Six Amazing Drugs in Development

Reposted with permission from Gap Medics At any one time, there are hundreds of drugs being developed around the world. Some of them could change Read More

Think scale! Engaging Private Pharmacies to Improve Public Health 

A version of this story first appeared on IDSA’s Science Speaks platform By Emily Delmotte Lisinopril 20 mg by mouth at 8am? Check. After verifying the Read More

Photo by / Zacharias Abubeker for UGHE

Mexican Doctor Studies at PIH University in Rwanda

Photo by / Zacharias Abubeker for UGHEDr. Kurt Figueroa (right) and Nurse Sebishyimbo François (left) see patients for their oncology consultations at Butaro District Hospital in Rwanda. Dr. Kurt Figueroa is a student at the University of Global Health Equity, a Partners In Health institution that launched in 2015 and trains health professionals in Rwanda how to manage the challenges of providing health care in poor places.


Highly Drug-Resistant Malaria Spreading In Southeast Asia, Researchers Report

Associated Press: Superbug’s spread to Vietnam threatens malaria control “Vietnam’s main malaria treatment is failing at an alarming rate because of a highly drug-resistant superbug that has spread into the southern part of the country from western Cambodia, scientists said Thursday…” (9/21). BBC News: Alarm as ‘super malaria’ spreads in Southeast Asia “…The team at…More

As Temperatures Rise In Africa, More Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes Thrive In New Places,…

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Feature — Move over malaria: Mosquitoes carrying Zika, dengue may thrive in warmer Africa “…The Aedes aegypti mosquito, which spreads debilitating and potentially deadly viruses, from Zika and dengue to chikungunya, thrives in warmer climates than its malaria-carrying cousin, known as Anopheles, say researchers at Stanford University. In sub-Saharan Africa, this means…More

Integrative analysis associates monocytes with insufficient erythropoiesis during acute…

Mild to severe anaemia is a common complication of malaria that is caused in part by insufficient erythropoiesis in the bone marrow.

International survey to identify diagnostic needs to support malaria elimination: guiding the…

In malaria elimination settings, the very low levels of transmission now being attained present challenges that demand new strategies to identify and treat low-density infections in both symptomatic and asympt…

Melinda Gates Announces ‘Pathways To Prosperity’ Initiative To Cultivate Next Generation Of…

Quartz: The world is losing a generation of development leaders, and Melinda Gates wants to fix that “…[Melinda Gates this week announced] Pathways for Prosperity … at a dinner held by the foundation on the sidelines of this year’s UNGA. Due to kick off in January, Pathways will likely fund research around the future of…More

Gates Foundation, Plan International Partnership ‘Equal Measures 2030’ Aims To Improve…

Devex: Gates, Plan-funded global gender data partnership takes shape “…This week, Equal Measures 2030 — a new global cross-sector initiative born from hours of meetings in London conference rooms and offices in six focus countries from El Salvador to Indonesia — emerged after a year of research and tough decisions. … The partnership, funded by…More

CGD Highlights 5 Areas Of Consensus, Divergence On U.S. Foreign Assistance Reform

Center for Global Development’s “U.S. Development Policy”: Attention Trump Administration: Five Important Questions for Redesigning U.S. Foreign Assistance Gailyn Portelance, research assistant, and Erin Collinson, senior policy associate and assistant director of the U.S. Development Policy Initiative, both at CGD, discuss an event during which authors of four recent reform proposals for U.S. foreign assistance…More

Human resources for health in Peru: recent trends (2007–2013) in the labour market for…

Most analyses of gaps in human resources for health (HRH) do not consider training and the transition of graduates into the labour market.

Selective inhibition of PfA-M1, over PfA-M17, by an amino-benzosuberone derivative blocks…

Plasmodium falciparum M1 family aminopeptidase is currently considered as a promising target for anti-malarial chemotherapy.

Somatization disorder among adolescents in southeast Nigeria: a neglected issue

Adolescents do present with somatization disorder which is often neglected by pediatricians.

Small-area distribution of multiple sclerosis incidence in western France: in search of…

Despite intensive research over several decades, the etiology of multiple sclerosis (MS) remains poorly understood, although environmental factors are supposedly implicated.

Access To Free Sanitary Pads Only Part Of Helping Girls Manage Periods, Researchers Say

NPR: The Problem With Free Menstrual Pads “…Several African countries, including Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia, have taken steps toward giving free sanitary pads to girls. … While menstrual health researchers say it’s encouraging that more countries are talking about periods at the highest levels of power, some question the motivations…” (Columbus, 9/18).

Principles, practices and knowledge of clinicians when assessing febrile children: a…

Clinicians in low resource settings in malaria endemic regions face many challenges in diagnosing and treating febrile illnesses in children.

“If there’s no stability around them”: experienced therapists’ view on the role of…

Recovery in severe mental illness has traditionally been described as a deeply personal process.

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