To Use or Not to Use: the Clinical Dilemma of Antimicrobials

    Understandably frustrated after 4 weeks of mild coughing, a nicely dressed businesswoman had come for an evaluation. I looked for infection in her Read More

Thoughts After 22 Years of Consumption and Organizing a Food System Symposium

Sarah Dwyer is passionate about developing a multidisciplinary understanding of the ways that food affects health through her work with a community-led nutrition education program Read More

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What will it take to dismantle the power structures that perpetuate inequality and bigotry in aid, philanthropy, social enterprise, and impact investing? (Plus, a sampling of resources/conversations on solidarity.)


Intellectual Property Watch Examines Report On U.S. Global Health R&D Investment

Intellectual Property Watch: Report Shows Benefits Of U.S. Investment In Global Health R&D “A recent report from a global health advocacy group in Washington, D.C. shows the importance to the United States of U.S. government investment in global health research and development and argues that more investment would have a tremendous positive impact on lives…More

Health Systems Strengthening, Improving Treatment Access, Health Service Delivery Essential To…

Washington Post: We can cure hepatitis C. But we’re now making the same mistake we did with AIDS. Neil Gupta, instructor at Harvard Medical School and clinical director at Partners in Health, and Paul Farmer, professor at Harvard University, infectious disease physician at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and co-founder of Partners in Health “…How…More

U.S. Congress Must Uphold Foreign Aid To Maintain Global WASH Progress

U.N. Dispatch: A Trump Administration Proposal Would Put Clean Drinking Water out of Reach for Millions Around the World In this guest post, WaterAid America CEO Sarina Prabasi discusses a recently released U.N. report on progress on drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), and the report’s implications for U.S. policymakers as they decide the foreign…More

U.S. Should Reform, Not Cut, Foreign Aid, Development Assistance, Bipartisan Task Force…

Washington Times: Foreign aid task force recommends ‘fixing the plumbing,’ not cutting flow for development “Any reorganization of U.S. foreign aid should focus on ‘fixing the plumbing’ of international development programs rather than sharply cutting back government funding overall, according to a bipartisan report released this week. A task force organized by the Center for…More

The global war on tobacco is far from over

0000-0002-1767-4576We should be proud of our efforts in Australia, but we can’t become complacent as Big Tobacco continues to sell trillions of cigarettes globally, and other industries adopt their tactics. ONE could easily be mistaken for thinking the war on tobacco is coming to a close. Lighting up a cigarette mid-flight seems absurd to us now, but was common practice just a decade or two ago. We enjoy restaurant meals and afternoon coffees without the stench of toxic smoke and we can share a night out without having to wash our clothes, or endure a husky, sore throat the following morning. Australia now has one of the lowest smoking rates in the world, with 14.7% of adults aged 18 years and over smoking daily, down from 16.1% in 2011-12.

Faith-Based Organizations Explore Involvement With Family Planning Activities At Wilson Center…

Washington Times: Faith-based groups face dilemma in cooperating with family planning organizations “…Faith-based organizations (FBOs) and churches are effective vehicles for family planning education and resources, but religious convictions often deter such institutions from partnering in the cause. An event Tuesday at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars — attended by about 100 people,…More

In Senate Committee Hearing, Experts Urge U.S. To Take Action To Alleviate Hunger Crises…

Devex: Senate hearing urges diplomatic pressure in famine response “In a Senate Committee on Foreign Relations hearing room lined with large printed photographs of starving children, experts discussed how the United States can help mitigate famine and near-famine crises affecting 20 million people across the globe. Washington can help meet current needs as well [as]…More

Private Sector, Citizens Must Contribute To Humanitarian Relief Efforts In Yemen, Somalia,…

Washington Post: More than 20 million people are at risk of starving to death. Will the world step up? Editorial Board “More than 20 million people in four countries are at risk of starvation in the coming months, in what the United Nations has called the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II. But the…More

More Investment In WASH Services Needed In Brazil To Prevent Further Zika Outbreaks, HRW Report…

Deutsche Welle: Zika could resurface in Brazil if causes not addressed, HRW says “Human Rights Watch (HRW) warned on Thursday that Brazil could face a new outbreak of the mosquito-borne Zika virus if it fails to improve sanitation services and insecure water access for the poor. In a report, the rights group said that more…More

U.S. Should Maintain, Increase Investments In Emergency Preparedness

Washington Post: Letters to the Editor: The new CDC director has an important duty: Resisting budget reductions Richard Seifman, board member of the National Physicians Alliance and technical review panel active member of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria “…It is well-recognized that the best protection for American lives in the face…More

Washington Post Outlines Vacancies Among 26 Key U.S. Government Positions Related To Disease…

Washington Post: 26 key bioterrorism jobs the Trump administration has not yet filled “…Within the U.S. government, there are many positions across multiple agencies and departments that are vital for national decision-making about how to prevent, detect, and respond to bioterrorism threats. But a large number of key positions remain unfilled by the Trump administration,…More

Essay Explores Politics Of Partnerships In Reproductive Health Initiatives

Africa Is A Country: Of gag rules and global partnerships Lynn M. Thomas, a professor at the University of Washington, discusses the challenges of politics in advancing global health, in particular family planning, as well as the emergence and role of partnerships in global health, writing, “We live in times when talk of partnership abounds…More

World Bank’s Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility Represents Innovative Approach To Rapid…

Washington Post: A worthy legacy of the Ebola catastrophe Editorial Board “One of the most disturbing lessons to emerge from the Ebola virus disease epidemic in West Africa in 2014-2015 was how unprepared the world was for it. … The [World Bank] has announced the issuance of $500 million in specialized bonds and derivatives that…More

Improving Access To WASH, Being ‘Proactive’ Vital To Preventing, Controlling Cholera…

New Scientist: A cholera pandemic has raged for 56 years. Time to stamp it out Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance “…Yemen reinforces a crucial lesson: when it comes to cholera we need to be proactive, not reactive. When we know there is a very high chance that the disease will appear, we…More

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