Does Governance Help Achieve Universal Health Coverage?

I first heard about Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in 2010. At the time, I was working with a group of economists who had just returned Read More

Crowdfunding for Global Health: a novel solution or temporary fix? 

By Elizabeth Sherwin and Katia Cnop Elizabeth Sherwin was the Watsi Fellow working with Maya Health Alliance in Guatemala for 2016-2017. Katia Cnop is a Read More

The burden of the gift of aid

The splendor of Lake Atitlán is unreal. No water should be so blue, no sky so clear, no hills so lush. The lake is a Read More


The welfare implications of public healthcare financing: a macro–micro simulation analysis of…

AbstractStudies on global health and development suggest that there is a strong correlation between the burden of disease and a country’s level of income.

Don’t be afraid of the “C” word, health researchers

“Class”- a word that (most) researchers are more than reluctant to employ. Don’t get me wrong, analysis of health inequalities based on income, poverty, socioeconomic gradients and so on abound. Sophisticated statistical tools are being used to show us the obvious – that health outcomes are poor for those with fewer resources, no matter which country they belong to. We call them the poor, the “grassroots”, the “left behind”.

‘Diseases Of The Past’ Continue To Infect Humans Worldwide, Mainly In Regions Of Unrest,…

Financial Times: Medieval diseases are making a grim comeback Anjana Ahuja, science commentator “…While the plague seems to us a medieval affliction, it has never fully disappeared. … Now the World Health Organization has noted an unusually large outbreak of plague in Madagascar. … It is no coincidence the disease has found fertile pickings in…More

U.N. SG Calls For More Global Efforts To Eradicate Poverty On International Day

HuffPost: These 7 Numbers Show How Global Poverty Remains A Huge Problem “More than one billion people escaped the grind of extreme poverty — defined as living on less than $1.90 a day — between 1990 and 2013. But despite the gains, the world remains a long way from eradicating poverty altogether, especially in sub-Saharan…More

UNFPA State Of The World Population Report Focuses On Sexual, Reproductive Health, Rights; TRF…

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Give world’s poorest women control over sex, birth, to cut inequality — U.N. “A failure to give the world’s poorest women control over their bodies could widen inequality in developing countries and thwart progress towards global goals aimed at ending poverty by 2030, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) said on Tuesday.…More

Oxfam America Blog Post Examines U.S. Foreign Aid, National Debt

Oxfam America’s “Politics of Poverty”: President Trump thinks cutting aid will fix U.S. debt. But his numbers don’t add up. Heather Schommer, senior writer for aid effectiveness at Oxfam America, writes about statements made by President Trump on U.S. foreign aid and the national debt

International Community Should Prioritize Mental Health

HuffPost: Mental Health Money Can’t Just Follow Bombs, Bullets And Trauma Craig Kielburger and Marc Kielburger, co-founders of WE “…[T]he problem [of mental health disorders] is often overlooked in light of other pressing development priorities. … For many, the logic is inescapable. In the hierarchy of needs, lifting people out of poverty and ensuring they…More

African, Global Leaders Must Ensure All People Have Access To Quality Health Care

HuffPost: Universal Health Coverage and the Road to Equality Toyin Ojora Saraki, founder of the Wellbeing Foundation Africa “…[Universal health coverage (UHC)] not only improves health, but also reduces poverty, creates jobs, drives economic growth, promotes gender equality, and protects populations against epidemics. … Currently, [Nigeria’s health] system struggles to live up to even the…More

Politics, Inequities Present Barriers To Achieving SDGs

Project Syndicate: Politics in the Way of Progress J. Bradford DeLong, professor at the University of California at Berkeley and research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research “There are 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which aim to tackle problems including poverty, hunger, disease, inequality, climate change, ecological degradation, and many others…More

Policies Should Help Equip Local Farmers To Adapt To Climate Change

HuffPost: A Recipe to End Hunger: Food Policies that Adapt to Climate Change Joan, Josep, and Jordi Roca, chefs and goodwill ambassadors at UNDP working with the SDG Fund “…On small farms across the globe, food and agriculture are the primary drivers of development and poverty reduction. Without more climate-resilient food systems, we risk even…More

Global Community Should Facilitate Cross-Sector Efforts To Achieve SDGs

Inter Press Service: Thousands Rally to Mark Second Anniversary of U.N.’s SDGs Tanja Gohlert, member of the European Secretariat of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty “Two years ago on 25 September 2015, 193 governments agreed to an action plan to end poverty, protect the planet, and foster international peace by adopting the U.N.’s…More

Using Socioeconomic Data To Inform Development Investments Helps Lift ‘World’s Needy’ Out…

Forbes: The Gateses Are Right: Invest In The Poor Kevin O’Marah, chief content officer at SCM World “…Governments and charitable organizations have long played leading roles in channeling aid to the world’s needy. Judging by the television advertisements used to raise cash, the pitch rests on morality. The Gateses’ editorial says as much: ‘Disease and…More

Philanthropists Pledge $34M To Improve Gender-Related Development Data Collection

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Philanthropists pledge millions for better U.N. data on women “Philanthropists pledged millions of dollars to fund U.N. data gathering on Thursday, saying it was vital to learn more about the world’s women to tackle the poverty that disproportionately affects them. Pledges totaling $34 million were unveiled during a side event of the…More

International Cooperation, Optimism Necessary To Confront Global Development Challenges, Obama…

Agence France-Presse/New Vision: Obama: ‘No One Nation’ Can Confront Global Development Challenges “Former U.S. President Barack Obama said nations must cooperate to confront some of world’s most pressing challenges, including climate change, poverty, disease, and discrimination. ‘The biggest problems we confront — no one nation is going to be able to solve on its own…More

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