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Q&A with Rob Tinworth, director of The Life Equation

Q&A with Rob Tinworth, director of The Life Equation The Life Equation is a documentary about a impossible choices. When José meets Crecencia Buch, a Read More

Creating Consensus on HICs’ Global Surgery Efforts in the Developing World

Today, 830 childbearing women will die from avoidable causes, mainly in the developing world, and mainly from lack of surgical intervention. (1,2) They are among Read More

Andrew Smith

To Bear Witness

This article originally appeared on Health Initiative  by Dr. Grace Deukmedjian I lived in Los Angeles for several years and the Navajo Reservation is a Read More


‘Science Speaks’ Discusses IAS 2017 Presentation On Modeling Global AIDS Funding Scenarios

Center for Global Health Policy’s “Science Speaks”: IAS 2017: In preventable deaths, new infections, study shows ‘we stand to lose a lot of recent progress’ under Trump AIDS funding plan Antigone Barton, senior editor and writer at “Science Speaks,” discusses results from a modeling study presented by Jessica McGillen of Imperial College in London at…More

Former USAID Budget Official Discusses MFAN Draft Recommendations For Rethinking, Improving…

MFAN: Redesign Reaction: It’s Time to Simplify and Rationalize Aid Michael Casella, former director of USAID’s Office of Budget and Resource Management, discusses a recent discussion draft by MFAN co-chairs that provides a “blueprint for elevating development as a leg of the national security triad (defense, diplomacy, and development). … [T]he recommendations of the discussion…More

Increase In U.S. Global AIDS Funding, Domestic Spending Would Help Reach 90-90-90 Targets By…

aidsmap: U.S. HIV funding decisions on PEPFAR in 2017 will have critical effect on ability to reach 90-90-90 goals “A [complete] withdrawal of United States funding for HIV treatment and prevention in sub-Saharan Africa could lead to 7.9 million additional HIV infections and almost 300,000 AIDS deaths between now and 2030, according to modeling of…More

Human Rights Watch, UNAIDS Urge Philippines To Address Increase In HIV Incidence, Fastest…

Philippine Star: ‘National emergency’: Philippines urged to address HIV epidemic “Human Rights Watch has called on the Philippine government to implement low-cost interventions after a 2017 UNAIDS report found that the country has the fastest growing HIV epidemic in Asia-Pacific…” (Matsuzawa, 8/2). Philippine Star: Report: Philippines has fastest growing HIV epidemic in Asia Pacific “…The…More

U.S. Foreign Assistance Should Help Create Conditions Under Which Aid No Longer Necessary

The Hill: Trump’s nominee to lead USAID has the right philosophy on international aid Lester Munson, vice president, international, at BGR Group and adjunct faculty at Johns Hopkins University “…[President Trump’s nominee for USAID administrator, Mark Green,] is trying to put himself out of a job. … Creating the conditions under which foreign assistance is…More

Blog Post Discusses Ways Science Can Help Control HIV Epidemic

FHI360’s “Research for Evidence”: The science of beating HIV and AIDS Timothy Mastro, chief science officer at FHI360, discusses themes from presentations made at the International AIDS Society 2017 conference, including “1) using science to improve the use of the powerful treatment and prevention tools we have on hand to save lives and prevent new…More

Wilson Center Panel Discussion Highlights USAID, NASA Efforts To Produce Satellite Data To…

Woodrow Wilson Center’s Environmental Change and Security Program’s “New Security Beat”: Observing Earth: Using Satellite Data for International Development Graham Norwood, an intern with the Wilson Center’s Environmental Change and Security Program, discusses “the Wilson Center’s recent panel discussion of the earth observation data program known as SERVIR, which included insights from USAID’s soon-to-be-released evaluation…More

USAID’s July 2017 Global Health Newsletter Focuses On Global Health Financing

USAID: GH Newsletter — Global Health Financing USAID’s July 2017 Global Health Newsletter focuses on global health financing and USAID’s efforts to draw “in a greater mix of sources of financial resources to reduce costs, improve access to patient-centric quality care, and provide sustainable solutions” (July 2017).

Some Programs Helping Women Affected By War, Sexual Violence Could Close Because Of Mexico City…

The Guardian: Insult to injury: how Trump’s ‘global gag’ will hit women traumatized by war “If the first victim of war is the truth, the second is often female. And the people who pick up the pieces are usually aid workers, as it is their health centers and ‘safe spaces’ and camp programs that help…More

Global Health, Foreign Policy Experts Express Concern Over Trump Administration’s Proposed…

CBS News: AIDS experts fear Trump budget cuts could impact HIV/AIDS fight “After President Trump announced a ‘hard-power’ budget plan that prioritizes defense spending over diplomacy and foreign aid, the United Nations programs combating HIV and AIDS recently released some promising news. … Meanwhile in Paris, HIV/AIDS specialists from around the globe gathered for the…More

Swaziland Health Official Discusses Country’s Progress On Controlling HIV, Scaling Up…

Devex: Q&A: How Swaziland got on track to contain the world’s highest HIV prevalence “Dr. Velephi Okello arrived at last week’s International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science with big news. The deputy director of health services at Swaziland’s ministry of health was presenting the findings from a new survey showing that the country —…More

U.S. Relationship With South Korea Could Serve As Model For U.S. Foreign Assistance

U.S. Global Leadership Coalition: From Aid to Trade: How South Korea is a Model for U.S. Foreign Assistance Sung Lee, deputy policy director at USGLC, discusses the impact of U.S. foreign assistance in South Korea, writing, “American economic investment and humanitarian aid produced considerable dividends by helping to build the foundation for the economic transformation…More

USAID To Change Mission, Vision Statements, Seeks Feedback On Draft Statements

Devex: USAID is changing its mission statement “…In an announcement to staff sent on Thursday and obtained by Devex, Acting Administrator Wade Warren asked for feedback on draft mission and vision statements USAID’s leadership team has already written. The effort is part of a broader redesign effort that President Donald Trump’s administration has initiated at…More

USAID Suspends News Applications For Development Innovation Ventures Program

Devex: USAID suspends new applications for DIV innovation program “Development Innovation Ventures, a part of the U.S. Global Development Lab that focuses on supporting entrepreneurs with ‘breakthrough solutions,’ [stopped] accepting applications at the end of the day on Friday. The application window for DIV is ‘temporarily suspended beginning on July, 28, 2017, until further notice,’…More

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