USAID mHealth Compendium Volume 3

This third volume of the mHealth compendium contains 24 new case studies which document a range of mHealth applications being implemented mainly throughout Africa, but also in other regions.

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When Surveillance Works: Using Mobile Technology to Track Burkitt’s Lymphoma

A strong national public health response to cancer requires the development of cancer registries to track the burden of disease. However, many low-income countries (LICs)…

HemoGlobe: Revitalizing Maternal Anemia Prevention and Treatment GLobally

Non-invasive device for detecting anemia in resource-limited settings.


Using GPS Data to DELIVER Health Products to People Faster

Andrew Inglis, GIS Team Lead at John Snow, Inc. for the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, describes how his team used GPS technology to map road networks in Ebonyi State, Nigeria. The USAID | DELIVER PROJECT is funded by USAID. Imagine driving a delivery truck without a map or any idea how long it will take to […]

Send and receive SMS through from your website or service

One of the most asked-about features of our apps (FrontlineSMS and FrontlineCloud) is regarding the ability to handle sending and receiving messages through a third party application or web service. Many of our users want to build apps for a wide range of application areas which talk to our apps so that we can handle their SMS functionality.

Health Enquiry, Alert and Response System (HEARS)

Read more: Health Enquiry, Alert and Response System (HEARS)

Heartbleed and FrontlineCloud security announcement

This week a bug with OpenSSL, a widely adopted internet security system, was found that caused significant disruption and concern around the world.  It was named ‘Heartbleed’ and much publicised. FrontlineCloud is no longer vulnerable to Heartbleed

Free Online Health Informatics Courses

While building software solutions for hospitals and patients drives our mission to advance global health with affordable cloud computing, we are well aware that building these tools is just part of the solution – we also must invest in educating healthcare workers how to maximize the potential these tools hold.

People + Technology as a best investment

Gib Bulloch, founder and global managing director of Accenture Development Partnerships, talks best buys in global health with Cate O’kane, PSI’s deputy director of Corporate Partnerships and Philanthropy. Community health workers and mhealth are at the top of his list. The post People + Technology as a best investment appeared first on PSI Impact Blog.

mHealth and Neonatal Resuscitation

The mHealth and Neonatal Resuscitation: Opportunities to Increase Adoption and Utilization of Neonatal Resuscitation Equipment, Using Mobile Health in Tanzania (Report available here: outlines the findings of a country-level assessment in Tanzania on mHealth for neonatal resuscitation opportunities and gaps. The report was published by the mHealth Alliance as part of our

On the move to minimize the 4400 yearly maternal deaths in Afghanistan

Leaving a pregnant wife at home (who is in her last trimester)  and traveling to Herat to facilitate a workshop for health professionals of 6 western provinces was a tough decision for my wife, for my unborn child and for me. So much reasoning was in progress in my head as whether, I should leave a pregnant woman at home and go to Herat to work for making Afghanistan a safer place of  the pregnant women of Afghanistan or I should just stayed back at home,  wait for my wife’s labor pains to start and provide her the needed support.

Frontline:Credit Project is BACK!

Hurray! The Frontline Credit Project is back up and running!

Report: ENTRi course on new media in crisis information management

From 17 to 21 March at the European Academy Grunewald in Berlin, Germany, Sanjana Hattotuwa, Special Advisor at the ICT4Peace Foundation led the training of a new and unique ENTRi course on the use of new media for crisis management. The training was conducted in collaboration with the renowned Zentrum für Internationale Friedenseinsätze gGmbH (ZIF), based in Berlin, and introduced 24 participants from a range of backgrounds to a variety of new media tools and platforms used in the collection, presentation, verification, and dissemination of information. Participants used several leading web based tools, apps and services as part of interactive activities and group work, while learning about digital communications security as well in order to protect information and sources