Health gap between urban rich and poor getting worse

In cities, access to quality health care varies greatly between the rich and poor, from Lagos to Washington, D.C. The poorest urban children in some developing countries are twice as likely to die as their wealthy counterparts. Steps must be taken immediately to eliminate health inequality, says charity group Save the Children. Its annual State of


Bill and Melinda Gates: More philanthropy can work against inequality

Washington Post: Bill and Melinda Gates: More philanthropy can work against inequality “…In 2010, Bill Gates teamed up with his friend Warren Buffet to launch a campaign — called The Giving Pledge — to convince other super wealthy people around the world to give away at least 50 percent of their money to charity. There…More

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U.S. Must Increase Capacity For Global Health R&D, Anticipate Global Disease Threats

Washington Post: Why aren’t we producing medications for looming global disease threats? Mel Spigelman, physician and president and chief executive of TB Alliance “…[A new Global Health Technologies Coalition] analysis reveals that over the past six years, [U.S.] taxpayer funding for global health research has been stagnant or declining. … Managing health threats through emergency…More


An implementer’s perspective on family planning as a human right

Editor’s note: We talked to Sara Tifft, associate director in PATH’s Reproductive Health Program, to get her perspective on how the human right to health and family planning intersects with our work at PATH. Sara sits on the Human Right to Family Planning Conference (HR2FP) steering committee at the University of Washington and will also […] ; ; ; ;Related StoriesThe world is full of dangerous things. Childbirth should not be one of them.Friday Think: are condoms that detect STIs and change color a good idea?What does it take to eradicate a deadly disease? ;

Liberia, International Community Must Prioritize WASH To Achieve SDGs

Foreign Policy: Want to Fight Ebola? Help Liberia Invest in Toilets. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, president of Liberia “…Measuring progress toward clean water, sanitation, and hygiene in homes, schools, and hospitals will be an important component of achieving the new Global Goals, both in Liberia and around the world. … The responsibility of implementing these Global…More

Gates Foundation Sets Example, Reflects Data-, Results-Driven Approach To Global Health,…

Washington Post: Bill Gates and the golden age of global aid Michael Gerson, opinion writer “…The billionaire’s main contribution to global health is the manner in which he combines technology, aspiration, resources, and rigor. … Gates both drives and reflects a remarkable trend. Over the past 25 years, efforts to help the global poor have been…More

International Economists’ Declaration Calls For Expansion, Improvement Of Health Care

Washington Post: Larry Summers: We must act on global health because millions of lives are at stake Lawrence H. Summers, Charles W. Eliot university professor at Harvard and former treasury secretary and director of the National Economic Council in the White House “…The breadth of ambition embodied in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the…More

Iraq Works To Stem Cholera Outbreak As Case Number Rises To 121

Reuters: Cases in Iraq cholera outbreak rise to 121, but no new deaths: ministry “Iraq’s first major cholera outbreak since 2012 has risen to at least 121 cases and spread to southern provinces along the Euphrates River, though no new deaths have been reported in days, the health ministry said on Wednesday…” (Hameed/Kalin, 9/23). Washington…More

What advice would you give to new global development students?

Sharing insights from how-matters.org followers (and a few of my own).

Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus Spreading Through Oceania, South America, Washington Post Reports

Washington Post: Bumpy rash, achy joints, inflamed eyes? There’s a new disease in town. “Never heard of the Zika virus? That may change soon.

Myanmar Officials, Representatives Of Civil Society, U.S., International Bodies Commit To…

The Lancet Infectious Diseases: Myanmar given an international boost to eliminate malaria “…In [a recent Washington, D.C., meeting of Myanmar government and military officials, representatives from Myanmar’s main opposition party, and ethnic minority communities, as well as representatives of U.S. and international bodies,] the diverse Myanmar participants and their partners, who spoke of working collectively…More

Dominican Republic Health Ministry Warns Of Rise In Dengue Cases

Associated Press/Washington Post: Dominican Republic issues alert amid rise in dengue cases “Health officials in the Dominican Republic have issued an alert as the number of dengue cases and deaths continue to rise in the Caribbean country. The Ministry of Health says there have been 57 deaths so far this year, 17 more than last…More

Australia Should Accept U.S. Call For Longer Data Exclusivity On Medicines In TPP

The Hill: Australia should stop stalling negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Eric V. Schlecht, writer focused on budget and economic issues in Washington, D.C. “…The [Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)] needs to include robust protections for advanced medicines — or we risk derailing investment in future life-saving medical discoveries. … [R]egulators have established data exclusivity, which prevents…More

Blocked From Eastern Ukraine, Aid Agencies Concerned Civilians Unprepared For Winter Months

Washington Post: In eastern Ukraine, most Western aid agencies have been blocked “Nearly all Western humanitarian organizations have been blocked from operating in separatist-controlled parts of eastern Ukraine for close to two months, and they fear that unless the situation is reversed, civilians could lose access to critical assistance when winter sets in…” (Gibbons-Neff/Smirnova, 9/17).

International Community Needs New Tools Promoting Comprehensive Approaches To HIV Prevention,…

Global Health Technologies Coalition’s “Breakthroughs”: Advocacy and partnerships for HIV/AIDS prevention for women: A post from Durban, South Africa GHTC Director Erin Will Morton discusses the need for “new tools to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Africa, in Washington, D.C., and everywhere in between. … We cannot end the HIV/AIDS epidemic with the current…More

Ebola-Related Travel Restrictions Remain In Place For Many Countries Even As Outbreak Fades,…

Washington Times: Ebola quarantines remain after outbreak fades, leaving travelers to negotiate web of rules “The threat of a major Ebola outbreak has faded, but the travel bans imposed at the height of the epidemic are usually still in place, leaving tourists, business travelers, and aid workers grappling with confusing and even contradictory policies that…More

White House Should Take Stand Against Uganda’s NGO Bill To Protect Civil Society Groups

Washington Post: Uganda should scrap its repressive NGO bill Editorial Board “…[Recently,] Uganda introduced the NGO Bill of 2015 … [which] requires that organizations ‘not engage in any activity which is … contrary to the dignity of the people of Uganda.’ Such vague language gives the government wide berth to monitor and control the activities…More

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