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Managing Editor, GlobalHealthHub.org

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December 2016

About the Hub

The Global Health Hub is a volunteer-run site that aims to provide an online gateway to news, commentary and resources related to global health for public health professionals. The Hub has received over one million visitors since launching in 2011 and continues to expand its readership each month.

The Global Health Hub is brought to you by a group of volunteer writers and editors with backgrounds in medicine, public health, journalism, anthropology, and computer programming. By syncing their diverse areas of expertise around a common interest in global public health, we hope to provide users with interesting original content and a comprehensive portal to the valuable resources that already exist online.

Former Editors of the Hub include Grace Fletcher – a social scientist and public health professional at Vanderbilt; Kenny Pettersen, MD – an internal medicine physician at UCSF; Anita Chary, PhD – an anthropologist and medical student at Washington University in St. Louis; Sara Gorman, PhD – an author and public health consultant; Sarah Arnquist, MPH – a public health professional and former journalist; Michael Lipnick, MD – a physician and researcher at UCSF.


Job Description

The Hub is currently looking for a Managing Editor to join the team from January – December 2017. This volunteer, part-time position requires as little as 20 minutes per day.

The Hub Editor plays a key role in curating site content as well as overseeing projects to increase the utility of the Hub for the global health community. The role as Hub Editor also provides excellent opportunities to connect with leaders, experts, and key institutions in global health.


  • Update GHHub website daily
  • Recruit and manage writers for original articles
  • Comply with copyright and media laws
  • Proofread and edit original articles written by Hub authors
  • Expand GHHub readership through social media, particularly through our Twitter feed and Facebook page


  • Strong writing and editing skills
  • Strong social media skills or interest in developing social media skills (Twitter, Facebook, etc)
  • Familiarity with MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, HTML, WordPress and other publishing tools
  • Excellent written English
  • Preferred: Graduate degree in public health (MPH, MA, MD, PhD etc) or significant experience in public health research, implementation, care provision or policy.

If you are interested in applying to be the new Managing Editor of the Global Health Hub, please send your CV and 250 word description of your interest in the Hub and this position to admin@globalhealthhub.org by December 31st, 2016. If you have any questions, they can also be directed to that email address.

We anticipate a start date in January 2017.