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Is global health about gizmos or people?

By Julia E. Robinson, director of advocacy programs for Health Alliance International at the University of Washington. In Liberia, a health worker takes child’s temperature at the FJ Grant District Hospital in Greenvile in the Sinoe County. AP It’s an exciting time to be fighting for the “End of AIDS.” Everyone from Hillary Clinton to … Continue reading →

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Taps and toilets essential to keep India polio-free

Article by Neeraj Jain (WaterAid) Taps and toilets essential to maintain India’s polio-free miracle, from the Lancet GH Blog.


Are Disaster News Stories a Catastrophe? Why Aid Agencies Should Partner with the Press

Since typhoon Haiyan ravaged the Philippines last month, some predictable patterns of disaster news coverage have begun to emerge – including evidence of a sometimes contentious relationship between the press and aid organizations. This week on PLOS TGH, Columbia University’s Chris Tedeschi explores. 


Eradicating Poverty Requires Inclusive, Sustainable Economic Growth, World Bank’s Kim Says

Devex: How to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030 — what do you think? “After the World Bank spring meetings wrapped up over the weekend in Washington, D.C., the international development community is busy going over what was discussed, what was accomplished and — maybe even more importantly — what remains to be done to meet…More

Foreign Aid Programs Can Boost Public Perceptions Of Donor Countries

Washington Post: Doing well by doing good: foreign aid improves opinions of the U.S. Benjamin Goldsmith of the University of Sydney; Yusaku Horiuchi of Dartmouth College; and Terence Wood of Australia National University “…A fundamental question … is whether helping the poor in recipient countries and bringing benefits to donor countries are ever compatible. In…More

International Community Must Do More To Help Restore Peace In CAR

The Washington Post published two opinion pieces regarding conflict and the resulting humanitarian crisis in Central African Republic (CAR). Washington Post: Central African Republic needs immediate help Ban Ki-moon, U.N. secretary general “…Like its stranded airport refugees, [CAR] is in dire need of a ticket out of its misery. … With the support of the…More

44 Developing Countries Commit To Accelerating WASH Efforts

Devex: Developing countries, partners renew WASH pledges “Up to 44 developing countries and their partners committed on Friday to accelerate efforts to provide basic sanitation to 2.5 billion people and clean drinking water for another 750 million across the globe. At the Sanitation and Water for All high-level meeting in Washington, D.C., participants renewed their…More

Gates Foundation’s ‘Reinvent The Toilet Challenge’ Exhibits Progress For WASH In India

In the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s “Impatient Optimists” blog, Doulaye Koné, senior program officer for sanitation technologies and tools at the foundation, discusses progress made in and future steps for the “Reinvent the Toilet Challenge: India” (RTTC), a program aimed at developing safe and affordable sanitation. After visiting New Delhi to review progress on…More

Blog Summarizes Recent Discussion On WASH, NTDs, Poverty Reduction

“[An] important conversation also occurred this week: ‘Why water and toilets matter in foreign aid,’ hosted by WaterAid at the National Press Club. Barbara Frost, chief executive of WaterAid U.K.; Henry Northover, head of policy at WaterAid U.K.; and Lisa Schechtman, director of policy and advocacy at WaterAid America spoke about how WASH can advance…More

Kicking off the week by looking at the last one

Sign up for the Newsletter From the Cave (as seen below) to land directly in your already crowded inbox each week, by going here.Articles He WroteWill the US foreign aid budget continue its decline?Discussions in DC are now taking place over the Fiscal Year 2015 budget and the downward trend of foreign aid spending may resume.US underfunding crucial global health research and development, warns groupA GHTC report warns that the political wrangling over federal budgets in Washington DC are putting crucial global health research and development at risk.Income growth is great, just not for reducing child undernutritionIt has been held that improving the economies of developing countries can help reduce undernutrition. New research says that is not actually happening.Genocide anniversary reignites French-Rwandan political tensionsComments made by Rwandan President Paul Kagame about France’s complicity in the nation’s genocide throws cold water on the improving relations between them.World needs to get its shit together on climate changeAnother report from the UN warns about the negative effects of climate change on the world, but will it actually get people to take action?Gif Me a BreakStephan Colbert will be replacing David Letterman over at the Late Show next year.Good ReadsSatirical spoilers for the final season of Mad Men that cut close to what could happen.Two-thirds of the neighborhoods in the bottom fourth of the national income distribution in 1980 were still at the bottom in 2008. You like art (music, paintings, etc) when you believe the artist is eccentric (aka why people like Bjork and Lady Gaga).USA Network is pretty much the anti-AMC, and it’s getting the big audience. Here’s why.”Upworthy enrolls us in the establishment of our own organized ignorance.” Coffee nerd alert: MIT mapped the neighborhoods served by independent coffee shops in San Francisco and Cambridge.Tracking down the elusive great satirist Tom Lehrer, who continues to be an influence a half century after he suddenly stopped writing music.A new series on Showtime tries to make climate change more interesting by using celebrities. See the first episode in full here.Song of the WeektUnE-yArDs – Water FountainDevelopment GoodiesWe “need a new way of thinking about the challenge of international development that goes beyond obsolete divisions of North-South.”What should be the role of the NGO?“You’re just not that vulnerable enough” – the situation of urban displacement in Libya.When an aid project goes wrong, who is responsible?

Connecting the Dots: Greater Integration between WASH and NTDs

; Over the past month, we’ve heard many times from the neglected tropical disease (NTD) and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) communities about the importance of cross-sector collaboration (see here and here). Momentum has especially been building, though, in the past two weeks. Just last week, as the part of events recognizing the second anniversary […]

The Power of Partnerships: Increasing Investments in WASH for Poverty Reduction

; This week, the former President of the Republic of Ghana and the Global Network’s Special Envoy for neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), John A. Kufuor, joined partners from the U.S. government, NGO community and private sector to discuss ways to increase access to improved water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). Because NTDs many are transmitted through […]

Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law Illustrates Limits Of U.S. Influence In Africa

The Hill: The Ugandan anti-gay bill and the limits of U.S. influence in Africa Joshua Meservey, assistant director of the Atlantic Council’s Africa Center “…[Uganda President Yoweri] Museveni’s decision [to sign an anti-gay bill] is the latest instance of Washington being unable to influence an allied African leader, the result of shifting geopolitical trends and…More