Decentralization and Governance of Universal Health Coverage

Decentralization is frequently recommended as a governance remedy for a wide variety of ills, for example: a means to deepen democratic governance and citizen empowerment, Read More

Does Governance Help Achieve Universal Health Coverage?

I first heard about Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in 2010. At the time, I was working with a group of economists who had just returned Read More

Crowdfunding for Global Health: a novel solution or temporary fix? 

By Elizabeth Sherwin and Katia Cnop Elizabeth Sherwin was the Watsi Fellow working with Maya Health Alliance in Guatemala for 2016-2017. Katia Cnop is a Read More


Study Examines Health, Economic Impacts Of Vaccines In Developing Countries

U.S. News & World Report/Health Day: Vaccines Can Stem Poverty, Not Just Disease, Study Suggests “Vaccines can provide major health and economic benefits for people in low- and middle-income countries, according to a new study by Harvard researchers. It estimated that increased spending to ensure wider distribution of 10 vaccines in 41 such countries over…More

New Report Identifies 31 Countries That Are ‘Severely Off Track’ To Achieving End Of…

Brookings Institution’s “Future Development”: The road to ending poverty runs through 31 severely off track countries Geoffrey Gertz, post-doctoral fellow, and Homi Kharas, interim vice president and director, both for global economy and development at Brookings, discuss findings from a report identifying countries that are least likely to achieve the end of extreme poverty by…More

Bill Gates Expresses Vision For China’s Role In Global Health

Xinhua: China’s growing innovation capacity to play bigger role in global health: Bill Gates “China was once a recipient of development aid, but now it is a major financial and technology contributor to global health. ‘China has done a very strong job of addressing health inequality and poverty over the past decades. What we’d like…More

Bill, Melinda Gates Issue Annual Letter, Address Questions About Foundation’s Efforts, Trump…

Fast Company: Bill And Melinda Answer 10 Tough Questions About The Gates Foundation “At the Gates Foundation, Melinda and Bill Gates command a $40 billion endowment aimed at improving health, and eradicating hunger and poverty in developing counties. To a lesser degree, the foundation also works to improve the U.S. educational system. On average, the…More

World Bank Should Adopt Clear, Effective Strategy To Achieve SDGs, End Extreme Poverty

Project Syndicate: The World Bank Needs to Return to Its Mission Jeffrey D. Sachs, professor at Columbia University and director of Columbia’s Center for Sustainable Development and the U.N. Sustainable Development Solutions Network “…The World Bank declares that its mission is to end extreme poverty within a generation and to boost shared prosperity. These goals…More

Vaccination Could Prevent 24M People From Falling Into Poverty By 2030, Gavi, Harvard Study…

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Vaccines can save nearly 24 million people from poverty, researchers say “New research from Harvard University and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, shows vaccination could prevent about 24 million people from falling into poverty by 2030 in addition to saving millions of lives. The study, published Monday in the magazine Health Affairs, examined the…More

Allocation of development assistance for health: is the predominance of national income…

AbstractGross national income (GNI) per capita is widely regarded as a key determinant of health outcomes.

Brookings Experts Examine Foreign, Domestic Spending To Reduce Poverty Abroad, At Home

Brookings Institution: The link between foreign aid and domestic social spending Homi Kharas, interim vice president and director of Brookings’ Global Economy and Development program, and Lorenz Noe, research analyst in the Global Economy and Development program, examine trends in countries’ official development assistance and domestic social spending. The authors write, “Countries that spend more…More

New Report Highlights Risks, Opportunities For Health Systems, Donors As Polio Funding Winds…

Oxfam’s “From Poverty to Power”: When is eradicating a major disease a disaster for health care? Laura Kerr, senior policy advocacy officer for child health at RESULTS U.K., discusses a new report on how the end of polio could present both risks and opportunities for donors. Kerr writes, “As things stand now, the potential crisis…More

Decentralization and Governance of Universal Health Coverage

Decentralization is frequently recommended as a governance remedy for a wide variety of ills, for example: a means to deepen democratic governance and citizen empowerment, Read More

Ending Poverty, Hunger In Africa Requires Sustained Commitment From All Stakeholders

Inter Press Service: Renewed Partnership to End Hunger in Africa by 2025 António Guterres, secretary general of the United Nations “…Hunger, food insecurity, and poverty are closely linked. Sustainable and inclusive agricultural growth is vital to achieve both SDG1 on poverty and SDG2 on hunger, and also influences many other goals. This means adopting national…More

CGD Blog Post Examines NYT Op-Ed On Poverty In U.S., Worldwide

Center for Global Development’s “Views from the Center”: Chart of the Week #4: Angus Deaton and the Location of Poverty Charles Kenny, director of technology and development and senior fellow at CGD, and Justin Sandefur, senior fellow at CGD, examine Angus Deaton’s recent op-ed in the New York Times on the depth of poverty in…More

Political Will, Investments In Education, Health Vital To Ensuring Equity, Addressing Poverty

Devex: Opinion: Building a shared future in a fractured world starts with education and health Julia Gillard, chair of the Board of Directors at the Global Partnership for Education and distinguished fellow at the Brookings Institution; and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO director general “…[W]hat creates a shared future for a nation is to invest in…More

Devex, Johnson & Johnson Explore Intersection Between Global Health, Development In Davos…

Devex: How to bridge the gap between global health and development “It may require a culture change, but making the link between global health and development challenges — from education to poverty — is critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. How to move from dialogue to creating a more integrated system was the subject…More

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