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Community Survey: Use of Digital Clinical Resources

Digital clinical resources are on- and off-line tools that are used in the context of medical education and/or care delivery with the overarching goal of Read More


Accelerating an Integrated Approach to NCD Prevention and Control Globally

Dr. Samira Asma, Chief, Global NCD Program, CDC Over the past 18 years, I’ve worked with Ministries of Health and other partners in 180 countries to advance CDC’s overarching global health goals and accelerate strategies for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and injuries. NCDs and injuries are responsible for millions of premature deaths, especially in low- and middle-income counties (LMICs). As public health practitioners, we have an important opportunity to work collaboratively to accelerate and scale up implementation of proven prevention and treatment strategies and measure their impact.

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WHO, IHME Collaborate To Improve Quality, Use Of Global Health Data

WHO: A commitment to improve global health information The WHO announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation “…defining areas where they will work together to improve the quality and use of global health estimates to measure the world’s health challenges” (5/6).


How SMS Messages Revitalize the Lives of Cambodian Youth

While social media and radio are two of the most popular channels among young people in Cambodia, text messaging has remained a basic mean to send and receive short-yet-useful content. Even today about 96% of Cambodian youth have access to mobile phone, more than 30% of them use the device to send and receive text messages. Youth Chhlat, a project of OneWorld, heavily uses SMS as part of its Questions and Answer platform to respond to questions about sexuality and reproductive health and rights from Cambodian youth, the nation’s largest population. However, as subscribers are on many different mobile network services, delivering those SMS content to them was a challenge. To overcome the delivery and dispatch of messages, OneWorld’s Youth Chhlat (Smart Youth) uses InSTEDD’s Nuntium to respond to questions from young Cambodians

Success Of Innovative Health Technologies Depends On Capacity, Training Of Workforce, Strength…

Devex: Lessons learned: Putting innovative health technology in the hands of the user Aba Asibon, project manager with Rice University’s Institute for Global Health Technologies, also known as Rice 360˚ “…Simple but innovative medical technologies … have the potential to address some of the developing world’s biggest public health problems. However, these interventions do not…More

Gates Foundation Sets Example, Reflects Data-, Results-Driven Approach To Global Health,…

Washington Post: Bill Gates and the golden age of global aid Michael Gerson, opinion writer “…The billionaire’s main contribution to global health is the manner in which he combines technology, aspiration, resources, and rigor. … Gates both drives and reflects a remarkable trend. Over the past 25 years, efforts to help the global poor have been…More

Magpi iSMS: Crowdsourcing and more!

Heard about iSMS? If you haven’t heard, Magpi now has a variety of options to let you collect data via SMS, including iSMS (interactive SMS). In a previous post we talked about the basics of iSMS, but since then we’ve been brainstorming about how it can be used. iSMS is like a conversation that Magpi […] The post Magpi iSMS: Crowdsourcing and more!

“Iko Sawa, Iko Poa” The Kibo 150cc

I’m out test-riding this Kibo 150cc motorcycle today (it’s designed and assembled here in Kenya) asking boda boda riders what they think of it. Since 2010 there has been a massive influx of motorcycles into Kenya due to the reduction in duty on bikes under 200cc, and until 2013 there was an extra exemption on […]

No More Flying Blind: Join the Data Revolution for Sustainable Development

Courtesy image: Nina Frazier. Salon Magazine, 2/4/10. On Monday, September 28, AidData will join with government, private sector, and civil society leaders to launch the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data. The kickoff of this partnership is well-timed.

Blog Post Highlights Collaboration Between China, Seattle Development, Global Health…

Humanosphere: Seattle’s global health community has strong presence in China Humanosphere founder Tom Paulson discusses Chinese president Xi Jinping’s visit to Seattle to speak with Bill Gates on how best to collaborate on technology and business, as well as both Seattle’s and China’s role in global health innovation (9/23).

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Seattle’s global health community has strong presence in China

It’s not on the official agenda or getting much attention during the Chinese President’s visit to Seattle, but this region’s leadership in global health has already built strong connections to the People’s Republic. One of the main reasons President Xi Jinping decided to stop off in Seattle on his first state visit to the U.S.

ICT4Peace participates in UN Summit on Sustainable Development in New York

ICT4Peace is honoured to have been invited by the President of the UN General Assembly, Mr. Mogens Lykketoft to participate in an interactive panel on “Building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions to achieve sustainable development” during the United Nations Summit Summit for the adoption of the Post-2015 Development Agenda. “The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is an historic and integrated global agenda to eradicate poverty and achieve sustainable development where no one should be left behind

Magpi structured SMS: simple data in a single text

; Easy data reporting, with or without a smartphone app Most data collection with Magpi is occurring on smart phones and tablets.  That provides a lot of data quality control, and users love the ease of the Magpi app.  We love it, too, but we don’t want people to overlook another available Magpi tool: “structured SMS”. […] The post Magpi structured SMS: simple data in a single text appeared first on Magpi.

Are Smartphones Making SMS Projects Obsolete?

Are SMS projects still relevant? Are toll-free phone numbers still needed? As more and more people in developing countries have access to cheap smartphones and third generation (3G) network coverage, should we still be utilizing text messaging and voice calls in development programs? Having completed a coordinated program of cross-sectoral mobile phone projects in Papua New Guinea, funded by the Government of Australia, I came up with seven guiding principles for the use of mobile phones in development efforts in Papua New Guinea and similar contexts.

Low-Cost Baby Warmer Aims To Reduce Neonatal Hypothermia In Uganda, Kenya

Humanosphere: Tackling neonatal hypothermia in Uganda and Kenya Jennifer Zhu, a health policy analyst and Global Health Corps fellow, discusses a new technology called Embrace Baby Wrap, a low-cost baby warmer designed by Stanford University graduate students as an intervention for neonatal hypothermia, “one of the leading contributors to neonatal mortality worldwide” (9/17).

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