Think scale! Engaging Private Pharmacies to Improve Public Health 

A version of this story first appeared on IDSA’s Science Speaks platform By Emily Delmotte Lisinopril 20 mg by mouth at 8am? Check. After verifying the Read More

Photo by / Zacharias Abubeker for UGHE

Mexican Doctor Studies at PIH University in Rwanda

Photo by / Zacharias Abubeker for UGHEDr. Kurt Figueroa (right) and Nurse Sebishyimbo François (left) see patients for their oncology consultations at Butaro District Hospital in Rwanda. Dr. Kurt Figueroa is a student at the University of Global Health Equity, a Partners In Health institution that launched in 2015 and trains health professionals in Rwanda how to manage the challenges of providing health care in poor places.

Our favorite Hub Originals from 2016

In case you missed it, here’s a roundup of our favorite Hub Originals from 2016. The Global Health Hub publishes original pieces from writers engaged in global Read More


Gates Foundation, Others Look To Provide Medical Research Findings Free-Of-Charge, More Quickly

The Economist: The findings of medical research are disseminated too slowly “On January 1st the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation did something that may help to change the practice of science. It brought into force a policy, foreshadowed two years earlier, that research it supports (it is the world’s biggest source of charitable money for…More

U.S. Government Should Commit More Funding, Scientific Research To TB Diagnosis, Treatment

Forbes: World TB Day — How Budget Cuts Threaten Progress In Tuberculosis Globally Judy Stone, Forbes contributor and infectious disease specialist “…For the first time in 40+ years, new drugs are being tested in major Phase III clinical trials against MDR (multidrug-resistant) and XDR (extensively drug-resistant) TB. But without pharma and governments stepping up more,…More

Drug-Resistant TB Threatens Global Control Efforts, Researchers Warn In Lancet Report

The Guardian: Decades of TB progress threatened by drug-resistant bacteria, warn experts “The rise of multi-drug resistant bacteria threatens to overturn decades of progress on tuberculosis (TB), experts are warning. Multi-drug resistant (MDR) and extensively drug-resistant (XDR) strains of TB are causing increasing concern, says a new report in the Lancet Respiratory Medicine journal. Migration…More

India Must Mobilize Resources To Fully Implement National Strategic Plan For TB Elimination

Devex: Opinion: In India, eliminating tuberculosis isn’t just a health issue — it’s an economic one Madhukar Pai, Canada research chair in epidemiology and global health at McGill University, Montreal, director of McGill Global Health Programs, and associate director of the McGill International TB Centre; Jorge Coarasa, senior economist with the health, nutrition, and population…More

Ahead Of World TB Day, TB Survivors, Researchers, Advocates Discuss Disease Elimination…

Center for Global Health Policy’s “Science Speaks”: Adding up tolls of drug resistance, threats to research and hurdles to progress, TB survivors, scientists, and advocates gather on Capitol Hill Antigone Barton, senior editor and writer of “Science Speaks,” reports from an event on Capitol Hill during which TB survivors, researchers, and advocates gathered to discuss…More

CGD Blog Post, Podcast Examine Potential Impact Of Trump Administration’s FY18 Budget…

Center for Global Development’s “U.S. Development Policy”: Putting Foreign Aid Cuts in Context Jared Kalow, research assistant at CGD, discusses the Trump administration’s budget blueprint and its potential impact on the international affairs budget, writing, “Put funding for the 150 account in context, and you better understand the broader trend [of U.S. funding] and two crucial…More

Yellow Fever Vaccination Response

Authors: Jennie Harris, Kimberley Fox March 16, 2017 Kim Fox In December 2015, a yellow fever outbreak started in Angola and quickly spread within the country and to its neighbor, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Laboratory testing confirmed 962 cases, but there were thousands of suspected cases, making this the largest reported outbreak in 30 years. A critical aspect to yellow fever outbreak response is vaccination campaigns in the affected areas. One dose of yellow fever vaccine is capable of providing lifelong protection. Thus the World Health Organization (WHO) keeps a stockpile of 6 million yellow fever vaccine doses for outbreak response

The Iron Law of ALMPs: Offer a Program to 100 People, maybe 2 get jobs

I have just finished writing up and expanding my recent policy talk on active labor market policies (ALMPs) into a research paper (ungated version) which provides a critical overview of impact evaluations on this topic. While my talk focused more on summarizing a lot of my own work on this topic, for this review paper I looked a lot more into the growing number of randomized experiments evaluating these policies in developing countries. Much of this literature is very new: out of the 24 RCTs I summarize results from in several tables, 16 were published in 2015 or later, and only one before 2011. I focus on three main types of ALMPs: vocational training programs, wage subsidies, and job search assistance services like screening and matching. I’ll summarize a few findings and implications for evaluations that might be of most interest to our blog readers – the paper then, of course, provides a lot more detail and discusses more some of the implications for policy and for other types of ALMPs

U.S. Senate Majority Leader McConnell, Former Cabinet Officials Denounce Trump…

Associated Press: AP Interview: McConnell rejects Trump’s foreign aid cuts “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday shot down prospects for major parts of President Donald Trump’s budget, rejecting proposed cuts to foreign aid and medical research. … ‘America being a force is a lot more than building up the Defense Department,’ McConnell said. ‘Diplomacy…More

U.S. Funding For WHO’s International Agency For Research On Cancer Under Threat

POLITICO: Bad news for the bad-news agency “As President Donald Trump raises the axe on U.S. medical research funding, scientists across the Atlantic are trembling, too. The World Health Organization’s cancer agency, the France-based International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), has long been a prime purveyor of bad news. Now, with big business blasting…More

Global Smoking Rates Down Since Implementation Of WHO Treaty On Tobacco Control, But Could Drop…

Reuters: Tobacco treaty has helped cut smoking rates, but more work needed “A global tobacco treaty put in place in 2005 has helped reduce smoking rates by 2.5 percent worldwide in 10 years, researchers said on Tuesday, but use of deadly tobacco products could be cut even further with more work on anti-smoking policies. In…More

Government-Industry Partnerships Vital To Vaccine Development, Sanofi Senior Executive Writes…

New York Times: Letter to the Editor: Developing a Zika Vaccine Elias Zerhouni, president of global research and development for Sanofi “Re ‘Trump Should Avoid a Bad Zika Deal‘ (Op-Ed, March 11): Bernie Sanders, in our view, doesn’t seem to recognize the importance of government-industry partnerships in protecting the public from potentially devastating infectious diseases.…More

U.S. President Trump’s Proposed Cuts To NIH ‘Would Erode America’s Leadership In Medical…

New York Times: Why Trump’s NIH Cuts Should Worry Us Harold Varmus, professor at Weill Cornell Medicine, former director of NIH and the National Cancer Institute “…[I]t would be a mistake to be complacent about the president’s proposal [to cut the NIH budget by about $5.8 billion], because it is likely to have real consequences.…More

CGD Examines What Trump Administration’s Budget Blueprint Could Mean For 150 Account

Center for Global Development’s “U.S. Development Policy”: Skinny Budget Skinny on Details Beth Schwanke, director of policy outreach; Erin Collinson, senior associate for policy outreach; and Jared Kalow, research assistant, all at CGD, discuss the Trump administration’s budget blueprint and illustrate what it could mean for the 150 Account in an interactive, writing, “[W]e should…More

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