To Use or Not to Use: the Clinical Dilemma of Antimicrobials

    Understandably frustrated after 4 weeks of mild coughing, a nicely dressed businesswoman had come for an evaluation. I looked for infection in her Read More

Thoughts After 22 Years of Consumption and Organizing a Food System Symposium

Sarah Dwyer is passionate about developing a multidisciplinary understanding of the ways that food affects health through her work with a community-led nutrition education program Read More

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What will it take to dismantle the power structures that perpetuate inequality and bigotry in aid, philanthropy, social enterprise, and impact investing? (Plus, a sampling of resources/conversations on solidarity.)


Debate Over Efficacy, Available Doses Of Cholera Vaccine, Concerns Over WASH Conditions Slow…

IRIN: What’s really stopping a cholera vaccination campaign in Yemen? “…The [previous cholera vaccination] plan was soon walked back, amidst questions about the vaccine’s efficacy at such an advanced stage in the outbreak, as well as — IRIN can now report — concerns about the number of doses available. But aid agencies, technical experts, and…More

World Bank/IMF Development Committee Releases Communiqué From Fall Meeting

World Bank: World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings 2017: Development Committee Communiqué This press release contains the official communiqué of the World Bank/IMF Development Committee, which met October 14 in Washington, D.C. The document outlines the committee’s recognition of and recommendations on various issues, including health and development goals, gender equality, resilience, and climate change (10/14).

Lancet Commission Report Identifies Global Opioid Access Gap Between Wealthy Nations, LMICs

Associated Press: Millions die suffering amid global opioid gap, report says “Nearly 26 million people around the world die each year with serious suffering in part because of a huge gap in pain relief: The U.S. may be awash in opioid painkillers, but they’re rare or unavailable in dozens of poor countries, says a new…More

Political Will Needed To Ensure Safeguards Set In Place For Rohingya Refugees’ Return

Washington Post: No more excuses. The Rohingya need our help. Eric P. Schwartz, president of Refugees International “…[T]he United States should seek to join with China to press both Aung San Suu Kyi and the Burmese military to agree to the return of the Rohingya refugees [to Myanmar] and to provide them with genuine safeguards.…More

CDC’s MMWR Recognizes Global Handwashing Day

CDC’s “Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report”: Announcement: Global Handwashing Day — October 15, 2017 “October 15, 2017, marks the 10th annual Global Handwashing Day. This observance helps to increase awareness and understanding of handwashing with soap as an effective and affordable way to prevent disease around the world…” (10/13).

U.N., Bangladesh Health Ministry Begin Cholera Immunization Campaign Among Rohingya Refugees;…

Associated Press: U.N. starts cholera vaccinations in Bangladesh among Rohingya “U.N. agencies and Bangladesh’s health ministry began a massive cholera immunization campaign Tuesday to stem a possible outbreak of the water-borne disease among more than a half million Rohingya Muslims who have fled violence in Myanmar to neighboring Bangladesh. No cases of the potentially life-threatening…More

Pharmaceutical Industry, Governments Should Work Together To Achieve UHC By 2030

Devex: Opinion: Adversity is the mother of invention Thomas B. Cueni, director general of IFPMA “…The innovative pharmaceutical industry, through both new medicines and partnerships, is helping to move the compass needle [toward achieving universal health coverage by 2030]. … Our core business is innovation. … To boost research, we are collaborating more and more.…More

Philippines President’s Violent Crackdown On Drug Use Fueling Spread Of HIV, Other Diseases,…

Washington Post: Duterte’s ‘drug war’ is fueling the spread of disease “…Front-line advocates in [Cebu City] in the central Philippines say [President Rodrigo Duterte’s] violent anti-drug campaign is pushing users ever further underground, fueling the spread of disease by stopping efforts to get them clean needles. Those who work with injection drug users say they…More

U.S. Secretary Of State Tillerson Lauds PEPFAR’s Successes, Expresses Continued Support For…

CIDRAP News: Secretary Tillerson lauds global health security agenda “In a keynote speech in Washington, D.C., [Wednesday] at the Grand Challenges network annual meeting, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson voiced support for U.S. collaboration on global infectious disease issues, including ongoing efforts to battle threats such as HIV and malaria. He also signaled U.S.…More

Madagascar’s Plague Outbreak Grows, Prompting Government To Temporarily Close Public…

Bloomberg: Plague Outbreak Kills 30 People in Madagascar With Hundreds Ill “An outbreak of pneumonic plague in the Indian Ocean island nation of Madagascar has killed 30 people, with almost 200 others infected, the Public Health Ministry said…” (Rahagalala, 10/5). Washington Post: ‘Black Death’ outbreak strikes Madagascar, killing 30 and triggering panic “…Experts say they…More

Businesses Have Role To Play In Addressing Climate Change, Achieving SDGs

Washington Post: My company’s carbon footprint is the size of a small country. We need to act. Stephen Badger, chair of Mars Inc. “…One of the key characteristics of the Paris agreement is that it extends beyond governments to engage businesses. … [P]eople often asked me if there really is a sound business case for…More

At Meetings, Bill Gates Calls For Improved Global Health Data, More Foreign Aid, International…

GeekWire: Bill Gates calls for more data, foreign aid for global health work amid talks of huge U.S. spending cuts “As federal leaders gathered in Washington, D.C., to propose a slate of tax and spending cuts Wednesday, hundreds of experts gathered in Seattle for a very different reason: Shaping the future of global health work.…More

Sen. Ben Cardin Talks About U.S. Foreign Aid Budget In Devex Interview

Devex: Senator Cardin blames Congress for U.S. aid’s ‘budget disaster’ “The federal budget process has been a ‘disaster,’ but don’t blame it all on President Donald Trump, Senator Ben Cardin told global development leaders in Washington, D.C., Tuesday. The Maryland democrat — an ardent supporter of U.S. foreign affairs programs — said he would accept…More

Public-Private Partnerships Play Crucial Role In Achieving Universal Access To Sanitation

Devex: Opinion: How public-private partnerships can wash away poor sanitation Aleem Walij, chief executive officer at the Aga Khan Foundation USA “…Sanitation is key to a healthy environment, yet access to sanitation remains far from universal. … Achieving universal access to adequate health services including decent sanitation requires local action everywhere. Such big vision improvements…More

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