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The best and worst aid videos of 2015

The people have spoken, and we have winners for both the best and worst aid fundraising videos of 2015. Let’s start with the crap ones, cos that’s more interesting. The audience voted (predictably) for the Band Aid retread, but I thought this one from the One World Campaign was magnificently terrible (and almost unwatchable). As for the best video, the audience chose this moving story …

Episode 47: Todd Moss – The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Bestselling author Todd Moss is a former senior State Department official who led America’s response to coups and crises in West Africa. He is also my colleague at the Center for Global Development, where he is a Senior Fellow and Chief Operating Officer. Todd’s first two books feature a fictional hero, Judd Ryker, an analyst in State Department. In The Golden Hour, Ryker is called upon to reverse a coup in Mali (the book was published a few weeks before a real coup in Mali).  In the latest book, Minute Zero, Ryker has to handle a political crisis in Zimbabwe.

Episode 46: Morten Jerven

Morten Jerven explains why we know less than we should about what is happening in African economies, and why this is leading economists to the wrong recommendations. His first book, Poor Numbers: How We are Misled by African Development Statistics and What to Do About It explained the problems with Africa’s economic data; an his new book,  Africa: Why Economists Get it Wrong sets out how this lack of nuanced understanding of the data has led to flawed analysis and recommendations.  “The bottom line”, he says, “is that there is no bottom billion”. Morten Jerven is an Associate Professor at Simon Fraser University. He is an economic historian with a PhD from the London School of Economics.


MMWR Podcast Discusses First Published Account Of AIDS

CDC’s “Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report”: MMWR Podcasts: The AIDS Epidemic, Pneumocystis Pneumonia — Los Angeles 1981 In this podcast episode, Sonja Rasmussen, editor-in-chief of the MMWR, speaks with Harold Jaffe, CDC’s associate director for science, about an MMWR report published in 1981 on Pneumocystis pneumonia. Rasmussen notes, “This report was later acknowledged as the first…More

Waste Management Companies Using Processes To Make End Products Such As Fuel, Fertilizer

Nature: The new economy of excrement “…[New approaches to waste management and processing] reflect a rethinking of sludge treatment — with the end product, and not just public health, in mind from the start. The economic model of sanitation is also changing, moving from an entirely public service to one run at least partly by…More

Better Blogging Through Podcasts: Announcing RadioPublic Embeds

We love podcasts: they’re like the blogging version of radio, a medium anyone can jump into and use to share their story. They introduce us to new voices and give us glimpses into new perspectives… and they pair perfectly with blogs and websites, where they can add more texture and …

CSIS Podcasts Discuss CUGH’s 8th Annual Global Health Conference, Task Force’s…

Center for Strategic & International Studies’ “Take as Directed”: Outcomes from CUGH’s 8th Annual Global Health Conference with Dean Patricia Davidson Nellie Bristol, senior fellow with the CSIS Global Health Policy Center, speaks with Patricia Davidson, dean of the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, about the Consortium of Universities for Global Health’s (CUGH) 8th Annual…More

CSIS Podcasts Discuss U.S. Engagement With Nigeria’s Health Sector, Recently Launched CEPI

Center for Strategic & International Studies’ “Take as Directed”: Nigeria’s Health Sector and Partnership with the United States Sara Allinder, deputy director and senior fellow at the CSIS Global Health Policy Center (GHPC), speaks with Audrey Jackson, senior fellow with the CSIS GHPC, and Richard Downie, deputy director of the CSIS Africa Program, about their…More

Fecal Sludge Management Critical To Effective Sanitation Solutions In India

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s “Impatient Optimists”: How our cities’ sanitation problem is damaging health Madhu Krishna, country lead for water, sanitation, and hygiene at BMGF, India, discusses the importance of fecal sludge management in India’s cities. She writes, “As states and cities start work on developing city-wide fecal sludge management systems, the ecosystem of…More

CSIS Podcast Examines Role Of Global Health In U.S. Diplomacy

Center for Strategic & International Studies’ “Take as Directed”: Why should global health matter to U.S. ambassadors? Janet Fleischman, senior associate with the Global Health Policy Center at CSIS, speaks with U.S. Ambassador Mark Storella, deputy assistant secretary in the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration at the U.S. Department of State, “on the opportunities…More

CGD Podcast Discusses Global Development With New CGD President

Center for Global Development’s “CGD Podcast”: “The History of Supporting Development is a History of Learning” — Podcast with New CGD President Masood Ahmed In this podcast, Rajesh Mirchandani, vice president of communications and policy outreach at CGD, speaks with CGD’s new president, Masood Ahmed, about CGD’s commitment to nonpartisan, research-based policy; how facts and…More

The Best Books, Podcasts, and Websites for Community Organizing

Photo by Zack DeClerck / Partners In HealthFrom left: Adarsh Shah, Ortal Ullman, and Justin Mendoza share insights about advocacy at PIH’s Boston office. How do we ensure that every human has the right to health? PIH staff have learned, and employed, many strategies over the decades. Below, three community organizers share some of their favorite resources, from a children's book to a proudly wonky website. Ortal Ullman’s picks Rules for Radicals: A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals, by Saul Alinsky This classic, first published in 1971, is for anyone looking to really dive into the thinking of an organizer.

Promoting healthier diets in rural and remote communities: rethinking science and policy

While urbanisation levels are increasing worldwide, 46% of people still live in rural settings according to World Bank data from 2015. Catherine L. Mah MD PhD discusses the unique issue  faced by these rural communities in the 21st century with regards to access to a high-quality and varied diet despite geographical difficulties, and challenges the traditional self-sufficient rural stereotype by analysing the socially and economically heterogenous group that rural populations often can be.  At the port of North Sydney last October, waiting in my car for the midnight sailing of the Marine Atlantic ferry to Newfoundland and Labrador, the easternmost province in Canada, I observed two readily distinguishable features about the local and global food system. First, people go hunting here. Pickup trucks are kitted out with blue tarps and chest freezers, ready to haul moose carcasses.

PLOS Medicine Podcast episode 2: Dementia Across the Lifespan and Around the Globe

PLOS Medicine’s Associate Editor Tom McBride interviews Bruce Miller, Guest Editor for our Special Issue on Dementia, in the first of two podcasts. ; Dr. Bruce Miller is the Director of the Memory and Aging Center at

Podcast: Breaking down the complex crisis in Yemen

While summer has been restful (and eventful, world tragedy-wise), our podcasts had to return to reality sometime, so here we are. For our first podcast of the fall, our U.K. correspondent Charlie Ensor talked to Oxfam America‘s humanitarian policy adviser Scott Paul on the current crisis in Yemen, which is now in its second year. Already the

SciDev.Net Podcast: A life spent fighting HIV

This month we sit down with immunologist Carolina Herrera, who has spent the past two decades studying the virus.

Podcasts Address Issues Surrounding U.S. Response To Zika Outbreak

POLITICO: Ebola czar: America failing on Zika “…Ron Klain, who served as White House Ebola czar and as Vice President Joe Biden’s chief of staff, told POLITICO’s ‘Pulse Check’ podcast that Congress has failed to heed the lessons of the Ebola epidemic and that the Zika funding battle has become unforgivably partisan in the face…More

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