Physicians for Human Rights, discusses health care from a human rights perspective, writing, “Attacks on health [personnel and facilities] … represent a public health crisis ……More

More Than Half Of Rohingya Refugees Fleeing Myanmar Are Children, UNICEF Reports; NGOs Express…

The Guardian: ‘Humanitarian catastrophe’ unfolding as Myanmar takes over aid efforts in Rakhine state “The Myanmar government has taken control of aid operations in the country’s crisis-hit Rakhine state, as reports continue of massacres and ‘ethnic cleansing’ by soldiers on the Muslim population there. Senior officials and Human Rights Watch have told the Guardian they…More

U.S. Congress Must Uphold U.S. Funding To UNFPA To Support Women, Youth In Crises

The Hill: Trump’s global funding cut harms women, youth Hiba Zayadin, research assistant at Human Rights Watch “…Funding from the United States has been instrumental in enabling [the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)] to deliver lifesaving services in humanitarian settings. … Given the Trump administration’s determination to halt U.S. funding for the population fund, its…More

U.S., U.K. Should Not Remain ‘Complicit’ While Saudi Arabia Commits War Crimes In Yemen

New York Times: The Photos the U.S. and Saudi Arabia Don’t Want You to See Nicholas Kristof, New York Times columnist “Let’s be blunt: With U.S. and U.K. complicity, the Saudi government is committing war crimes in Yemen.

Chile’s Experience Reforming Abortion Law Can Serve As Example To Other Countries

New York Times: How Chile Ended Its Draconian Ban on Abortion José Miguel Vivanco, director of the Americas division at Human Rights Watch, and Verónica Undurraga, professor of constitutional law at Adolfo Ibáñez University “Last month, in a huge victory for Chile’s women, the Constitutional Court here upheld a long-awaited law that eases a total…More

Human Rights Watch, UNAIDS Urge Philippines To Address Increase In HIV Incidence, Fastest…

Philippine Star: ‘National emergency’: Philippines urged to address HIV epidemic “Human Rights Watch has called on the Philippine government to implement low-cost interventions after a 2017 UNAIDS report found that the country has the fastest growing HIV epidemic in Asia-Pacific…” (Matsuzawa, 8/2). Philippine Star: Report: Philippines has fastest growing HIV epidemic in Asia Pacific “…The…More

State Department Foreign Affairs Officer Discusses Advocating For Disability Rights Through…

U.S. Department of State’s “DipNote”: Advancing Disability Rights Advocacy: Building Global Coalitions Through People-to-People Diplomacy Kristin Fleschner, a foreign affairs officer in the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor at the U.S. Department of State, discusses her experience losing her sight in her twenties and advocating for disability rights in the U.S. She highlights…More

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