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Community Survey: Use of Digital Clinical Resources

Digital clinical resources are on- and off-line tools that are used in the context of medical education and/or care delivery with the overarching goal of Read More

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Prevention of sexually transmitted infections using mobile devices and ubiquitous computing

Background: Advances in the development of information and communication technologies have facilitated social interrelationships, but also sexual contacts without appropriate preventive measures.

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Evidence on feasibility and effective use of mHealth strategies by frontline health workers in…

Objectives Given the large scale adoption and deployment of mobile phones by health services and frontline health workers (FHW), we aimed to review and synthesize the evidence on the feasibility and effectiveness of mobile-based services on healthcare delivery.


Our Apps

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Pakistani Health Officials Use Cellphone Tracking, Other Tactics To Make Progress In Polio…

Washington Post: By tracing cellphones, Pakistan makes inroads in war against polio “In a surprising turnaround, Pakistan appears to be finally getting a handle on its polio epidemic, thanks to unorthodox tactics such as tracking residents’ cellphones. … The controversial strategy was combined with outreach to religious leaders, the creation of community health centers, and…More

You might not change the world. But you can make it a better place.

One of the perks of my job is that I get to meet some of the most talented innovators and entrepreneurs from all over the world. I even get to mentor and support some of them. But they’re the exception, not the rule. Not everyone who sets out to make the world a better place is going to come up with a new, groundbreaking, innovative idea that achieves their goal. Not everyone is going to end up running their own social venture

Joining CARE as their Entrepreneur in Residence

This post first appeared on the CARE International ‘Insights’ website and is republished here with permission. Welcome to CARE International’s first ever Entrepreneur in Residence, Ken Banks. Ken will be spending time with us over the next year to help make sense of the increasingly complex world of social innovation and technology-for-development. So, what exactly is an Entrepreneur in Residence, and why might we need one at CARE?

Registration Data, Digital Health Tools Critical To Eliminate Mother-To-Child HIV Transmission

Devex: How real numbers can eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV Patricia Mechael, principal and policy lead at HealthEnabled and faculty member at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies “…The simple act of registering pregnant women — and their newborn children — within the health system is providing the basis for South Africa to…More

Frontline at 10!

Frontline turned 10 years old over last week! As we recover from all the Halloween candy and birthday cake in Nairobi, I wanted to take a moment and tell you a little bit about what has changed at Frontline, and what hasn’t.

What technology-for-conservation might learn from technology-for-development

Although the majority of my more recent work has sat in the ‘global development’ bucket, much of my early interest lay in conservation. Before I stumbled into the world of mobiles-for-development (m4d) I was helping with biodiversity surveys in Uganda and running primate sanctuaries in Nigeria, and focusing my academic studies on the role of anthropologists in the creation of national parks. My first m4d project looked at the potential of mobile technology in conservation, and it was my work around Kruger National Park over 2003 and 2004 that lead to the idea behind FrontlineSMS. Conservation is still one of my biggest passions, and I returned to my roots a couple of years ago when I was asked to speak about the potential for, and use of, emerging technology in the global conservation effort at the 2013 WWF Kathryn Fuller Symposium. You can watch that talk below (it’s also available, along with other talks, in the Audio & Video section of this website).

The Big 1-O

Today Frontline turns 10 years old! And we’ve come a long way. Frontline started as a way to make communication easier, using SMS as a way to reach everyone quickly and efficiently.

Frontline + Alerts

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Frontline + Campaigns

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NationBuilder Sign Up

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Build a Better Campaign

90% of all SMS are read within 3 minutes of being received. In the last few days of a campaign, getting your message seen by the right people is key.

ICT4Peace participates in UN Summit on Sustainable Development in New York

ICT4Peace is honoured to have been invited by the President of the UN General Assembly, Mr. Mogens Lykketoft to participate in an interactive panel on “Building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions to achieve sustainable development” during the United Nations Summit Summit for the adoption of the Post-2015 Development Agenda. “The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is an historic and integrated global agenda to eradicate poverty and achieve sustainable development where no one should be left behind

The case of We Care Solar and our failure to spot winners

“The first ever US$1 million UN-DESA Energy Grant has been awarded to We Care Solar, a non-profit organisation, to enhance and expand the use of its ‘Solar Suitcase’. By making solar power simple, accessible and affordable, this device allows for the provision of electricity for medical procedures during childbirth in many developing countries, helping to avoid life-threatening complications for mothers and children” – UN website Yesterday afternoon at United Nations HQ in New York, Laura Stachel and her organisation, We Care Solar, picked up the inaugural UN-DESA award. It’s the latest in a string of awards and accolades for a project I’ve known and admired for many years. You can read more about what happened yesterday on the UN website. Liberian Health Workers receiving their Solar Suitcase (Photo: We Care Solar) I was already a fan of simple, appropriate technology solutions to problems before I met Laura in 2009

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