Thoughts After 22 Years of Consumption and Organizing a Food System Symposium

Sarah Dwyer is passionate about developing a multidisciplinary understanding of the ways that food affects health through her work with a community-led nutrition education program Read More


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What will it take to dismantle the power structures that perpetuate inequality and bigotry in aid, philanthropy, social enterprise, and impact investing? (Plus, a sampling of resources/conversations on solidarity.)


A conversation with MacArthur Genius Gary Cohen of Health Care Without Harm

Gary Cohen is co-founder and president of Health Care Without Harm. His focus is global health care delivery and its role in promoting health equity, environmental Read More


Washington State’s Global Health Community Should Lead Reforms To Better Distribute HIV…

Humanosphere: Op-Ed: Is global health industry too self-serving in the fight against AIDS? Scott Barnhart, professor of medicine and global health, and Joanna Diallo, senior program manager in the department of global health, both at the University of Washington, Seattle, discuss a “self-serving model of development,” in which much of the funding meant to help…More

What does the US election mean for global health?

After the initial shock of the 2016 election outcome, Washington, DC, is now in the throes of its new favorite sport: political armchair quarterbacking about what the new Administration and Congress will mean for various policy agendas. For those of us working in global health and development—and unlike in previous presidential transitions—little has been articulated […] ; ; ; ;Related StoriesThe politics of pneumoniaOxygen is a matter of life and breathDelivering new traditions for greater health ;

In Democratic House Leadership Race, Rep. Ryan Challenges Rep. Pelosi On Party’s Focus On…

Washington Times: Tim Ryan: Zika fight costly for Democrats in 2016 election “Rep. Tim Ryan says Democrats made a mistake by focusing so heavily on the Zika fight this summer, picking a parochial political battle over an issue that turned out not to be the disaster they’d been counting on. … Mr. Ryan, an Ohio…More

News Outlets Recognize World Toilet Day, Discuss Various Aspects Of WASH, Related Diseases

Devex: Why the Gates Foundation wants you to talk about poop “…The big question [Bill Gates] poses in his recent blog post ‘A perfume that smells like poop?’ is whether this technology will make a difference for the one in three people who lack access to improved sanitation. Firmenich, a partner of the Bill &…More

PLOS Recognizes World Toilet Day, Announces New Collection Focused On WASH

PLOS Blogs’ “Speaking of Medicine”: U.N. World Toilet Day 2016 Peter Hotez and Serap Aksoy, co-editors in chief of PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases; Thomas McBride, associate editor for PLOS Medicine; and Larry Peiperl, chief editor of PLOS Medicine, reflect on 15 years of recognizing U.N. World Toilet Day and announce the WASH Collection. They write,…More

UN World Toilet Day 2016

PLOS Medicine and PLOS NTDs reflect on 15 years of World Toilet Day and announce the WASH Collection. UN World Toilet Day highlights the urgent need to address a global sanitation crisis by providing toilets

What a Trump Presidency Might Mean For Global Health

Last week, the world was shocked by the news that Donald Trump would become the next United States President. In this post, Emory University’s James Michiel takes a first look at how this surprising result might influence global health in the coming years. ON Wednesday 9th November, America woke up to the shocking news that, after a long, bitter election cycle, Donald J. Trump, the reality television star and controversial businessman, had bested former Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to become the next President of the United States. The news was a startling surprise to those who had trusted the statisticians and prognosticators who had predicted a sweeping victory for the Democratic nominee, and a terrifying shock to those who have been disgusted by Trump’s oftentimes violently racist and misogynist rhetoric throughout the campaign

Much Of Brazil’s $230M In Zika Funding Misused, Unspent, Auditors Say

Washington Post: Brazilian states have millions of dollars to fight Zika. Why isn’t it getting spent? “…Brazil’s government has authorized hundreds of millions of dollars to slow the spread of transmissible diseases such as Zika — with $230 million made available to states in the past two years alone. But auditors have discovered that a…More

World Bank: Improve water and sanitation access for Latin American kids

If Latin America is to gain more ground on the fight against poverty, children need better access to basic resources like running water and sanitation, according to newly released data from the World Bank.

Weekly links October 28: the platinum development intervention, super long-run cash effects, in…

The platinum development intervention: Lant Pritchett on how the gold standard ultra-poor poverty programs don’t stack up very well against migration. Cash effects after 40 years: The long-term impacts of cash transfers in the U.S. – Wonkblog covers a new working paper (and job market paper from a Stanford student David Price) on the income maintenance experiments  that took place four decades ago – they find those who received the assistance retired earlier, as a result making less money over their careers – while there appears to be no long-term impacts on children (for what they can measure using admin data).

PolitiFact Examines Americans’ Beliefs About U.S. Foreign Aid Spending

PolitiFact: Most people clueless on U.S. foreign aid spending “…In a speech before the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, [Secretary of State John] Kerry bemoaned a persistent misconception about how much money Washington sends overseas. ‘Do you know that amazing surveys show that many of our citizens think we devote a full quarter or even…More

Investments In Global Health Financing Data Necessary For Sustainable, Evidence-Based Health…

Devex: The future of health financing: Investing in data Annie Haakenstad, Ph.D. candidate in the global health and population department at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and Joseph Dieleman, assistant professor at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington “…The future of health financing … requires investments…More

New WHO Guidelines Present Recommendations To Prevent Surgical-, Hospital-Related Infections

See more here: New WHO Guidelines Present Recommendations To Prevent Surgical-, Hospital-Related Infections

Gates Foundation Grants $210M To University Of Washington For Population Health Initiative

Reuters: Bill Gates foundation gives $210 million to Seattle-based university “Microsoft founder Bill Gates through his foundation has donated $210 million to an initiative based at the University of Washington in Seattle aimed at improving people’s health around the world, university officials said on Tuesday…” (Dobuzinskis, 10/25). Seattle Times: Record gift to UW: $210M from…More

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