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What Medicine Can Teach Us About Religious Tolerance

Medicine is one of the few fields in which tolerance is not only valued, but required for the success of taking care of sick patients. Read More

New Themes: TextBook and Dara

Introducing two new free themes: Dara, a classic, elegant theme for businesses, and TextBook, geared to schools, colleges, and non-profits.

A Healthy Start to Life: Cultural Barriers and the Global Trend Toward Early and Exclusive Breastfeeding

There has been accumulating evidence that early initiation of breastfeeding, within the first hour of birth, and exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of Read More


All roads lead to Geneva

This week, health ministers from across the world are making the yearly pilgrimage to Geneva for the 70th World Health Assembly. For spectators, the importance of this week extends far beyond the official proceedings shared via livestream. It is about the closed door breakfasts, the high-level side meetings, the sponsored receptions and events, and the general atmosphere in expensive, elite Geneva as it transforms into the centre of the global health world. The stakes are even higher this year with the election of a new Director-General of the WHO at a time when new leadership and vision are sorely needed. Much has been written by Laurie Garrett, Larry Gostin, and others on reforming the WHO.

Contemporary issues in global health

The global health community recently descended on Washington DC for the discipline’s annual conference held under the capable auspices of the ‘Consortium of Universities for Global Health’. Many of the session topics, satellite sessions, and coffee-break conversations offered microcosmic illustrations of global health issues and evolving trends that warrant further discussion outside of this microcosm. We don’t understand what Planetary Health is, but we know it’s important The theme of the conference – healthy people, health ecosystems – was an uncontroversial choice that plays to the dominant development zeitgeist. Climate change is undeniably preeminent as a global health threat, however it is clear than no one feels particularly confident with the subject – planetary health is still too big and too complex for most. Part of the problem is that the exact definition of planetary health is still up for grabs

Launching: All New Media Picker for Android

There’s this… thing… in the Android WordPress app that we refer to as the “seven-item menu.” It would show up when trying to add a photo to confront you with a list of choices and we confess, we couldn’t always remember what option we wanted, either. As of the 7.3 …

“Real” fast food?

“We’re doing this for modern moms…discerning dads…and all those parents who have a fresh perspective on parenting…. We haven’t forgotten our loyal fans who like to keep things fresh.” It might come as a shock to some to learn that this text is from a McDonald’s ad. For others who have watched the food industry slowly pivot towards the alternative food movement, and acquisition by acquisition, appropriate and capitalize on the most marketable aspects of the movement—this campaign is almost expected. For decades, food researchers such as Belasco, Nestle, and Simon have documented how the largest food and beverage companies have been working to appeal to foodies, nutritionists, and other critics of the industrial food system. Here, I will briefly consider three recent corporate strategies to illustrate some of the challenges and opportunities the food industry faces and the inherent contradictions in these strategies

Global Fund Board Selects New Chair, Vice Chair

Xinhua News: Global Fund elects new board chair “The board of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (the Global Fund) met in the Rwandan capital Kigali Wednesday and selected Aida Kurtovic as its new chair for a two-year term. … The board also selected John Simon, the former U.S. ambassador to the…More

Seven connections we need to make to fix the food system

I spent this past Saturday at the 2017 Oxford Food Forum, a conference organised by Oxford University students. It was laudable to see a dedicated crowd come to spend their Saturday talking about something apparently abstract – building connections in the food system (the conference theme was “Breaking Down the Silos”). But the relatively abstract nature of theme was precisely why I was so keen to go. Because in practice, connections are not abstract at all.

The Best of in April

The 2017 default theme is here, plus: inclusive design, editing tools, Swag Store, and must-follow sites.

Water security: the key ingredient for soda tax success

Recommended by the World Health Organization, sugar-sweetened beverage taxes have become an attractive policy to reduce the burden of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). However, in contexts where water safety and security are equally important issues, there is an imperative need to simultaneously promote water sanitation and access policies to ensure the benefits of a soda tax don’t dry up.  Soda consumption is often high in countries where access to free drinking water is limited. For over half the global population, water insecurity is a daily reality, and so too is the double burden of malnutrition.

Independent Publisher 2 Is Here

A beloved theme, improved for simplicity and speed.

Do International Health Partnerships contribute to reverse innovation? a mixed methods study of…

International health partnerships (IHPs) are changing, with an increased emphasis on mutual accountability and joint agenda setting for both the high- and the low- or middle-income country (LMIC) partners.

New Theme: Twenty Seventeen

Meet Twenty Seventeen, the brand new WordPress default theme.

A systematic tale of two differing reviews: evaluating the evidence on public and private…

Systematic reviews are powerful tools for summarizing vast amounts of data in controversial areas; but their utility is limited by methodological choices and assumptions.

Concrete health opportunities

Cities will determine the health and wellbeing of populations in the 21st century: Threat or opportunity? Building a case for action The environment in which we move, work, learn, play, and eat determines our potential to achieve good health. Concrete jungles, food desserts, roads which resemble car parking lots, overpowering air and noise pollution, obesogenic environments, and isolation among density are not uncommon features of urban living – all of which predispose to physical and psychological ailments. Urbanisation, most notably mega, rapid or unplanned, currently poses a huge threat to human and environmental health, but is equally an unprecedented opportunity for action. In 2016, over 50 percent of the global population were urban dwellers

Former South Carolina Governor David Beasley To Lead World Food Programme

Devex: U.N. selects David Beasley, Trump supporter and former U.S. politician, to lead WFP “David Beasley, a Republican politician from South Carolina, will lead the World Food Programme as its new executive director, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres and Food and Agriculture Organization Director-General José Graziano da Silva confirmed in a public announcement on Wednesday.…More

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