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Reflections on a year of malnutrition

Malnutrition is frustrating. I often sit in the office, analyzing data from our programs, and feel helpless. Children who stay the same height for two Read More


Tracking perioperative mortality and maternal mortality: challenges and opportunities

Access to surgery remains inequitable worldwide, with 5 billion people lacking safe and affordable surgical and anaesthesia care when needed.1 The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery was convened in 2013 to assess the state of surgery around the world, provide recommendations for improving access, and propose indicators for assessing national surgical systems. A key safety indicator is the perioperative mortality rate (POMR). This is defined by the Commission as the number of all-cause deaths before discharge in patients who have undergone a procedure in an operating theatre, divided by the total number of procedures, and presented as a percentage.


Large Price Premiums for Unprotected Sex Among Female Sex Workers in Kenya: A Potential…

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Why I fight pneumonia

Nearly a decade ago, I joined the fight against pneumonia. The reasons were compelling then and still are. But, what I witnessed one hot day in The Gambia continually reminds me why I stay the course. I officially joined up when I signed on at PATH to lead a vaccine development project to fight the […] ; ; ; ;Related StoriesMeet the superheroes fighting diarrheal diseaseMy 30 years of hope, empowerment, and politics in reproductive healthPolio, pride, and love: the story of an exceptional mother and her son ;

The Big 5: STIs and Effects on Pregnancy

Sexually Transmitted Infections are harmful in across populations, but can have especially devastating effects during pregnancy. Screening is essential during the first trimester for what we have identified as the “Big 5 STIs”: chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, and Hepatitis B. The unique effects of each of these diseases on pregnancy will be explained below. Chlamydia Pregnant women with chlamydia hold a higher risk for birth complications. These include miscarriage, premature birth, and stillbirth.

Global, Domestic Zika Responses Must Include Funding For Contraception, Reproductive Health…

The Hill: Real relief for Zika includes family planning Latanya Mapp Frett, executive director of Planned Parenthood Global, and Hal Lawrence, executive vice president and CEO of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists “…As Congress finally negotiates funding for a comprehensive response to Zika, family planning must be part of the response, globally and…More

My 30 years of hope, empowerment, and politics in reproductive health

Departures often serve to kick-start reflection. After more than 30 years, I will be retiring from PATH and have been thinking about the “then,” when I joined PATH in 1983, and the “now” as I clearly see the conclusion of my time here. PATH was the organization I was keen to join because of my […] ; ; ; ;Related StoriesHow the death of my friend inspired a lifesaving delivery kitThe profound effect of girls’ dreamsThe Innovation Effect: five reasons it matters ;

Local and foreign authorship of maternal health interventional research in low- and…

Researchers in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) are under-represented in scientific literature.

Emphasis On Equity, Health Care Access Critical To Ending Preventable Child, Maternal Deaths

Huffington Post: Reaching the Unreached: How an Emphasis on Equity Can Help End Preventable Child and Maternal Deaths Ariel Pablos-Mendez, assistant administrator for global health and child and maternal survival coordinator at USAID “…Equity is at the heart of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)’s 2016 Acting on the Call report. … As more…More

Preventing, Managing Zika Requires Rights-Centered Approach For Women

The Lancet Global Health: The right(s) approach to Zika Editorial Board “…[P]oor women in Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, and elsewhere have been let down by their governments. They are at the center of the [Zika] epidemics; they are scrutinized and lectured, but lack of access to basic reproductive services and restrictive abortion laws have stripped…More

Slain British MP Jo Cox Remembered As Advocate For Maternal Health, Human Rights

Devex: Remembering Jo Cox: A maternal health advocate extraordinaire “Jo Cox died Thursday from injuries sustained during an attack in her Yorkshire constituency. Cox was a mother of two and a member of the British Parliament. She was the former head of policy and advocacy at Oxfam, former director of the Maternal Mortality Campaign, and…More

Access To Reproductive, Sexual Health Services Essential For Protection, Empowerment Of Refugee…

TIME: Ashley Judd: We Can’t Ignore Refugees’ Sexual Health Ashley Judd, actress and goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) “…If ever there was a time girls and women need to know how to regulate their fertility, and be empowered to make thoughtful choices about their family size, it is when they’re on…More

Access To Safe Abortion Critical To Lowering Global Maternal Mortality Rate

The Guardian: Illegal abortions are killing women and aid restrictions are just making it worse Hannah Mitchell, physician based in Botswana “…What is stopping women from accessing safe abortions? The first is restrictive laws in their own countries, which can extend to a ban. … The second barrier is the tight regulation governing donor aid.…More

The Power of Power (and Light)

We often do not think about what we cannot see, but in some cases we do not think about what we can see, and more importantly WHY we can see – power. It is no secret that the world is unequal. Most people are aware of at least some of these inequalities; for instance, almost everyone knows that the global burden of disease falls harder in Sub-Saharan Africa than Western Europe. Some inequalities, however, are less obvious and less discussed.

Improving Access To Maternal Care Critical For Health Of Women, Families

Medium: Improving Access to Maternal Health Care for Tomorrow Christy Turlington, founder of Every Mother Counts “…[G]irls and women all over the world die from preventable and treatable pregnancy-related complications like hemorrhage, infection, hypertension, cardiac disorders, malaria, and malnutrition. Many [people] wanted to know why this still happens in the 21st century and how they…More

Correction: All-Cause Mortality of Low Birthweight Infants in Infancy, Childhood, and…

by The PLOS Medicine Staff

Indian City Of Hyderabad To Vaccinate 300K Children After Active Polio Strain Detected In…

Associated Press: Indian city on alert as polio strain found in sewage water “A city of nearly seven million people in southern India has declared a ‘high alert’ for polio after an active strain of the virus was found in samples of sewage water, an official said Wednesday…” (Farooq, 6/15). VOA News: India: Traces of…More

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